Shumail Anjum

Business Manager

Feya cafe

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Jess Slater

2020-04-17 14:11

He has done a tremendous job to support Zahra building up two ventures. His business acumen and efforts to promote women in business is evident from what brand has achieved in a short time.

Madalina Mangu

2020-04-19 17:42



2020-04-19 17:53

Amazing work and contribution for his branch

Fran Sibulan

2020-04-19 17:59

He’d been always so helpful in terms of helping the team with all manner of queries and processes. He’s even goodat encouraging the team to take part in any responsibilities to gain a great opportunity to learn new skills. He has done a really great support not just in the business but even with each member of the team.


2020-04-19 18:04

Excellent employer.


2020-04-19 18:05

Mr Schmail definitely deserves the award as he definitely knows how to support and communicate with his team! He truly sees his team as his family and that’s the most important thing in business and especially in hospitality!

Lauren Tull

2020-04-19 18:07

A consistent hard worker always trying to achieve the best for his cafes and team, as well as giving back to the people

George Benos

2020-04-19 18:15

He is really supportive and he always treats his team with kindness.

Barbara D'Alessio

2020-04-19 18:18

Small family company in development, works well with the employees. Healthy and original menu always working toward perfection. Helping charities companies. Welcoming design of the shop very instagrammable that the costumers love.

Ana V

2020-04-19 18:25



2020-04-19 18:36

He is an amazing person and really focus on his goals . He deserves to get this award cause being such an inspiration in our days is really unique.

Kathryn Foster

2020-04-19 18:40

Because he is very hardworking and deserves the recognition!


2020-04-19 19:15

Feya is amazing

Spiros Giorgas

2020-04-19 21:08

Amazing work he knows how to support and communicate with the team and he is very good person

B. Gluhova

2020-04-20 06:38

Shumail has the ability to use his resources well and get ideas in any given situation. He constantly seeks inspiration and new ways to develop himself and his businesses.

Sophie S

2020-04-20 06:55

Well deserved for all the hard work and consistency

Rafael N

2020-04-20 13:32

He inspires everyone with their passion for your subject, help you become aware of your own skills, went above and beyond when you were going through a rough time. Shares his qualities! His creativity, knowledge, values, and lot of more things makes him deserve the award .

Naz Zandi

2020-04-20 15:59

Shumail has shown a continuous support for a social initiative and has developed a beautiful concept of that is Feya and continues to develop new ambitious ideas to help grow the business and team.

Daniel Rusu

2020-04-20 21:23

Always trying the best for business and team, involved and interested in providing the best services.


2020-04-21 18:37

Shumail has been an important support for Zahra, the cafes and the team. Such a hardworking person, always looking to develop the businesses the best way possible. Totally deserves the award!