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Daniel Pike

2020-09-28 08:47

Throughout lockdown - she's been so generous with her time, educating and helping students to get a job in such unsettling times!

Michelle Beswick

2020-09-28 09:13

Incredible campaigns for brands - eBay with Lewis capaldi was unbelievably good and nailed lockdown vibes - inspirational work via LinkedIn to help new graduates too

Joe Mowles

2020-09-28 10:10

Sedge is a trailblazer and someone whom leads the industry - she strives for perfection and always wants to give back to the community by offering free advise to graduates.

Natasha Bishop

2020-09-28 10:12

An inspiration to so many young entrepreneurs, Sedge forged an almighty path into the social media marketing industry and has never once left up and coming job seekers behind. She is an expert in her field, and ought to be recognised far and wide for that.

Beth Thornton

2020-09-28 10:13

Sedge is an absolute powerhouse of a woman and not only has an incredible work ethic but also strives to be her best possible self for her and her team. Sedge is a true leader and someone who I hugely admire.

Lucy Robertson

2020-09-28 10:14

She's a brilliant leader and does so much to champion and mentor emerging female talent in the industry.

Angharad Rafferty

2020-09-28 10:15

She's an absolute BOSS who works her socks off and produces the best results!

kojo agyeman

2020-09-28 10:25

Very motivated and driven demeanour, who puts everyone she believes in first. Amazing character, always putting out positive and meaningful energy that inspires all around her. I believe she deserves award.

Emma Wills

2020-09-28 10:30

She's not only an amazing agency leader, with phenomenal energy and drive, but someone who will always find the time to help others grow and develop.

Jessica Ellis

2020-09-28 10:38

Sedge is the epitome of a pioneering woman in business. Her relentless work ethic and drive to excel is both faultless and admirable. Moreover, Sedge supports emerging talent and recent graduates aspiring to enter the industry of social media and influencer marketing, further illustrating her expertise and tireless efforts to champion and mentor others.

Dan Hitchcock

2020-09-28 10:59

Sedge is passionate, hard-working and a real go-getter. She has built a tremendous team at Connects who are delivering best-in-class influencer campaigns for some of the biggest global brands (eBay, Panasonic).

Richard Thiardt

2020-09-28 15:25

Has started an agency and taken it to unbelievable heights in a short space of time. Working with some of the biggest businesses in the world and the most famous faces too!

William Spilsbury

2020-09-28 15:29

Sedge has spent time creating and posting exceptional content to help those seeking to gain entry into the market. She adds huge value to her network and seems to have a genuine passion for helping aspiring talent within the digital sector. On top of this, she is running a successful startup!

Tim Hunt

2020-09-28 15:46

Sedge is dynamic and talented individual with a huge amount of drive, passion and knowledge for her work within the industry. Her work with supporting young people into the industry is to be applauded.

David Kerrigan

2020-09-28 16:21

Sedge has done an outstanding job building her own agency, mentoring people and doing it all with authenticity, generosity and a smile :)

Erik Smeys

2020-09-28 19:05

because she's brilliant :)

Taryn Hall

2020-09-28 19:20

Sedge is such a great role model for the younger generation. What she has achieved in the last few years is more than a lot of us will achieve in our lifetime!

Chris Falconer

2020-09-28 19:52

Sedge is a whirling dervish. Equal parts ability, drive and enthusiasm, she’s not just a women’s trailblazer but a role model for all of us. Her ability to create and grow a successful business is hugely impressive and I can’t think of anyone who deserves the kudos more.

Janie van Hool

2020-09-28 20:13

Fearless woman with a fantastic intention to share knowledge and enable understanding. Passionate and fun - an agent for change.


2020-09-28 20:15

She is a fearless leader who takes risks but not to the detriment of her team. She nurtures talent and her efforts with her mentor programme is second to none. A real inspiration to other female leaders in her industry.


2020-09-28 20:51

Sedge is very talented and knows what’s going on in the market, her ability to realise potential is second to none.

Samuel Smeys

2020-09-28 22:13

Sedge is a brilliant leader and does so much to mentor emerging female talent in the industry. She strives for perfection and gives back to the community as a whole

Stephanie Brown

2020-09-29 01:51

Not only is Sedge an amazing business woman but she is still as humble and real as she was when started her career. She is always generous with her time and loves helping others to get ahead in their career. Talent and humility is a magic combination.

Barney Worfolk-Smith

2020-09-29 06:29

In influencer marketing there is one person to turn to for clear and honest counsel, rooted in long experience. It's Sedge, bringing her wit and intellect to bear to bring the best outcomes.

sophie judah

2020-09-29 07:42

I think Sedge is a great role model for young people in the marketing and influencer industry. Sedge has personally helped me with CV's, interview projects, and is bursting with creativity and enthusiasm. She has achieved so much in her career and deserves recognition.

Rishi Malhotra

2020-09-29 07:49

A great role model for many trying to break in to any industry. She has a wealth of knowledge that many can benefit from and she does not shy away from sharing. A positive influencer that will make a difference to many. A bright and successful future lies ahead

Ed Davidson

2020-09-29 08:31

She is an inspirational leader and amazing role model to future generations

Cynthia kapoor

2020-09-29 09:56

Sedge is the most innovative thinker and her ideas translate to excellent commercials. She really cares about all her clients and takes the time to really understand their business objectives and find ways to incorporate campaigns with proven ROI that also stimulate creativity and reputational memory for the brand for years to come through trusted influencers in each field. She is awesome to work with.

Paul Green

2020-09-29 11:58

An absolute inspiration to women and young professionals everywhere. Adding value to social in every sense of the word and never forgetting the people around her - often helping people with CV's or interview tips. All the while running a successful business.

James Baldwin

2020-09-29 12:15

An incredible inspiring individual that has continued to raise the bar and lead by example. Sedge always has a positive outlook and been a great person to work with.

Caroline Ferry

2020-09-29 15:23

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sedge in the past and she’s a total inspiration. She has incredible ideas, is always so ahead of the curve in her thinking and it helps that she’s a really charismatic leader. A total pioneer in her field.

Catriona Crawford

2020-09-29 18:13

Because Sedge is trail blazer, she never takes the easy option and always challenges the status quo. Sedge makes being a female lead look easy. She’s an inspiration to all women everywhere and makes doing the “right thing” look easy

Daniel Goodfield

2020-09-29 20:36

Just the best at what she does. Some amazing lockdown campaigns

Joel Brand

2020-09-29 20:36

Tremendous work ethic, and puts 110% into everything. Her business has grown exponentially in the last couple years because of her hard work and effort


2020-09-29 20:45

Real entrepreneur and so good at what she does. One of the best in her field

Meryl Hoffman

2020-09-29 20:48

Creative, forward-thinking, strategic, brilliant and a pleasure to work with. She strives for excellence and motivates others around her. Constantly thinking of how to achieve new levels whilst ensuring she educates and inspires the team. All done with a brilliant sense of humour, warmth and kindness. In short, makes everything better!


2020-09-29 20:51

She runs smart and compelling and data driven campaigns, with socially meaningful campaigns on LinkedIn too, such as CV advice and support.

Barry Pike

2020-09-29 21:03

the only person who could pull off a Louis capaldi shoot in a global lockdown.

Pauline Pike

2020-09-29 21:07

Sedge always takes time to give something back and to nurture new people through

Nick Myers

2020-09-29 21:16

Sedge is a formidable business woman who has built an incredibly well respected and connected agency at SEEN. As her career moves from strength to strength she will undoubtedly continue to the shake up traditional marketing industry and introduce new and innovative ways to build brands in the 21st century.

Ben Kirk

2020-09-29 21:59

literally the best I've ever worked with and an inspirational leading figure

Louisa O'Connor

2020-09-30 09:04

Always has a can do attitude, is never afraid, inspires those around her (especially the younger generation working hard to get into the industry), sounds obvious but just gets things done at lightning speed, naturally seen as a leader by her peers, always looking for the next opportunity and challenge to strengthen her business and her experience

Honor de Winton

2020-09-30 12:41

Because she's BRILLIANT at what she does.

Katie Sayer

2020-09-30 12:44

Sedge has trail blazed the way for creative marketing

Annie Gale

2020-09-30 13:14

Mentored me and I got my DREAM job! I will be forever indebted.


2020-09-30 13:16

Mentors. Lectures. Inspires.


2020-09-30 13:16

No one deserves this more!


2020-09-30 13:17

If you tell her it's impossible - she'll do it in a way you could never imagine.


2020-09-30 13:17

She has ALWAYS made time for me, supported and inspired me!


2020-09-30 13:17


Cameron James

2020-09-30 13:18

ALWAYS a step ahead, ALWAYD bringing people on the journey!

Mark Wright

2020-09-30 13:19

There is no one more deserving of this award. Fact.


2020-09-30 13:19

The expression 'if you want something done, give it the busiest person in the room' is what defines Sedge!


2020-09-30 13:22

Really does lead the way in everything she does!


2020-09-30 13:22

Unbelievable to work with... I wouldn't trust my business with anyone else!


2020-09-30 13:23

Sedge can touch anything and turn it into gold!

Maureen Smith

2020-09-30 13:26

Super successful but remains grounded and always goes out of her way to help the next generation


2020-09-30 13:27



2020-09-30 13:30

unmatched passion for her industry and nails the brief every time

William Smith

2020-09-30 13:34

work ethic is incredible - energy and enthusiasm is infectious and has kept many motivated through lockdown


2020-09-30 15:21

I've worked with Sedge for a number of years and always been amazed by her forward-thinking, adaptability and creative approach

Eleni Savvidou

2020-10-01 12:17

Sedge is a brilliant and motivated young woman who has inspired me in the past to become a better professional and a more thoughtful woman. She is worth the award because she has great skill and achievements so far, that need to be recognised once again.

Amanda Venner

2020-10-01 12:21

Sedge has proven time and time again to be an inspiring young trailblazer since her days of not feeling the love, or the need to adhere to possibly ridiculous but, definitely outdated rules at school. Good luck Sedge (real name Sarah...oh yea!) :))

Sue Dewhirst

2020-10-02 14:57

Sedge is a true entrepreneur, she was influential long before it became on trend.

Kenyatte Nelson

2020-10-02 22:26

Sedge is simply the best at what she does. In the area of social media strategy and execution there is no one better on the planet...full stop. Nike and Instagram (clients) agree with me. You should too

Zerrin Morris

2020-10-03 07:09

No one gets influencers like Sedge. No fluff, no pretence she has made influencer marketing a better space for her transparency


2020-10-04 18:40

I only discovered Sedge last week - but in that short amount of time from listening to her podcast on Monday Mafia and reading more about Sedges background she has really inspired me and given me the kick up the ass that I needed to achieve my goals. Sedge is a humble and generous lady who gives back to the community and constantly helps others. And this goes without saying, Sedge is an expert in the marketing field, she really changed the game back in her early days and continues to make a difference! Therefore I truly believe she deserves this award.

Jon Barakat

2020-10-05 09:01

Sedge is an incredible leaders and one of the most business savvy women I have ever met. A true hero!

Kat Apfelstadt

2020-10-06 19:32

She is a bad-ass