Leah DeVon

Executive Producer and Host

Indie Style TV with Leah DeVon

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/indiestyletv/?hl=en

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Tsungai Arnold Muzanenhamo

2020-03-25 07:31

Leah is reaching international audiences in Europe, Africa and the USA.

Toni Britton

2020-03-29 22:21

She is amazing!


2020-03-29 22:27

Fabulous role model!

Kelvin Harris

2020-03-29 22:29

She is The Best most professional Tv show Host in Atl.

Patrice Bobo-Miles

2020-03-29 22:32

Leah has taken a small local show and increased her production and platforms to showcase so many more diverse entrepreneurs. It is exciting to watch her infectious personality grow worldwide.

Moe Singleton

2020-03-29 22:43

My nominee deserves this award because of her unique voice and perspective in the industry. She is a force - a tiny powerhouse who can accomplish anything she sets her sights on.

Kelvin Bryant

2020-03-29 22:48

She is an incredible talent with a wonderful spirit.

MARY Stevenson

2020-03-29 23:33

Leah is an incredible talent who is using her talent to reach the world. Her platform is what we need today and is able to reach a worldwide audience.

Leslee Morris

2020-03-30 00:39

She's an amazing, strong woman and a fabulous role model.

Angie ONianwa

2020-03-30 01:23

Love the guest on her show and how she interacts with them.

Heather McArthur

2020-03-30 01:42

Leah has built this from bottom up. She puts her heart and soul into everything. She wants to give a voice to people who we may otherwise never meet.

Britney Llantin

2020-03-30 02:23

Leah is a stellar host and entertainer. Her personality and warmth makes for authentic and “feel good” interviews and segments.

Linda botts

2020-03-30 02:41

I have known Leah most of her life and she is a hard working, talented lady. I hope she wins.

Annie Ponder

2020-03-30 03:20

Leah is well deserved of this honor because she made a platform for those who voices may not have been heard & now they’re able to reach masses because of her persistence & dedication to her craft.

Kelly Kunstel

2020-03-30 14:59

One of the mot talented and hard working women I know. And, has such a big heart

Sonya Bowser

2020-03-30 15:43

Leah has dedicated her life to being an influencer thru media via song, talk or other. She has always been driven to empower others.

Malcolm Bobo

2020-03-30 21:49

Great content

Michal Taylor

2020-03-31 01:30

She is an incredible talent and would be a great representation of this award!!

Todd Barron

2020-03-31 04:38

She has a beautiful spirit and a wonderful personality. People love to talk to her.

Valerie Colacelli

2020-03-31 19:32

Leah is awesome. She reaching international audiences around the world... She puts a smile & style in my life...


2020-04-06 22:39

Because I love her show!


2020-05-12 01:54

Leah's show is always informative for entrepreneurs like myself, her guests started small and talk a lot about how they got big. The show is also very fun to watch.

Sharon McCants

2020-05-12 03:22

She is one of the most positive and motivating women I know.