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2020-03-24 23:30

Bibi is very dedicated and passionate about what she does and has such a lovely personality.

Tsungai Arnold Muzanenhamo

2020-03-25 06:40

Bibi is a determined and hard working director with vision in film and media.

Alan Reading

2020-04-15 10:03

Hard working mother who has come a long way and created lots of entertaining presentations for all sorts of audiences. 'Afua's Diary' received a lot of attention world wide along with several accolades that she can be very proud of. Looking forward to the next film which is ready for the off now . . .

Fabio Abraham

2020-05-13 21:40

Bibi IS a woman who really fight hard in her pursue of her art craft. She fought so many battles for her first film debut to see the light finally. She never gave up despite facing enormous challenges on her own. A true woman hero and great example for all women who are looking for their place under the SUN.


2020-05-13 21:45

Excellent Director Producer. Paving the way for many other woman around the Globe :)


2020-05-24 19:03

Bibi is very courageous,very hardworking person.She is very confident and passionate with strong belief in GOD.She is full energy and she’s is a lady with vision.I have every confidence that she would excel in her chosen endeavour

Patrick Simmons

2020-06-11 14:43

Bibi is an incredibly talented and gifted writer and director, and an incredible person who is very easy to work with! I very much look forward to seeing her next feature film in production and seen by audiences very shortly!