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David Jimenez

2020-09-27 16:42

Gemma is an outstanding professional that constantly displays a solid commitment and a passionate dedication in every new enterprise she takes in. .


2020-09-27 16:43

Sense of entrepreneurship, great knowledge and experience, always willing to share.

Eva Teba

2020-09-27 16:44

She is simolyvrhe Best. Commited, géneros and always willing to help


2020-09-27 16:45

Es una persona comprometida con sus valores, con colaborar para conseguir un mundo mejor. Es una persona que entre sus muchas cualidades destaca la ambición por ayudar a los demás, lucha por conseguir el empoderamiento de la mujer, la equidad; En resumen, una gran persona desde todos los puntos de vista.


2020-09-27 16:45

Gemma is an enhusiastic professional, always looking for ways to keep people together and willing to help.

Vallin Garcia

2020-09-27 16:45

She’s the concept of entrepreneurship and dedication herself. She is able to turn difficulties into advantageous situations. Bringing people together for a win/win relation is one of her greatest talents.


2020-09-27 16:45

I meet Gemma when I was starting my career and she is one of the most inspired persons I have seen. She was very open to talk to me, she answered when I knocked in her LinkedIn door, and was sweet and caring. When we talked in person I could discover that Gemma is a brave, hard working and talented professional while at the same time she has grown her two wonderful daughters. Since I started working on a startup and I needed marketing advice, Gemma have gave me key advices with a strong positive impact in our brand. She keeps being not only an inspiring figure for me, but also a source of energy and motivation. She deserves the award!

Taryn Andersen

2020-09-27 16:54

She is an active, motivating, innovative person and a great professional! Gemma is permanently generating new ideas providing added value to companies.


2020-09-27 16:55

Gemma es una persona que sabe escuchar, inteligente, interesante y amiga de sus amigos, tengo la oportunidad de conocerla en su ámbito más familiar pero sé que es una profesional muy capaz.

Nalani Kopp

2020-09-27 16:59

Gemma is a sincere, energetic professional who has a servant leadership style. She is beyond active in her community, promoting other women in tech. She is diligent and hardworking to produce valuable results for her clients.

Marisa Monteiro

2020-09-27 17:05

Gemma Is q true expert on her Field ! But her amazing heart makes her give back and support as well many projects specially the amazing job she is doing to supply women in tech and BRAWAs


2020-09-27 17:06

She is a hard working and always positive no matter the obstacles is. She can overcome anything!


2020-09-27 17:13

Gemma está siempre buscando nuevas técnicas, adaptándose a las tendencias y tiene una visión completa, profunda y heterogénea de las distintas áreas que abarca el inmenso mundo del marketing, y su adaptación a diferentes mercados.


2020-09-27 17:20

Great entrepreneur, all over social media promotion others and her own activities with a warm heart and passion.

Arien Kock

2020-09-27 17:21

No nonsense attitude. She will take on challenges without hesitation. Works hard. All the while being a great mom.

Fernando Chico

2020-09-27 17:21

Gemas una gran profesional, se merece este premio por todas trayectoria desarrollando los últimos años y por la gran labor que ha venido realizando

R. A. Labrada Fajardo

2020-09-27 17:27

Perseverance, hard work, a bit of naïveté (thinks EVERYONE deserves a hand) and tons and tons of positive energy. That’s why

Ricard Garcia

2020-09-27 17:29

Spirit, energy, honesty, creativity, leadership, empathy... a treasure to have in any project

Michael Bell

2020-09-27 17:31

Gemma is a visionary innovator in the technology space. She is persistent in her quest to provide opportunities for womenti n the technology space. She is a consumate professional.

Rafiq Ahmed

2020-09-27 17:32

I met Gemma at WebSummit last year and became fast friends. Her enthusiasm for connecting people and ideas is infectious. She's a great connectot to women in tech groups in the Netherlands and Spain, and as a US VC gives me a chance to keep a pulse on what's happening in Europe. She's been a great marketing advisor to large and small brands. I recommend her highly.


2020-09-27 17:34

I nominate Gemma Rubio first for being an excellent person and then an excellent professional. He has a complete command of various topics from Marketing to Entrepreneurship.


2020-09-27 17:36

Gemma is a great connector who brings people together and is always willing to help

Joseph Scoullos

2020-09-27 17:36

Gemma is a talented and motivation-driven enterpreneur, successful in all her endeavours, and always happy to share her gift by encouraging and helping others to make their dreams come true.

Sasha Cahill

2020-09-27 17:42

Gemma is a driven professional w an outstanding track record. In addition, she takes time to pay forward and mentor other women that are starting out professionally.

Salvador Perelló Oliver

2020-09-27 17:42

Gema es una gran profesional muy implicada en mejorar las dinámicas de los grupos humanos en las organizaciones.


2020-09-27 17:43

She is energetic, has a lot of knowledge and is incredibly good at helping people.

Eduardo García de Palomo

2020-09-27 17:48

Gemma is the MOST committed woman when it comes to help everyone in any marketing issue, problem and projects they may have. Also she overcomes challenges faced by using a wide range of out of the box methodologies and is always available to mentor young entrepreneurs while keeping diversity, innovation, leadership and women inclusion in mind. #TogetherIsBettee

Isabel Diaz

2020-09-27 17:48

Motivation, pasion for well done job, sharing of knowledge, creativity, support, optimism, enthusiasm... All those words define Gemma.

Mirela Anticevic

2020-09-27 17:49

Gemma is enthousiast, kundig, ervaren en heeft ook een geweldige persoonlijkheid!


2020-09-27 17:51

she is so great, smart, sensible, very nice human being, hard working and si creative


2020-09-27 17:57

Outstanding professional, with passion for inclusion and diversity.

Ana Vilar

2020-09-27 18:02

For her energy and drive to support others. She manages to connect the right people and come up with the right solutions for your initiatives.


2020-09-27 18:04

Gemma is just so committed to excellency and high performance. She's just amazing at it!


2020-09-27 18:08

Gema is so nice, smart, creative, hard working woman, very compromised with gender, inclusion and equality. She is a great human being.


2020-09-27 18:13

Una buenísima profesional, resolutiva y luchadora. Siempre formándose continuamente. Buscando una mejor posición para la mujer en todos los ámbitos. Se merece el premio como Nadie. Una gran mujer 👏

Jose Enrique

2020-09-27 18:14

Gemma es una visionaria que prospecta poderosamente el avenir empresarial en todos sus campos comerciales.

Philippe Lardy

2020-09-27 18:33

Collaborative mind!

Aurelio Navarro

2020-09-27 18:34

Gemma is from my point of view the best.

Gonzalo alvarez

2020-09-27 18:53

She is a woman that leades with example. Amazing professional and person


2020-09-27 18:53

She is very qualified

Paqui Escoto crespo

2020-09-27 18:56

Gemma es una Gran trabajadora!!!! Siempre tiene unas Grandes ideas!!! Muy comprometida con todo lo que hace. Una mujer que sabe compaginar a la perfección su trabajo y su rol de madre!!!!


2020-09-27 18:56

Is a big profesional and a inspiring woman


2020-09-27 19:00

Gemma is authentic and very driven to help anyone in need. She is also very experienced and knowledgeable.

Francisco Javier Iniesto Trecu

2020-09-27 19:24

Gemma Rubio is a great professional who provides confidence and professionalism in what she does. She' s a tireless worker. She's undoubtedly a great candidate to wind the award. Well deserved Gemma Rubio

Andreas Eichenauer

2020-09-27 19:44

Great Person, willing to help.

Lucie Cunningham

2020-09-27 19:51

Gemma has an incredibly positive energy that is contagious. She is technically savvy and an amazing connector. She is a wiz at marketing and event planning on top of that. She has done a lot for the cause of women in tech.


2020-09-27 19:57

Gemma is someone who is passionate about her work, and has an energetic and motivating personality. Furthermore she's dedicated to equality, but also to quality. In short, she's an outstanding person and professional!


2020-09-27 20:06

Gemma is an extraordinary entrepreneur that exceeds in supporting the growth of women and scaling of startups. Her commitment and passion are unparalleled.


2020-09-27 20:09

Gemma si awesome!


2020-09-27 20:10

Gemma es una persona entusiasta, emprendedora, inteligente, divertida y si puede ayudarte en algo siempre te va a tender su mano. En dos palabras, es genial

Charles Ruffolo

2020-09-27 20:13

Gemma is a rising star that is there for others who is desiring of this award. She is an example of an true entrepreneur that bringing value to the table. A nonsense approach toward business that displays the strengths of the exceptional female leader. She thoroughly understands all aspects of the job while maintain a high degree of professional participation. Gemma possesses all the traits associated with excellence!

Martín Benito

2020-09-27 20:26

Gemma is passionate about digital marketing, focusing on the values that drive the companies, the real value proposition, and the quality of the products and solutions. Gemma uses this deep understanding of her customer to build trustworthy marketing strategies trying to select the right audience carefully and then share with them valuable content and communications.


2020-09-27 21:12

GEMMA ITS THE BEST!!! Es fantástica profesional y mejor persona. Entregada, honesta y conocedora de su sector. Una mujer increíble. Un ejemplo a seguir!


2020-09-27 21:19

Es una mujer luchadora y muy profesional. Y siempre que pueda ayudarte, lo hará.


2020-09-27 21:42

She is always positive. When she lives a difficult situation she uses it to learn from it, to grow and be always better. She trust herself even when results could be better she knows that at the end of the tunnel there is a light. She encourages other women and trust themselves in the same way. She definitely deserves an award.


2020-09-27 22:13

Gemma is amazing: she has a great personality, she is both very strong and empathetic, two qualities that help her imagine all types of strategies. Moreover, she is dedicated to helping women embrace the career they dream of.

Berta Fernandez

2020-09-27 22:18

Gemma is devoted to her work and to make her company a successful enterprise. Marketing is her life. She adapts quickly to the circumstances and to the market requirements as well as to the needs of her customers. Gemma is a hard worker and dedicated marketing professional.

Irina Yashina

2020-09-28 04:11

Gemma is a great expert in marketing and PR. She was one of the key mentors completely dedicated to the global online acceleration program with Kaspersky I was working on this year. Very grateful to Gemma for the wonderful experience


2020-09-28 05:26

I jnow her job

Jose Antonio Fernandez

2020-09-28 05:34

Gemma is one of the best marketers I've ever known. She is a hard-working and high skills person in relation with marketing, PR and advertising.


2020-09-28 05:35

hard worked, creative and great professional .

Beatriz Macias

2020-09-28 06:01

Gemma id a talented , creative and Hard working woman. She can be a role model for young enterpeneur women.

Tere Vida

2020-09-28 06:14

Gemma es una gran profesional, siempre dispuesta a ayudar y emana una gran actitud vital.

Robin Boot

2020-09-28 06:21

Gemma is a true leader and inspirer, empathically caring about clients and connecting environmental situations and innovation to the customer needs and desires.

Alicia Sanfélix

2020-09-28 06:33

Gemma is very entrepreneur and near everyone. Every adventure she begin, is succefully

lieke lamb

2020-09-28 07:17

innovative,determent and inspirational!!


2020-09-28 07:19

One of the best marketer I never worked with, focused and with a brain fullness of strategy, my best partner in work


2020-09-28 07:20

Because she motivated me

Laura Casares

2020-09-28 08:09

Gemma is a good professional and person. She is very knowledgeable in marketing and can help you design the right strategy. She is back great entrepreneur!


2020-09-28 08:12

Gemma is one of the most inspiring women I know. Her passion is contagious and the way she communicates always makes you think and come to good ideas! She is committed and always true to herself, everything you can ask from a professional.

Jose Raul Vaquero

2020-09-28 08:20

Gemma is a very influential woman in the world of marketing.

Ana Peñuelas

2020-09-28 08:31

Motivated and passionate entrepreneur! She gives her best in any project. Her clients objectives are hers. Committed to creating a more equal and inclusive world. Great colleague!!!


2020-09-28 09:15

Gemma is a great professional, a leader and a motivator! It's always a great pleasure to work with her and to learn from her.

Miriam Barajas

2020-09-28 09:56

Gemma always have's time to help a others. Great person

Elena Roldán

2020-09-28 09:56

Because She is really involved un women leadership and she does it with meaningfull and sincere passion

Miriam Paiz

2020-09-28 10:03

She os wonderful and great profesional but better person


2020-09-28 10:15

Gemma has the capacity to connect the dots between marketing, networking and diversity.


2020-09-28 11:59

Inspirational female leader!


2020-09-28 12:15

Buena profesional. Sabe escuchar y dar soluciones. Luchadora, empática y mejor persona.


2020-09-28 12:24

In addition to being an absolute powerhouse at work, Gemma is truly a people's person. She is kind, compassionate and understanding of everyone's needs which makes her not just a deserving candidate for this award but also a gem of a person! (pun unintended)


2020-09-28 13:53

She is absolutely a prof in Marketing Advertising and PR as a trainer, coach and mentor for hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs. She has to be awarded for her consistency, her accountability and her commitment to her work.

Diogo Gonçalves

2020-09-28 16:04

She is a woman tech entrepreneur working with companies from all over the world. She wants to do good for humanity and she is a great person to be around.

Ana Landeta

2020-09-28 16:09

She is one oh the greatest experts in Mkt and advertising. Great collaborator as well of TodoStartups.

Eva Zahrawi

2020-09-28 16:50

Gemma is an outstanding professional, truly inspiring, always with an infectious energy and beautiful drive


2020-09-28 16:55

Gemma is energetic, passionate and very knowledgeable about what she does, committed to help and enable others.

Agnes B.Benet

2020-09-28 17:06

Gemma is a human catapult. A go-getter. That alone deserves a mention. And if you combine with her knowledge, experience and soft-skills, it becomes a no brainer that she shall be awarded.


2020-09-28 18:03

Si tuviera que encargar mi proyecto de marketing, sin duda Gemma sería mi opción número uno

Damir Miller

2020-09-28 18:11

Gemma was my mentor in Kaspersky “ Exploring Russia” accelerator . We are inclusive travel platform and Gemma helped us a lot with marketing and her unique vision


2020-09-28 18:17

Gemma has proven to be an outstanding professional in her work, very transparent in her approaches and always with respect for mutual goals. Besides that she is just a great person.

David Valdesueiro

2020-09-28 21:24

Gemma is a great professional, always willing to help and bring her positive mindset along. She is creative and hardworker, making it very pleasant to work with.


2020-09-28 23:21

She is great and profesional!!!


2020-09-29 08:50

Gemma is a force to be reckoned with and that should be celebrated. I have come to know Gemma as a driven passionate lady who shares knowledge and connections knowing this social currency will be paid forward. This is key but unfortunately a dying trade so it seems. Go Gemma go

Isabel Rubio

2020-09-29 14:12

She is the best, in her job. A very good professional ,and She’s very friendly and cool. She’s happy helping her clients and people in general.

Carmen Sebrango

2020-09-29 15:32

Gemma is a great woman who brings people together and is always willing to help

Armand Pujals

2020-09-29 17:52

Gemma is a very passionate hard worker women allways willing to help and share her expertice. For sure she deserve this award.

Luis Miguel Belda García

2020-09-30 05:06

Es una de las más reconocidas especialistas en este ámbito y mejor comunicadora del mercado.

Laura gonzalez

2020-09-30 06:36

She is passionate about what she does, she is creative and inspirational. At the end is not only what she does but how is the influence in others when she does. An award is a public applause and Gemma deserve it.

M. v.d. Vlugt

2020-09-30 11:39

Gemma stands for ideals we should all embrace, so with helping her forward we help everyone forward.

Jose Luis Muños

2020-09-30 16:17

Gemma siempre está dispuesta a ayudar.

Juanma Feliu

2020-09-30 21:12

Is very profesional

Miriam Paiz

2020-09-30 21:12

Is very profesional

Aylen Feliu

2020-09-30 21:15

Siempre está dispuesta a ayudar a los demás. Es muy responsable y perfeccionista en su trabajo. No le importa enseñar a los demás .


2020-10-01 19:43

Gemma is an enthusiastic professional, hard worker, always positive and very knowledgeable and perseverant; the sky is the limit!

Salva Rubio Verdeguer

2020-10-02 17:52

Entudiastica trabajadora


2020-10-03 12:37

Gemma in 5 words: Professional / Competent Energetic / Motivating / Sincere

Marisa Orti Cervera

2020-10-04 10:27

Gema es una gran comunicadora muy tenaz y transmite además mucho positivismo.

Javier Rubio rodrigo

2020-10-04 10:40

Gran comunicadora, con enorme determinación y vocación de servicio


2020-10-04 11:35

Gran profesional, sin ella mi marca no seria lo que hoy es. La recomiendo a todo/a el/la que quiera triunfar.


2020-10-04 11:37

La conocí en un monto de cambios en mi vida profesional, consiguió que mi marca destacará sobre la competencia.


2020-10-04 12:04

Gemma es una gran profesional, que se merece este premio por su andadura profesional. Su implicación con más mujeres emprendedoras y en darles una mayor visibilidad en impecable.

Carlos García

2020-10-04 12:25

Conozco a Gemma gracias a LinkedIn y desde el momento en que conectamos pude percibir que es una persona generosa, colaboradora y con las ideas claras.

Nieves Ballesteros

2020-10-04 16:10

Gemma es una gran profesional y comparte sus conocimientos y experiencia con generosidad.


2020-10-04 16:17

Gemma makes others feel included and that their opinions are important. She uses her business to help others communicate effectively and share their ideas.


2020-10-04 20:21

She is enthusiastic, dedicated, professional yet always warm and lovely.


2020-10-04 21:17

Good worker.

Eloy López Meneses

2020-10-05 09:07

She is an enterprising, efficient businesswoman with great initiative. Always try to help everyone by sharing and collaborating with their ideas and innovative works

Juan Carlos Rodríguez

2020-10-05 10:20

Creo que se lo merece. Es comprometida y muy prfesional.

Salvador José Rubio Rodrigo

2020-10-05 13:10

Gemma is a hard worker and always helping everybody to get their goals.

Guillermo López

2020-10-05 16:00

Because her hard work and implication.

Estela Ospina

2020-10-05 17:33

Es una mujer que impulsa el liderazgo de otras mujeres y sus empresas!!

Ali fenwick

2020-10-09 20:04

Dedicated, talented, and professional person. Someone you want to and love to work with