Maria Santiago-Valentín

Founding President

Atlantic Climate Justice Alliance

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2020-03-24 15:06

She is great person, very responsive and helpful. She is very professional and engaged for the cause.

Lourdes Navarro Ocasio

2020-03-24 15:16

Excelente educadora y trabajadora

James Ackman

2020-03-24 16:33

Maria is a wonderfully sincere, intelligent, and dedicated educator and a marvelous human being. Her dedication to environmental justice and education is matched by her loving and caring nature. I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of this award.

Somaya Elshafei

2020-03-24 17:46

Maria is an environmental justice advocate, that deserves yo win this category

Vanitha Shanmugam

2020-03-24 18:34

As a program director I had the opportunity to work with Maria and I cannot recommend her more for this wonderful award. She has been known for her serving nature and she deserves the best.

Any Oliva

2020-03-24 20:42

María Santiago es definitivamente un ser humano que hace de este un mejor mundo, es una mujer sumamente preparada en lo profesional, es una mujer valiente es una mujer que cambia la vida de las personas al mostrar escenarios diferentes y proactivos. Es una académica excepcional y siempre busca dignificar el trabajo de la mujer. El cambio climático no es una de sus preocupaciones es una de sus ocupaciones por que ella no pierde el tiempo en preocuparse sino en ocuparse para hacer conciencia y actividad en pro de este mal mundial. La educación de las nuevas generaciones es otro gran tema en el que ella se enfoca y gracias a eso de parte de ella hemos obtenido grandes estudios y escritos que apoyan a nuestras comunidades. Es una mujer admirable SI yo Voto por Maria Santiago-Valentin.

Magaly Irizarry

2020-03-24 21:33

Mrs. Santiago deserves the award as she has dedicated 27 tears to the field of education and literacy. She dedicated, resourceful and knowledgable. Additionally, she’s a public servant who has positively impacted the community, by creating awareness in many important topics that affect us all.


2020-03-25 10:11

Absolutely! She’s helping change the face of hope. Maria sees hope in every situation and always leads by example. Her ability to see potential sets a precedence for those she serves and advocates for. Most importantly, her commitment to her work is her passion. Maria loves what she does and for her it isn’t a job, it’s her mission. MEejie

Deanee Rios

2020-03-25 12:52

Exelente approach for the forgotten one

Lisa Marrero

2020-03-25 16:15

She is a truly superation example.

Devin Rojas

2020-03-25 19:48

Maria is the living definition of servant leadership. She is deeply committed to serving her community and building up future leaders. Maria leads with integrity, heart, and love. I can't think of a person more deserving of this award.

Jiselle Parker

2020-03-28 16:49

Maria is kind, compassion, creative, and dedicated her time and resources to causes that impact marginalized communities across the global. Her work and legacy deserve to be honored, she is a inspire and an international treasure.

Cari Colón

2020-03-29 01:00

She deserves this because she is the BEST! Also she has worked so hard for what she has done :))))