Vicki Lau

Visual Effects & Virtual Reality Specialist, Content Creator


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2020-05-26 16:03

Vicki is an extremely hard worker and puts her all into everything she does. She exemplifies the meaning of hard work and dedication to her craft. Sharing her knowledge with her students on the major educational platforms serves as a boon to the industry as she helps strengthen the field of VFX.


2020-05-31 08:49

I am one of Vicki's students and I have to say that Vicki is a very inspirational instructor and individual. She deserves an award for overcoming her adversities and turning her differences into strengths, and at the same time, educating thousands of people. Go Vicki!


2020-05-31 09:10

She is smart and she is cute...

Anton Pinchuk

2020-05-31 09:20

Vicki is a great teacher in VFX field and more over great personality with really own opinion and thoughts.

Charles Pomaski

2020-05-31 10:05

Ms. Lau has overcome multiple obstacles to become a top professional in her field. Her choice to become an educator in that field and freely share her knowledge demonstrates her value as a person.

Øyvind Høgmo

2020-05-31 10:20

Vicki Lau is the BEST!

Yaman Shrivas

2020-05-31 11:03

Vicki Lau Mam Is A Courageous Compassionate and a Very Hard Working Person Who Inspires Everyone around Her,She Cares Each and Every Student Of Her and Encourages Them To Become Masters of the Field.


2020-05-31 15:20

Vicki grew her business as an independent VR and VFX person from 1 individual to reaching over 60000 students internationally. It is not easy to accomplish that as a creative and as an independent. I believe she deserves the award for being one of the most celebrated artists in the field.


2020-05-31 15:43

She is super talented in what she does and an absolute rockstar in her field. Not enough? Well, she is independent, funny, and very easy to work with as she has a clear understanding of everything around her.

Aakash Chopra

2020-06-01 08:01

Well definetly her class are the most amazing ones as well they helped reach out those problems that i was never clear off and hope for her to win this amazing award and personally thank her would be an honor for me . All the best...cheeers....

Umashankar Boregowda

2020-06-01 10:47

For the nice introduction about the VR I got from her.


2020-06-06 12:50

She is inspiring...

Alka Topno

2020-06-12 19:38

Vicki Lau is a great mentor. I love her :)


2020-07-04 00:15

She is hell of a teacher on the VFX field. She deserves this award because, not only she is super talented, she is so passionate about spreading her knowledge to the world, making it easier for people like me to be part of the entertainment industry.

Soto K Gilbert

2020-07-16 07:17

Her Free Udemy tutorials helped me a lot learning Virtual reality

Alex Hobby

2020-07-16 18:06

Vicki has the driver to get things done in an efficient and timely manner. Furthermore, she is very knowledgable and had the ability to share this information with people so it's understandable. It's important to understand that efficiently transmitting knowledge is a fading art but Vicki has mastered that art.

Curt Rivadeneira

2020-11-21 03:35

She's rad.