Claudia Yoba Capita

Attorney of the Republic of Angola

Angolan Public Services

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Adriana Gonçalves

2020-03-22 12:13

Doutora Cláudia, muito sucesso. Sempre acreditei em si, pela sua maneira assertiva de trabalhar, muito profissional.

Dr. Mauro Silva

2020-03-22 12:17

All done. Congratulations Dra Claudia.

Dilma de Araujo

2020-03-22 12:28

Claudia is trustworthy, honest with others, loyal to the people she cares about.

A. Azevedo

2020-03-22 12:37

A very friendly, committed and determined person. She definitely will empowering nations.

Dr. Ana Gomes

2020-03-22 12:44

A great professional that takes her professional and personal ideology commitments above the engrained and obsoletes politic regimes with a clear conscience of defending Human Rights at most.

D. Costa

2020-03-22 12:51

She is the most driven and approachable woman, her commitment and clear precision in any situation make her a pleasure to be around. Her journey is an example for those who may be scared to pursue a new profession in a new country and different atmospheres.

Dr. Barbosa

2020-03-22 14:08

She stands for the things she believes and fights for her own objects and goals. She is a creative person who will defend her ideas and work them out down to the smallest details. 100% natural!

Kelly S.

2020-03-22 15:35

She is a person of multi-talents, innovative and creative.

Ursula M

2020-03-22 18:32

She ´s very loving and caring.

kiko Moniz

2020-03-22 18:33


Milton Milino

2020-03-22 20:38

She has a futuristic way of thinking. Great values and beliefs.

T. Marto

2020-03-22 20:40

Great friend and colleague.

Karide Farua

2020-03-22 20:42

She is a very caring and hardworking individual.

Gatiano Valito

2020-03-22 20:43

A very competent and committed lawyer and teacher.

D. Davide

2020-03-22 20:55

She is genuinely interested in other people point of views. She has beautiful qualities such as looking at things from different perspectives, acting with compassion and doing everything in her power to find a solution. She is a good knowledge of law subjects and methodologies.

Ivane Kuame

2020-03-22 21:07

She is brilliant, very focused and assertive.

Malita Guerra

2020-03-22 21:11

Claudia is very a communicative and friendly individual. She is able to positively transform organization, firms and communities.

Dr. Barbosa Mendes

2020-03-22 21:16

She is very intellectual and well-informed individual. She a visionary and well-prepared professional.

Dr. Gomes Linado

2020-03-22 21:19

She is a very good leader, great knowledge and excellent professional.

Nkungua Umba

2020-03-22 21:22

She is a very good professional and amazing teacher.

Dr. Barbosa

2020-03-22 21:24

She is good listening and talented teacher and lawyer.

B. Rosario

2020-03-22 21:28

She is an innovative and creative professional. She is developing paramount projects and incentives to protect vulnerable people.

D. Silva Costa

2020-03-22 21:36

he can listen well and is genuinely interested in the other person. She has beautiful qualities such as looking at things from different perspectives, acting with compassion and doing everything in her power to find a solution. She is a good example of a woman with a passion, a clear vision, who has built up a successful career through hard work.

Dr. Monteiro de Franco

2020-03-22 21:40

She is passionate about her work and empowering others.

Seline Omowale

2020-03-22 21:45

She is hardworking and fully deserves this award for the ambition, commitment and drive she gives to ensure young people and women are maximising their potential.

Alba Dinis Fagundes

2020-03-23 08:53

She has great knowledge, dedication & works ethics in her field, she is compassionate, caring and friendly to be around outside and inside the work environment.

Milio Quental

2020-03-24 11:18

She has a surprising way of engaging and communicating with people, her leadership qualities are superb. Congratulations.

Mateus G.

2020-03-24 11:30

She deserves this award because she is an inspiration to our generation, hardworking, a transformer, diligent, loving and always putting smiles on everyone's face. She is a positive thinker. She is an excellent worker. Her oral speaking skills is just super.


2020-03-25 08:35

She is a very good law teacher, utterly passionate about business, criminal and civil law.