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2020-03-12 13:13

shes a boss

andrew ribeiro

2020-03-12 13:18

really helpful and supportive, always pushing us to our fullest potential and helping us unlock talents in order to do well in life

andrew santos

2020-03-12 13:25

best C.E.O ever

Sam Vasanth

2020-03-12 14:25

Not a lot of people that could make moves like her!

Chantelle Michaux

2020-03-12 14:36

Jo is an outstanding leader and exemplary role model for other women and the young people she works with. There are far too few women of colour in CEO positions and she is trailblazing in this regard. She is a consummate professional and opening doors for young people in the creative industries who experience significant barriers to entry.


2020-03-12 14:38

Jo is a driven, resourceful, inspirational woman of colour that deserves to be shown as a sterling example to other women (young & old).

Ravika Chandra

2020-03-12 14:43

She is one the strongest women I have seen and with her work she inspires girls like me to believe in their dreams!

Jessica Cornelius

2020-03-12 14:43

She is the most hardworking person I know and has the kindest soul. She has become such a great role model for the youth and has made a positive impact on lives.


2020-03-12 14:48

She's always been caring and finds the best opportunities for me. Jo is the reason why I've been able to have experience in film, its all because of her. She's the best mentor, leader and friend I could ask for.

admin support

2020-03-12 14:49

She makes me work too hard :(


2020-03-12 14:50

always prevails even when the world goes against her

andrea tekasala

2020-03-12 14:53

helped me overcome depression and taught me life values

Beulla Vasanth

2020-03-12 14:55

She is passionate and also has compassion for the under privileged youth.

felicia burton

2020-03-12 14:55

Helped me achieve my great gcse results 6 years now I own a female based business #girlinpower

Hannah Vasanth

2020-03-12 15:05

Joanna truly is the epitome of what it means to be a fearless leader. She believes so deeply in the cause and fights passionately for equality. Every young person she comes in contact with feels heard and valued. A true role model.


2020-03-12 15:08

She is best in her performance. Most humble, talented candidate. Wish her all the best

Kelly Coeur-de-Lion

2020-03-12 15:15

Jo is an inspiration to us all! Her commitment to young people and genuine desire to see them win is admirable. She’s so kind, selfless and always keeps it 100! I wish her all the blessings as it’s so deserved.


2020-03-12 15:18

her dedication to helping young people isn’t found everywhere. Never belittling them and treating them like human beings you can see the passion that she has.

Lenita Abraham

2020-03-12 15:22

She has a passion for youth and helping young people make the most of their lives and live up to their full potential.

Kelly Heart

2020-03-12 15:23

No one deserves this like Joanna

Farheen Shipanga

2020-03-12 15:23

Joanna is an inspiration to all women and young people in London. She has showed me how to grow, achieve and become the woman I am today also running my own company. Joanna has taught us how the real world works - things they don't even teach us in school and deserves to be recognised for the incredible and aspirational person that she is.

Leslie Cornelius

2020-03-12 15:26

Black Asian minority ethnic


2020-03-12 15:28

Her achievements speak for themselves. Plus she exudes an aura of positivity.

shawtypaid music

2020-03-12 15:33

I’m voting for Jo because from day 1 she’s been believing and supporting us youths, always wanting us to do better and also that we succeed in what we do.


2020-03-12 15:36

It’s great to see a black/brown WOMAN doing such great things for our young people! Thank you for all you do Joanna


2020-03-12 15:38



2020-03-12 15:40

helped me from secondary school all the way to uni love forever hope u win


2020-03-12 15:41

the hardest worker I've ever met


2020-03-12 15:43

Her provisions allow my kids to be in a safe environment and helps them make good life decisions

jhony boy

2020-03-12 15:46

through jo"s comforting words she helped me understand the real meaning of life and now I can face any challenge in life and through that, I built the courage to forgive my dad thanks jo and MVP

David Abu Sharkh

2020-03-12 15:54

Joanna is dedicated to her mission of making a more empowered world through creativity and self-respect and reliance. It’s hard to teach these things but she makes it happen. So much love and respect for her work!

Vanessa Heine

2020-03-12 16:11

Jo is a credit to her family and to her community. She’s got the charisma of a true leader and she endlessly inspires young people from all walks of life but especially girls and young women. She works tirelessly to improve the lives of the young people under her care and leads by example, showing them what true ambition and grace can achieve.


2020-03-12 16:16

She is an inspiration, a good soul, a helper, a leader, a friend to anyone in need, a beautiful person, intelligent, keen, driven, focused and so much more. She actually deserves the world, but we can Start with this award:)


2020-03-12 16:21

She's an organised hard working person. Simple as. I'm very inspired by people like her. I've always felt like she's a naturally a supportive person as well, very caring ❤

Hema Aravind

2020-03-12 16:35

She is so Optimistic and can undoubtedly spread the essence of love which she has enormously

Erica Cornelius

2020-03-12 16:53

Joanna has dedicated her whole life into her company. Just to make sure that they succeed she went back to school and is constantly learning new things.

Herbert Das

2020-03-12 17:01

She is so kind on deprived children and quite supportive in bringing them up in all spheres of their life.

Michelle Cornelius

2020-03-12 17:07

Joanna is a role model both through her leadership role as a CEO and through every conversation she has. She is kind, incredibly hard working, and strives to make her organization grow and positively impact many lives.

Ruth Lowe

2020-03-12 17:48

A creative and positive inspiration for girls and women, an outstanding role model and leader.

Bushra Hamida

2020-03-12 17:53

She is an amazing role model to all young people. She is inspirational to all young women of colour keep at it girl xx

Kay Bennett

2020-03-12 18:24

She’s inspirational.


2020-03-12 19:59

The world need true inspirational female leaders that show us the way into the future. Johanna is one of them. Creating the future today together with our biggest potential: the youth. Thanks the the amazing work. More to come.

Emma Betts

2020-03-12 21:21

Joanna is an inspirational leader with great energy and drive and such commitment to supporting and transforming the lives of young people. Through her work she has helped so many young people to believe in themselves and realise their ambitions. She is thoroughly deserving of this award.


2020-03-12 21:44

For her big heart and her hard work

Hannah Carpenter

2020-03-12 22:10

Joanna is one of the most determined women I know and fiercely dedicated to her work tackling youth violence. She has the ability to build a strong rapport with the young people she works with who seem to genuinely admire her for all she brings to the table. Which is far too much to even begin mentioning here.

Hoshala Cornelius

2020-03-13 02:04

She is a true leader who has such a big heart to help the youth

Narendran V N

2020-03-13 02:31

Joanna is hardworking and dedicated. She makes sure she finishes what she starts. Excellent

Ben Nitin Ezhil

2020-03-13 03:19

She absolutely deserves it, cos she is changing lives of young people which makes a world a world of difference to their lives and in turn to their family, community and the world.

andrew isaac

2020-03-13 04:41

she’s a hard working, smart, kind and thoughtful person. her leadership impact is self evident.

Anthony Scott bunbury

2020-03-13 07:09

Jo has been providing outstanding support and guidance to young learners over the last 8 years plus . She deserves to be recognised for her efforts and the impacts she has made on many people life’s


2020-03-13 07:33

Jo is a wonderful person, dedicated to her work, full of power, always helpful, an inspiration for everyone and even her smile makes the world a better place.

Kathy Hutton

2020-03-13 09:19

She has a genuine passion for supporting and inspiring others to reach their full pote6. She leads by example and alongside being strong and determined she shows warms and caring to all individuals. She is a shinning example of how to live life loving yourself and others too!


2020-03-13 09:45

Her dedication , passion and hard work

Rev Dr Mari Thorkelson

2020-03-13 10:57

Joanna transforms lives, trains and builds basic skills for daily life, inspires audacity and reach, ignites energy and purpose, helps young people thrive and succeed with abundance and a spirit of intoxicating, contagious joy!

Lisa ferguson

2020-03-13 12:45

Well from the works I have seen , opening doors for the young community and creating such a platform which is well needed in society today, all the hard work and know there is most definitely more to come and I wish her all the best .

Ayman Yacoob

2020-03-13 14:24

She really helps people a lot and she gets things done quicker if need

Mohan isaac

2020-03-13 14:28

Her work is commendable.we wish her work continues to be a good influence.

Sacha Corcoran

2020-03-13 14:42

I have known Joanna for the last 5yrs and have had the joy of working with her on a number of projects aimed at supporting disadvantaged young people to realise their potential. Joannas enthusiasm and commitment is for all to see and the development of MVP is a testament to her vision and desire to affect change and make a difference in her community.


2020-03-13 15:21

She is amazing! Hard working and passionate about helping young people and providing opportunities for them to grow as individuals

Patrick Foley

2020-03-13 16:29

Joanna works with her heart and mind; that is detected by all she meets and is a gift that cannot be taught. Her work with young adults is a blessing to them and the community that she serves. Joanna is a “one of a kind “ leader who has earned this award through her leadership, hard work and talent to bring a program to life and hope to the lives of those lucky enough to be around her.


2020-03-13 21:14

I worked with Joanna on several projects for young people over 5 years ago and she was always passionate and dedicated to making a change in their lives through creative education. Seeing her as CEO of MVP makes perfect sense and seeing great people who do good work be celebrated is so important. It can inspire so many others to keep pushing for excellence in our young people

Kumar Vasanth

2020-03-14 12:45

Because of her faithfulness, commitments and hard work should be recognized


2020-03-14 12:56

She’s amazing! Constantly trying to find amazing opportunity’s for young people. She’s so incredibly caring for each and everyone of us and pushes us to achieve our best even when we feel like we can’t! Her commitment to her job and community is outstanding and she really deserves some recognition!

Pembe Tokluhan

2020-03-14 14:28

Jo is a selfless, amazing individual who has always believed in the potential that young people have no matter what their walk of life. She has always inspired me, from being an ex student to continuing to work with her on her amazing project through MVP workshops. Jo deserves to be recognised for her incredible work!!

Tyeesha scott

2020-03-14 18:47

She’s inspirational


2020-03-15 10:16

I first met jo back in 2016 starting college. From that very first day me getting introduced to her she hasn't stopped pushing me to my full potential.


2020-03-15 10:29

Her intentions for the young are admirable. She wants to see them win no matter what background or status.

Jo Harrop

2020-03-15 10:39

The passion and selflessness of Joanna Vasanth is inspiring - he determination to help young people and to change their future is so important for the generations to come. To show young people that they have a future ahead of them and they can achieve and don’t need to turn to crime. She is brave, strong and deserves recognition.

Stephanie Canty

2020-03-17 12:37

Joanna is a born leader! She leads with her light, leaving no child behind and fighting for their rights until the job gets done! She makes everyone feel seen and heard and has the gift of uplifting the people! Joanna is truly in a league of her own and her passion for these children is truly admirable. Not only is she a mentor to these kids but also a mother! No one cares as much as Joanna cares! She is an AMAZING human being and I am lucky to know her!!


2020-03-19 11:52

She is a wonderful, humble and inspirational social worker.

Ian Day

2020-03-20 22:31

Joanna is hard working and fully deserves this award for the ambition, commitment and drive she gives to ensure young people are maximising their potential.