Caroline Makaka

Founder /Ceo

Ladies Of All nations International

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Alex Johns

2020-03-14 23:49

An incredible woman who has dedicated all the time and commitment to those in need All those she have helped & supported is awe-inspiring. She has put her heart and soul into helping others especially those in need .

Pearl Robinsons

2020-03-15 09:37

No-one deserves it more Than Dr Caroline . Her work continues to make the world a better place Thank you for all your hard work, raising awareness and making a difference.

Larry Nhipura

2020-03-15 13:14

She is very impressive with her dedication towards helping others in any capacity that she can. Most noticeable is her selfless concepts that are projected at helping less privileged orphans and widows in the community.

Memory Chikwepa

2020-03-15 14:22

A Truly inspiring hard working a dedicated women who has work tirelessly to make the world a better plan . She has really excelled in her quest to help those in need.


2020-03-15 22:03

Dr Makaka is a humble woman who is very attentive to detail, selfless, loving, punctual and very helpful in every aspect particularly to issues that relate to helping others and creating a better world for humanity.

Julie Bard

2020-03-16 07:00

Very well deserving lady Thank you so much for your relentless hard work, your eloquence in speaking up and determination for getting the issue out nationwide & all you have done for all women everywhere and for men too. Awareness and challenge make the world a better place.

Nicole Smith

2020-03-16 23:54

Dr Caroline Makaka is the voice for those that were silenced. And gave your voice to raise awareness to the whole world. Your commitment to educating & changing the future for many people’s lives is so inspiring. Thank you for all that you’ve done to raise awareness and be a voice for victims that are still struggling to find there’s.

Chiedza mudamburi

2020-03-17 18:19

Caroline is one Amazing & hard working women her tireless efforts courage and good work is commendable. She is really an inspirational woman. Her hardworking , dedication & commitment everywhere will continue to raise awareness of Women & Girls.

Amanda White

2020-03-17 18:25

Simply Amazing lady who put her heart & soul in helping other women .

Keisha Russel

2020-03-18 19:59

She is very committed to bringing cultures under one roof for a great cause and fund initiatives that empower the most vulnerable women and children around the world


2020-03-19 00:22

She is such an inspiration to other women out there. Her humility is noticeable always. Her drive & determination is truly remarkable.

Mr Miller

2020-03-19 17:23

One of a kind with a heart of Gold .