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Yogini Patel

2020-03-22 13:31

She is a very sincere hard working and willing to help others kind and considerate person

Rohine Rawal

2020-03-22 13:32

She is a real change maker and I have seen the difference that she has made on society in the last 15 years through her love, care and kindness for others.

Lindsay HEALY

2020-03-22 13:37

Puja is super bright and giving in equal measure. She devotes time to those in need, does pro bono work, helps people before and during Covid19 and does so in great spirit. A true leader she is instrumental in setting up our law firm for diversity and equality. A worthy winner!

Mala Mulholland

2020-03-22 13:37

I don’t know a more enthusiastic and energised individual!!! She is so committed and dedicated to Aria Grace and it’s ethics and integrity which as an individual lawyer is so refreshing!! Aria Grace is an example Law Firm and Puja is such a great example of female empowerment and pure guts!!!


2020-03-22 13:39

Yes, the nominee deserves to be awarded . Puja is highly professional and hard working person. I think this award will motivate her to enhance for professional life.

Jackie Spence

2020-03-22 13:40

Puja is one of the kindest, caring, hardworking person I know.

Bina Modha

2020-03-22 13:48

Puja totally deserves my vote. An amazingly kind and a truly ethical person. Her spirit is so pure. She gives of herself to everyone that is needy without any expectations from them. A dedicated lawyer and a brilliant mentor. Beautiful in heart and in spirit. I cannot think of a better person to deserve this nomination.

Catherine Cunningham

2020-03-22 13:55

Puja is generous with her time and is a true professional. Great enthusiasm and dedication. It’s a privileged to know her.

Lauren Burton

2020-03-22 13:59

Extremely hard working individual. Excellent client care skills and an expert in their field.


2020-03-22 14:05

Extremely competent lawyer

Vinay Pandit

2020-03-22 14:09

Puja deserved to win this awards due her hard work in her field

Liz Law

2020-03-22 14:13

Hardworking, committed and exceptionally brilliant to deal with


2020-03-22 14:18

she deserved


2020-03-22 14:22

Puja is hard working and helps everyone in her path

H Modha

2020-03-22 14:28

Puja certainly deserve this award as she's incredibly hardworking and truly does help everyone and anyone that comes into her path.


2020-03-22 14:28

Excels in what she does.


2020-03-22 14:32

She is a good humble and mature person and she deserves

Louise Falconer

2020-03-22 14:33

I have know Puja for many years and she always been a very hard working dedicated young woman and thoroughly deserves this award.

Andrew Falconer

2020-03-22 14:35

Puja is a very hard working, dedicated and compassionate young woman and thoroughly deserving of this award.

Sybille Brunnauer

2020-03-22 14:37

A worthy winner, full of enthusiasm and hard work for others, highly professional and motivated.

Margaret davoren

2020-03-22 14:40

This lady needs to win

Safina Shan

2020-03-22 14:47

She is a very honest hardworking woman. Evrytime she will do her best to help and assist. She will go above and beyond and is a great advocate. She does a lot for the poor and needy.

Bridget OConnor

2020-03-22 14:47

Puja never gives up, always gives of herself to support others, no matter the personal cost. If she believes in something, she will try to move a mountain.

Bansi Rawal

2020-03-22 14:48

She is a great lawyer,definitely deserves the award.


2020-03-22 14:50

She is an outstanding and inspirational lady who dedicates her time to creating a positive impact on society through service. Her achievements and contributions to date demonstrate her work ethos.

G K Modha

2020-03-22 14:50

A kind & gentle human being

Anbar-Amani Khurram

2020-03-22 14:50

Puja deserves this award as she is a truly talented and caring person. She strives to make a real change each day and does it with kindness and love.

Jyoti Jani

2020-03-22 14:52

Puja is a truly wonderful soul ,kind and giving , always positive even in the face of adversity . She is clearly dedicated and passionate about her professional and personal life - a great mentor -definitely deserves this award !

Zosia Ouardani

2020-03-22 15:00

I taught Puja in primary school and recall how kind she was to her peers. Puja had a strong moral compass at an early change and made those around her raise their standards.

Fraser Beach

2020-03-22 15:06

Ms Modha is a fulltime totally committed and sincere lawyer, I am delighted to be able to vote for her to win this top award, best regards F.Beach

Faustina Aidoo

2020-03-22 15:07

For those who know Puja, she has this infectiousness smile. I got to know Puja over a period of time, and even though our time was limited she was sincere, genuine and very appreciative and these are hard to come by from a person. Mostly for me, her kindness she had and shown for other people was truly remarkable. She's one of a kind.

Bhaven Pandit

2020-03-22 15:09

Puja is committed, hardworking and uses a balanced approached in decision making. She is all about making a difference to the society and female empowerment but does this with her quirky sense of humour. Well done.

Neeta Rawal

2020-03-22 15:09

She is avery loving and caring person

Kiran Dave

2020-03-22 15:14

Puja deserves this award. She is hard working and always professional with her clients.

GP Zambrini

2020-03-22 15:26

From my experience Puja always delivers both on quality and timescales and often goes “the extra mile”. Personable, high integrity and emotionally intelligent too. Not a set of attributes often combined in the same lawyer.

Nita Thanki

2020-03-22 15:42

Puja deserves to win due to her hard working and professional approach to her work.

Leela Sanotra

2020-03-22 15:44

Truly deserves the award as she is very motivated, hardworking and willing to help anyone needs her help.


2020-03-22 15:44

Great and hard working person

Sue Sadie

2020-03-22 15:47

I have known Puja since she was in Primary school she was tasked with looking after my young daughter and was then and still is a lovely caring person .


2020-03-22 15:48

Puja is a selfless, hardworking and genuine person and has touched many lives. She is an enthusiastic person with super positive energy. Go girl

Abdul Majid

2020-03-22 15:52

Hard worker

Alison Cribbs

2020-03-22 15:53

Puja is talented and hard-working but also committed to supporting others.

Hiloree Purohit

2020-03-22 15:59

She is hardworking and passinate for her work

Suresh MODHA

2020-03-22 16:01

Sincere, hard working and dedicated professional. A worthy winner.


2020-03-22 16:18

Puja is dedicated, kind and hard working . I would like to wish all the very best x

Lisa Hall

2020-03-22 16:21

Puja has a heart of gold and is one of the most selfless people I know. She is very conscientious with whatever task she puts her mind to and always give 100 percent.


2020-03-22 16:41

Puja is a Very hardworking, very kind and willing to help others and very professional person.

Anna Iannotta

2020-03-22 16:44

Puja is a hardworking, intelligent and empathetic woman, who most definitely deserves this award. She is an excellent example for existing and aspiring lawyers. We could all stand to be more like Puja!


2020-03-22 16:44

Exceptional candidate


2020-03-22 16:45

Good soul

Arfana Shahpal

2020-03-22 16:50

Please vote for Puja as she is an outstanding member of society. My mum has told me she is a true credit to her parents.

Razwana Manzoor

2020-03-22 16:52

Pooja is a very kind person and is a credit to the community.

Amanda Pereira

2020-03-22 17:07

Her dedication to supporting others is amazing , we need more people like her in this world.

Samrita obhrai

2020-03-22 17:10

Very hard working and an extremely competent lawyer .

Olga Ivannikova

2020-03-22 17:11

Puja is a fearless and tireless activist for access to justice and all those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. The very core of her organisation is about ethics and doing the right thing. She is definitely award-worthy!

Sam Barton

2020-03-22 17:20

Puja is both an expert in her field and also a caring person. She listens and responds with laser like accuracy be it a subject she is fluent in or one she is just learning. We were lucky to have her on our team where she was a big benefit to some of the complex laws in our profession.

Natali Tari

2020-03-22 17:30

Because she truly cares about people and has pursued the career path that she has so that she can help make changes in the world. She is not driven by money but by love and care for others, which is a sincere passion that is hard to come by.

Michelle Penny

2020-03-22 17:34

Puja deserves this award for the work she does to reach out to some of the vulnerable people in our society.

Sabine Schuhmacher

2020-03-22 17:46

She is one of the most dedicated and considerate persons in everything she does.


2020-03-22 17:52

She’s amazing ..

Lisa Brockwell

2020-03-22 17:53

Puja is a people person is able to listen and great empathy


2020-03-22 18:06

Hard working and committed.

Harsha Moore

2020-03-22 18:11

Puja deserves to win due to her determined commitment to help others

Sarrah bhaijee

2020-03-22 18:51

She is a hardworking and honest person and she will always support the truth and the good😁

Shabina Butt

2020-03-22 19:01

Puja is a kind hearted individual who has looked out for the vulnerable people around her her entire life - she has always put others above herself and prioritied what is right over her own needs. There are few selfless people in today's socitety but Puja is one of them!

Ranjit Saimbi

2020-03-22 19:02

Puja is incredibly tenacious. She simply can't take being set back - a very admirable quality. Many out there don't share her robustness.

Pooja Pandya

2020-03-22 19:06

Puja has helped many people through her profession and will continue doing so and she is a very hard working,kind and generous person!

Silvia Selli

2020-03-22 19:12

Puja is very talented and very committed to her job. She is hard worker. She is kind and very considered of other people. She deserves it indeed.

Arti healy

2020-03-22 19:24

Puja is hard working, industrious and inspiring - her work within Aria Grace Law is immense as is her work outside, helping others in a tireless fashion. An inspiring worthy winner!

Arjun Bhatia

2020-03-22 19:34

Great work, committed and enthusiastic, kind and hard working. You Deserve it !

Michael Mulholland

2020-03-22 19:38

Puja is a passionate, committed and creative lawyer. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it is a pleasure to work with Puja!

Beáta Dunn

2020-03-22 19:47

Very dynamic, driven, passionate about her work, passionate about making a difference!


2020-03-22 19:52

Puja Modha is kind, supportive, understanding and totally professional lawyer who quickly understand one’s problems and then after careful consideration give you the various possibilities and solutions. Always reliable and completely honest.

Urvi Widhani

2020-03-22 19:52

Puja is. Very professional, intelligent, kind and caring individual. She has what the world doesn’t have now - heart and love for the less fortunate members of the society.


2020-03-22 19:53

She deserves this award because Of her Passion and Persistence. I’m really grateful to meet a person like her!

Shivani Modha

2020-03-22 20:13

She is great!


2020-03-22 20:41

Puja is Positive roll model for young women, to show them where there is a wii there is a way, and they must not be intimidated by the male bastion. Academically exceptionable able and valuable member of community. Apart from her legal work she wrote excellent travel blogs inspiring others to trael.

Jayne Fugan

2020-03-22 21:17

She had worked hard, against difficult health circumstances this year


2020-03-22 22:04

Very competent. She is a hard working independent woman. She deserves the award.

Sonia Singh-Vaghela

2020-03-22 22:21

Puja is an awesome lawyer!!

Son pham

2020-03-22 22:23

Puja is really hard working and passionate about what she does for her clients!

Darren addai

2020-03-22 22:32

Puja helped me greatly at the start of my career. She helped with interviews preparation and despite her own busy schedule made time for me. She very much deserves this reward.

Denise Beels

2020-03-22 22:46

She has worked so hard to get where she is today. A kind and dedicated young woman striving to help others and make the world a better place.

Penelope Mortlock

2020-03-22 22:54

Puja deserves this award because she is intelligent, highly professional and works with pride and commitment. She is dedicated to making the world a better place and she should be commended for that.

Monica Varo

2020-03-22 22:54

Because she's helping others, hard working and dedicated!

Shyam Dave

2020-03-22 23:30

The hardest working professional I know

Paul kesne

2020-03-22 23:31

Hard working , well written.

Alina caruntu

2020-03-22 23:48

I think she is amazing! Young and determined to make a change !


2020-03-23 04:42

Puja cannot be described in 100 words....she is beyond those words to describe....a girl of integrity, humbleness,compassion,dedicated,loyal....an amazg personality...i vote for her

Kalpana Jani

2020-03-23 05:57

Sincere and hard-working individual. A leader in her field. Truly deserves this award.

Christine mayhew

2020-03-23 06:16

She is an amazing lady making our world a better place


2020-03-23 07:16

Puja is a hard working committed individual. Nothing is too big or too small. She is very passionate and this is reinforced in the work she does whether it be pro-bono or otherwise.

Neil Spence

2020-03-23 08:28

Knowledge, dedication & work ethics in her field but cry compassionate, caring and friendly to be around outside the work environment

Maisie Phillipson

2020-03-23 08:46

Puja puts others needs above her own and she is not afraid to give people a chance to show their true talents. It is this and her determination that I admire about her the most and feel should be shared.


2020-03-23 08:48

Puja is caring and a hard working person.

Laura Gammon

2020-03-23 08:56

Hardworking, dedicated, a true professional!


2020-03-23 09:16

A very Bright & enthusiastic young Lady!

Shailesh Modha

2020-03-23 09:19

She has been exceptional in her performance!

Gemma Cullis

2020-03-23 09:49

Puja has poured energy and enthusiasm into improving equality in the legal profession and to ensuring it is a more ethical place for the lawyers and clients of the future.


2020-03-23 09:53

She is kind, honest and hard working, she achieves the goals she sets for herself

Niamh Gleeson

2020-03-23 10:07

Her idealism, dedication, and enthusiasm about doing the right thing and changing the world.


2020-03-23 10:22

Puja is amazing She is possitive, kind ,hard-working, She definitely deserve to recieve the award.

Karin Henson

2020-03-23 10:47

Puja has an outstanding work ethic and provides superb client service. Always goes above and beyond.

Ramesh Pandya

2020-03-23 11:31

Very hard working. Honest And gives good advise on all legal matters. Very friendly too.

Rowan Middleton-Leal

2020-03-23 12:03

Puja deserves the award for the reasons given in her statement - she contributes to the law both in a professional context as a consultant and in her free time, on a pro bono basis.

Susheel Saini

2020-03-23 15:43

Puja is a very warm and ambitious person. She does her job with all her heart. She has the ability to fully focus on her tasks. She is a very selfless person and always tries to help people with her knowledge and positive attitude. She convinces with her competence and passion for her job. She is a gift for society and therefore deserves this prize/award the most.

Khurram nawaz

2020-03-23 20:06

Puja encourages and exemplifies the virtue of good citizenship, by touching and enriching the lives of others, particularly those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves. She shows ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication. Puja devotes herself in all tasks undertaken with 100% commitment. She has earned the respect of her peers and become a role model in her field. She has demonstrated innovation and creativity in delivering lasting results.


2020-03-23 21:11

Apart from making inroads into the world of law through sheer hard work, she has been doing invaluable community work.


2020-03-24 08:42

Puja’s commitment to social causes and mentoring youths is admirable.


2020-03-24 09:16

She is great

Michelle C

2020-03-24 12:13

She has given up a high flying career in law in the private sector to pursue an area of the law that is aimed at helping the vulnerable, and people who need legal services the most at her current company.

sinead Kilkenny

2020-03-25 21:16

Puja is a consummate professional who is passionate about law and helping others. She is also a lovely kind and caring person.


2020-03-27 21:52

She goes out of her way to help and is very hard working


2020-04-03 16:23

As well as Puja's great legal skills, she is warm and friendly, and nothing is too much trouble.


2020-04-04 14:53

Puja has been very diligent and motivated in her professional as well as personal life.

Marilia Gomes

2020-04-06 14:09

Extremely competent lawyer. She is hard working but more importantly she is passionate about her work.

Althaf Hussein

2020-04-12 20:15

She's simply inspirational, a star shining a light for everyone she works with, bringing the best out of them. Her can and will do attitude, perseverance and resilience balanced with her personality, authenticity and approachability make her someone who makes a huge difference to every piece of work she's involved in.