Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes

Founder | Managing Partner

Founder | Managing Partner

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Ivie Emiko

2020-03-16 08:34

Shes a trailblazer

Oti Longe

2020-03-16 08:38

She is trail blazer in the M & A space and is setting the standard for women in finance.

Tsola Emiko

2020-03-16 08:39

Uncommon vision, courage and approach

Mary Emanyo

2020-03-16 08:41

She is Smart, experienced a change agent of impact that has changed the narrative in the finance sector

Ololade Opadare

2020-03-16 08:42

She's a trailblazer, passionate and persistence.


2020-03-16 08:43

She works with a great sense of excellence, and have the required capacity to become global.


2020-03-16 08:45

She has exhibited consistency, tenacity and mostly compassion in creatively advocating for women in business through funding

Nicholas Rhodes

2020-03-16 08:45

She’s leading the way in impacting investing, empowering women and generating superior returns at the same time.

Omowumi Etiko

2020-03-16 08:47

She is a dynamic super intelligent go getter who is crossing territories and breaking boundaries!

Damilola Arokodare

2020-03-16 08:47

She has changed the norm in Banking and finance and given young girls hope they they can achieve anything

Mrs Jesuwale Deborah

2020-03-16 08:48

She's loving and caring.....


2020-03-16 08:50

She is young and has made a mark in a short time on the scene.

Ada M

2020-03-16 08:53

Trailblazer :)

Jennifer Pearse

2020-03-16 08:57

She’s championing the narratives of inclusion, hardwork and yielding effective results in the finance space. She additionally shows that when given the opportunity; women are forerunners.

Patricia Onyejekwe

2020-03-16 08:58

Adesuwa deserves this word because she is a phenomenal human being .


2020-03-16 08:58

She is a great mentor and trail Blazer, with an uncommon courage and vision, overcoming so many odds and shattering ceilings


2020-03-16 09:08

She's a trailblazer and a woman champion

Grantham Forson

2020-03-16 09:11

Her remarkable ability to make impactful decisions is rare. Her type come around just once in a generation. She is the type to impact lives in droves.

Jessica Laditan

2020-03-16 09:15

Hard working, tenacious and inspirational young woman.

Osahon Okunbo

2020-03-16 09:24

Her level of tenacity and focus is the blueprint for all women to follow to make a difference in not just banking and finance but across different strata of business, in today's world.

Oghomwen A

2020-03-16 09:26

Smart, hardworking Woman/Mother. GO GETTER.

Ade Mosuro

2020-03-16 09:27

She’s truly set up a first-of-its kind platform in Africa empowering women!

Remi Turton

2020-03-16 09:28

Adesuwa creates opportunities and advocate for other women and a very hard working lady.

Prince Hanson

2020-03-16 09:34

She is a trail blazer and a woman of substance

Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes

2020-03-16 09:38

She's diligent and upright in her ordeals

Edikan Udofia

2020-03-16 09:39

I truly believe that she is one of the people that will spearhead the new revolution in Africa. She is stoic and resolute in her pursuit for excellence and progress in Africa and has a keen sense of direction. Her work ethic is enviable as well

Katherine Ememere

2020-03-16 10:15

She is industrious, hardworking, looking for ways to continue to add value to women in what she does. She has been of tremendous help and assisting business from startup looking for capital to trade

Tara Olowu

2020-03-16 10:18

She’s hardworking and passionate. Making and will continue to make a huge inpact in the industry.

Tahmar Arayomi

2020-03-16 10:25

Adesuwa is a change agent, an influencer in her sphere and diligent in all she does


2020-03-16 10:46

Shes a trailblazer.

Esther Briggs

2020-03-16 10:51

She is a hard-worker and has achieved a lot in this space . Fighting to support women in business . She is an inspiration to all women .

Oniemola folorunsho

2020-03-16 10:53

An angel in a human flesh a selfless woman on a contributor to society

Chidimma Azike

2020-03-16 11:17

She has shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication.

Manuella E

2020-03-16 11:30

Inspiration to many women

Temilolu Omotade

2020-03-16 11:37

Adesuwa is changing the narrative within finance and impact investing for women and making an impact on society, one investment at a time.


2020-03-16 13:19

She deserves it because she is so good at what she does and gives it this professional touch.


2020-03-16 13:52

She's smart and a goal getter.

Adebola Ibikunle

2020-03-16 14:22

She has exhibited consistency, tenacity and mostly compassion in creatively advocating for women in business


2020-03-16 14:55

She is exceptional

Esther L

2020-03-16 14:56

She is such a hard worker, excelling on every side

Robert Onianwah

2020-03-16 17:26

Excellent work

Oludolapo Olusanmokun

2020-03-16 18:53

As a young African lady, Adesuwa has shown a dogged commitment to deploying capital as a means to advancing women’s economic empowerment and continues to set the pace for other young Africans to follow.

Oluwanifemi Bolarinde

2020-03-16 19:34

She is a trail blaster and my phenomenal woman

Peter Jolapamo

2020-03-17 00:25

Adesuwa is a visionary trying to positively tilt the old-age topic of gender imbalance - an important lever in achieving a better world.

Tsungai Arnold Muzanenhamo

2020-03-19 12:29

Shes a trailblazer and and will open many doors in the world of finance.