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2020-09-18 17:07

A powerful women I came across who has big vision and desire to achieve something in life.


2020-09-18 18:11

She is honest hard working and quick learner

Ajeet Kumar Shukla

2020-09-18 18:18

Women with intelligence

Priyanka Tanwar

2020-09-18 18:26

Because she has built this company based on her knowledge and expertise and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering.


2020-09-18 18:38

Lovely, honest hard working woman x

Beena Rajan

2020-09-18 18:38

I had been working with Pankaja in my past years. Have seen her work closely she is very passionate about her work. Love to see her got nominated which is 🤩

Rhea Singh

2020-09-18 18:39

She is ambitious, helpful, creative and an inspiring person!

Kulwinder Kaur

2020-09-18 18:48

She is very innovative and creative.


2020-09-18 18:50

She is Hardworking, focused, ambitious..

Suchitra Singh

2020-09-18 19:00

Pankaja is a very hard working women, always ready to learn , she is humble and have gratitude towards people if she learns from them, she maintain her networking which is essential for the entrepreneur.

Manmit Karnekar

2020-09-18 19:11

She is really deserving and think of organisation and employee first before her


2020-09-18 19:17

One of the most dedicated and hard working women I have known

Shital Kolhe

2020-09-18 19:27

Pankaja is very passionate and hard working about her work. A very creative person too.

Samrudha Nagrale

2020-09-18 19:35

She is a hardworking n creative person and gives 100% to her work


2020-09-18 20:12

Stay strong, be brave, love hard and true, and you will have nothing to lose.

Reshma dumbre

2020-09-18 20:58

She is a hardworking n creative person and I know her.

Nikhil pathre

2020-09-19 02:14

Pankaja have excellent leadership qualities, We have worked together on various projects, she has clear vision and passionate about her work.

Suraj surkar

2020-09-19 03:58

She is hard working woman always come up with creative ideas n very passionate about her work. She deserves ths. 🏆

Parag Mhatre

2020-09-19 04:23

The the way she handles problems and the whole process of finding a solution is unheard of.Her personality and mindset is so complete for entrepreneurship that she also inspires me to become something special and different and leave my own mark in this world.

Jignesh Tank

2020-09-19 05:19

Pankaja is hardworking, ambitious and very focused person. She knows how to keep people motivated and energetic. Her achievements are commendable in short period of time at Brand Castle.

Asha Rathod

2020-09-19 07:29

She is a passionate women, strongly focused and professional.

Prity Gupta

2020-09-19 07:54

She is very passionate and hard working about her work, very humble human I have come across..


2020-09-19 08:24

She is intelligent woman, and sow ambitios person I working with her see is a lovely person and so helpful.

Pratik Kambli

2020-09-19 08:57

Down-to-earth, soft spoken women I came across who has big vision to achieve big in life.

Rima Mitra

2020-09-19 11:18

Pankaja is very hard working and extremely talented

Asif Raza

2020-09-19 12:22

I worked alongside Pankaja on a few very creative projects. She is a complete package of knowledge of all over the industry. A woman with perfection and desired vision in the business.

Parag Sankhe

2020-09-19 12:53

She is fun and but very professional.

Priya Khade

2020-09-19 14:41

She is honest, ambitious, creative and hard working girl. She is very passionate about her work. Her goals are clear and she knows what to do in her life.

Johnalbert Kurusumuthu

2020-09-26 18:26

She’s brilliant leader, team worker, amazing communication, always creative with visual and unique ideas. She is hardworking, driven women who stands for herself and others. Very talented and deserves everything to be nominated wishing you all the best


2020-09-28 02:36

The idea is innovative.

Sunny Dhaliwal

2020-10-19 18:35

She is at the forefront of the AI world. She is going to make it big and she has put in a lot of effort to be here. She deserves this recognition