Roxy Robinson

Leader in Travel and Wellness

Roxstar Concierge consulting limited

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Cheryl Robinson

2020-04-06 12:19

You have a spelling mistake please correct throughout as above. She is an inspiration, proving her dedication to succeed through solid leadership and networks. She is bubbly and enthusiastic about all she does and people are drawn to her beauty and success. It would be marvelous for her to achieve this accolade as a worthy winner and further proof of her abilities Thank you

Carol Bay

2020-04-06 12:25

She is AMAZING! A deserved winner and a inspiration to others.

Demi Jones

2020-04-06 13:07

Roxy is such a wonderful person. As a boss she expects the best and has made me a better person as well.


2020-04-07 23:20

So talented, started her first company out of South Africa now to have a global empire, such an inspiration to so many women she deserves it!

Brittany Pryce Williams

2020-04-08 21:21

An award in business network must be substantiated by ones ability to not only form a large and diverse connection, but to enhance that connection in a way which enforces continuous multiplication in productivity and profitability for all parties, Roxy Robinson is ingenious in her skill to produce this for all parties, a deserved acclaim, indeed.

Dave Howard

2020-04-09 08:46

Yay! She is a deserved winner, always ensuring others are favoured with the very best


2020-04-09 21:00

Dedicated, hard working, ambitious, go getter and an inspiration to others.


2020-05-04 08:54

She works so hard and is passionate about people and the success they deserve