Funmi Ogbue

Managing Director/CEO

Zigma Limited

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Nkechi Agu

2020-04-06 12:43

Funmi Ogbue is an examplary leader, driven in her quest for knowledge, excellence and efficient in producing results and also women empowerment. She is a go-getter whose drive and work ethic has inspired not only myself, but all that has worked with her.

Daniel Adugbo

2020-04-07 01:40

Funmi is one of Nigeria’s top women entrepreneurs breaking barriers in corporate business in general and in particular, Nigeria’s energy landscape that is overwhelmingly dominated by men. I strongly recommend her for the award for two reasons: 1).Funmi is leading a generation of women entrepreneurs that will genuinely impact the world 2). She has contributed to solving a lot of social problems through some of her non-profit, charity and philanthropic initiatives.

Ikemba Dan Jason

2020-04-07 04:43

She is an exceptional woman-leader that prioritizes the welfare and need of other people before herself.

Maryam Manko

2020-04-07 06:24

Funmi Ogbue is a strong witted woman with an authoritative ability to speak ideas into reality. With diverse and strategic knowledge on possible ways to tackle and handle challenging projects and how to transform complex systems.

Chinemere Okereke

2020-04-07 08:32

She's proven exceptional in the fields of business and women empowerment

Kenneth Osim

2020-04-07 08:43

Funmi is a strong leader with visionary traits.

Michael Agha Inyah

2020-04-07 08:50

She is an inspirational leader, mentor and a visioner. She is an advocate for the voice of the voiceless , a generous donor an astute business woman with impeccable character.

Anthonia Taiwo-Ajayi

2020-04-07 09:01

It is a tremendous effort people put in to build and sustain a business. It is however, more demanding for a female entrepreneur. Funmi Ogbue has stood the test of time and is a forward thinking lady. Her passion for change is infectious. She has and is paving the way for many others.

Ahmed Salawu

2020-04-07 09:46

She's an exemplary and transformational leader with an unwavering focus within the Women leadership and Business Network. Her triadic experience and knowledge transfer within Organisational Development, Change Transformation and HR is highly infectious. She's a mentor, a coach and a counselor to many around the globe.

Sonny Onasanya

2020-04-07 09:52

She leads alot of women initiatives and passionate about women success in business.

Mercy Akachukwu

2020-04-07 10:02

Mrs Funmi Ogbue is a People builder, very innovative in business, passionate about seeing woman successful in business and their career. With a very strong business, managerial and Leadership skills, she take any business from zero to 100% success, she leads and communicates well her vision.

Bisi Taiwo

2020-04-07 10:12

She is a strong-willed "go-getter" full of great ideas and goes all out to implement them. She is a great leader.

Josephine Okeke

2020-04-07 10:24

Funmi’s is a resilient professional. Her passion to transform the Nigerian public sector Which is evident in the improvement opportunities presented to relevant ministries, departments and agencies; Her resilience and commitment to results; and Her passion for supporting and actively sponsoring women in business makes her a laudable candidate for an award.

Ejikeme Chukwugozie

2020-04-07 10:36

She is the best among other contestants As a CEO she's a decipli ariana, motivator and a goal getter and achiever


2020-04-07 10:38

She’s a top Nigerian woman entrepreneur particularly driven by a strong will to inact change and transformation in the Nigerian public sector and the energy space, with a keen desire for women empowerment.

Joy Chinonyerem Ezeigbo

2020-04-07 10:51

She's an exceptional woman who is versatile in her line of business. Her drive for more women involvement especially in the energy sector is commendable

Ekhose Osa Fred

2020-04-07 10:59

She's a Leader and Passionate about growth and innovation in Public Sector and women in business.

Adeshina Olaitan

2020-04-07 11:18

I consider Mrs. Funmi Ogbue as a leader with zero tolerance for mediocrity, who will stop at nothing until she achieves her desired objectives. A trail blazer that is. A fearless and courageous leader who will walk where few will dare. She is designed and wired for greatness. An inspiration to many. An entrepreneur per excellence. See you at the top. Congratulations!

Nifemi Ajayi

2020-04-07 11:19

Funmi is a visionary business leader helping a lot of women achieve their goals and career trajectory within the global business environment, Personally she has inspired me, her resilient spirit in worthy of emulation.

Ayodeji David Oluwole

2020-04-07 11:21

She is a business tycoon Focused on building business and change management

Michelle Emmanuel

2020-04-07 11:24

She deserves the best ,because she is a diligent,strong and optimistic woman

Shamsudeen Rufai

2020-04-07 12:32

Funmi Ogbue is a very diligent business woman, who doing whatever she can to transform the Nigerian Public sector.

Tochi Agu

2020-04-07 12:42

Funmi Ogbue is a woman who believes in other women and allows her belief to guide and shape her path in life. She has a vast knowledge in human capacity building and is using it to help the younger generation of girls/women to achieve greatness.

Oluwatosin Ajayi

2020-04-07 12:51

She is an exceptional leader, Always striving for excellence in her field


2020-04-07 13:11

Cause she's the best


2020-04-07 13:20

Having learned that WinTrade Awards celebrate women who are making a difference in their fields, I strongly recommend Funmi Ogbue, who in my view ,in many ways exceeds the challenging requirements and expectations of this award. As an entrepreneur , she consistently shows the point of difference by taking deliberate steps to impact people and create positive change. As a boss, she mirrors excellence, resillience and hardwork. Funmi Ogbue's accomplishments complements the stellar demands of the WinTrade Awards

Annastecia Omeire

2020-04-07 13:39

Funmi is a leader that inspires excellence and enthusiasm through hardwork and dedication.


2020-04-07 13:48

She is dedicated to her passion, a hardworking and inspiring leader and has been a phenomenal force in the women in energy network.

Ajayi Oluwafemi

2020-04-07 13:52

She is an excellent woman leader who never give up on her mission . She has an enduring strength to develop human capacity and a woman of many parts. She motivates her subordinate to achieve beyond their ordinary limit


2020-04-07 14:15

She's goal oriented, hardworking,great personality and to top it all always thinking of what she can benefit in that others too can gain from.

Uche Eboh

2020-04-07 14:32

Amidst her great personalities that is already evidence, she is skilled and highly professional. She has been a source of inspiration and blessing to young women. Mrs funmi deserves this award and many more. We appreciate your service.

Adetola Amos

2020-04-07 15:45

She's an exceptional woman who is versatile in her line of business. Her drive for more women involvement especially in the energy sector is commendable.


2020-04-07 18:53

Because she DOESN'T shy away from challenges. Funmi has shown severally that going through challenges makes us, Business women, emerge stronger and sharper

Rashidat Tosin Majeed

2020-04-07 19:11

She's the best motivator and my role model. Good hearted and highly business inclined in all areas.

Agatha James

2020-04-07 19:29

She is an exceptional entrepreneur who is focused, goal oriented and calculating.

Sunday Omachoko

2020-04-07 21:03

She absolutely deserve this award, she's currently a global voice in the energy sector, and working hard to support the wife's of military personnel through her charity foundation. The award would boost her morale to push for more.


2020-04-07 21:04

Funmi's track record of starting and growing businesses is stellar and speaks for itself. She is a visionary, whose unfaltering commitment to developing those around her while meeting business objectives is second to non. Her drive for actively promoting initiatives for women in business has been both an inspiration and motivation to many, and deserves strong recognition.

Abosede Abiodun

2020-04-07 22:42

She is a trailblazer for all women. She Is a true campions for women


2020-04-07 22:45

She is an exemplary force, she doesn’t accept no, never! She feels if you can think it you can do it.

David Daniel

2020-04-07 23:24

Funmi is a wonderful woman and a visioner. Few among those who have earned themselves great and true qualities of being called a leader


2020-04-08 11:00

She is my buddy's mentor. Joy (my buddy) is one of the smartest, focused and purpose driven lady av ever met and she said Funmi is her mentor. So I believe she (Funmi) knows something others dont. She must be exceptional for joy to have her as a mentor.

Chidinma Ihezue

2020-04-08 13:39

She's the best boss ever.

MRS AGBONZE ifueko Cynthia

2020-04-08 15:13

She is Intelligent and honest in All she does, a woman that brings out the best in people.

Chief Emmanuel Oko

2020-04-09 15:32

Mrs Funmi Ogbue is a pace setter, strong and highly intelligent woman.

Hussein Ewumi

2020-04-11 19:51

She is a team builder and team Player. She believes in the acronym of T- together E- every A- achieve M- more. TEAM. That is how to succeed in anything about life including business. Thanks for being a team builder.