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Richard Mason

2020-05-07 12:26

Tessy de Nassau is one of the world's superlative women: driven, ethical, passionate, charismatic. She deserves to be recognised at the highest level.

Ilma Bogdan

2020-05-07 12:28

Miss Tessy is an outstanding believer in international humanitarian causes, particularly in the power of education to build strong civil societies. She has done an incredible job working in remote and even dangerous places to provide education for those most in need. I believe that she truly deserves this award.

Gwizdz lydie

2020-05-07 12:33

Big heart, kind, empathic Altruist Help each others ❤️


2020-05-07 12:35

I am proud of my friendship with Tessi, a charismatic, purposeful, wise, understanding and responsive person. I agree that she deserves recognition at the highest level.

Mary Dinah

2020-05-07 12:40

Tessy continually strives to help others around the world. She is focused and driven with a big heart ❤️

Laura Holland

2020-05-07 12:49

Tessy is a beautiful person and has a passion to make a positive impact, she also has the skill to make this a reality. Together, this is a powerful combination which makes Tessy one of the worlds change-makers and deserves to be recognised.

Stefanie Kiefer

2020-05-07 12:50

as Tessy is a real hard worker and supports her clients to develop their social impact, beeing social is one of the key points escpecially now. Even during Covid 19 crisis Tessy supported everyone with great information via lives. Thanks for all your positivness

Karine Sarkissian

2020-05-07 12:54

Tessy’s biography says it all. Her influence on our world through her work, whether it be raising awareness around social causes, supporting individuals, and being a role model, she does not take short cuts but rather values the strength that her impact can have. It has been an honor to know her and be connected with her- she always shares a wealth of knowledge with an extensive amount of kindness and humility. I cannot think of anyone more deserving. What she created with Finding Butterflies Consulting is quite incredible!


2020-05-07 12:55

Her commitment for education around the world; her mission to defend the rights of women and adolescent girls make of Miss Tessy such an inspirational Lady.

Keira Townsend

2020-05-07 12:58

Tessy is a powerhouse of ideas, strategies and hands on action plans on empowering women and generally making this world a better and a safer place. As a public figure she is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for hundreds of thousand of people worldwide and deserves the highest recognition as for her philanthropy, as for her consultancy work through Finding Butterflies Consulting.

Priya Dhar

2020-05-07 12:59

Tessy is an exceptional professional who is extremely dedicated to her work and leaves no stone unturned in achieving the goal.


2020-05-07 13:19

Amazing forward thinking, female led company providing solutions.

Verbist Marilore

2020-05-07 13:20

Tessy ist eine Powerfrau. Sie setzt all ihre Macht ein um Anderen zu helfen

Alastair Keir

2020-05-07 13:30

Determined, caring, kind and inspirational. These are qualities that deserve to be recognised. Go Tessy!!!

Giuseppe Giordano

2020-05-07 13:52

as one of my co trustees she shows great leadership and thought , coupled with An understanding and compassion in driving a charity which delivers in preventing wildlife crime and empowering veterans.

Paul Hilbert

2020-05-07 14:24

Tessy deservs the award because she is extremely dedicated to her job.

Zoha Pour

2020-05-07 14:49

Her kindness and work has never been limited by borders. She is a brilliant humanitarian and business woman.

Natalie Torin

2020-05-07 14:51

Compassionate and conscientious leader who conducts business on a global scale and makes those she works with feel included and valued at all stages.

alain thoma

2020-05-07 14:59

She's kind perso with big heart, she allways wants to help other people around the word and at thame time she's a good mother for here 2 lovely childs!

Nataliya Lloyd

2020-05-07 16:01

Mahatma Gandhi once said: ‘In a gentle way, you can shake the world.’ And this is exactly what Tessy does. With her caring approach and devotion to causes she supports, Tessy is working hard helping the world to change for the better. Would be a well deserved award!

Laribi Samy

2020-05-07 16:54

Tessy de Nassau is constantly helping people who are in need. She definetly making the world a better place! Tessy truly deserves it.

Mollie Marti

2020-05-07 17:28

Tessy is a dedicated Board Member for Worldmaker International, our not-for-profit resilience organization. She does this as she does all things - with great integrity, passion, wisdom and care. She is a model Worldmaker and deserving of this award!

Sophia Platt

2020-05-07 20:40

Tessy is such an inspiration to so many women founders!

Lian Kimia

2020-05-07 20:47

She gives 100% of herself to making the world a better place


2020-05-07 23:58

best initiative

William van Deursen

2020-05-08 07:34

It is quite simple: she has a heart of gold, is dedicated to doing the right things together with people, teams, companies and communities for greater goals. She is a nice example for others how to embody servant leadership !

Florence Bailey

2020-05-08 08:20

Tessy De Nassau continues to exemplify the true term of the word Humanitarian. Encouraging strength in others and global change by rebuilding and empowering societies in need.

Sergio Maestri

2020-05-08 16:10

Tessy has a great positive energy, she is very gifted at public speaking and passionate about making the world a better place! She is very growth oriented and inspire others with her words and action.

Joel Dietz

2020-05-08 17:26

She is quite possibly the best person out there right now out there spreading awareness and kindness. Incredible presence and social impact!

Sam O’Dea

2020-05-09 11:13

This brave lady gets things done and gets over any hurdle in her way.

Brittani Barger

2020-05-12 03:20

Tessy is a wonderful person who works hard at everything she does. She really cares about everyone and has a huge heart. She's a great role model for women everywhere as a selfless, kind and intelligent person.

Tania Hemmer

2020-05-12 20:51

It’s only been a short time that I got to know Tessy but all I can say that she is a very engaged person. If something matters to her especially social causes she is unstoppable. I appreciate her very open and easy way and can’t wait to meet her in person. She deserves this award.

Jeannine Schumann

2020-05-13 06:52

I met Tessy De Nassau in Luxembourg where she showed her sincere and profound engagement for projects supporting parents and their children. Meeting her was a really great opportunity for our project and working with her is so uncomplicated.