Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Professor, International Speaker, Mentor & Trainer

Hotel Institute Montreux

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2020-03-10 17:11

Dr Ruby deserves this award of excellence! She is a shining star, an empathetic Professor, a brilliant academic and wonderful daughter! God bless


2020-03-10 17:18

Because she is the best !!!

Ashish Pande

2020-03-10 17:37

Ruby has worked her way up tirelessly working in the field of education. From being a good academician to a teacher and then to a public speaker her journey has been phenomenal and inspirational. Apart from all of this she has managed to do a lot of work for the community. She completely deserves this award.

Ankit Sinha

2020-03-10 17:41

She is smart talented girl who deserve to win.

Lisa Jones

2020-03-10 17:41

Dr Ruby is a professional who always shows kindness and compassion. Her teaching skills are impeccable and she is a true humanitarian. She is truly deserving of this award


2020-03-10 17:45

Because Ruby is working tirelessly in the field of education and leading with a beautiful spirit.

Erwin Fässler

2020-03-10 17:47

Because Dr. Ruby is a Ruby 👑

Shriya Torne

2020-03-10 17:50

She deserves to win this because she's abdo briliant at what she does. I'm glad to meet a person like her.

Rashmi Mishra

2020-03-10 17:55

Ruby is a powerful woman , with bundles of enthusiasm and energy to make a difference in life !! She is remarkable as an Educationist and was also the Finalist for She Inspires awards 2020 in the category of Educational Role Model .

Sheen Khurdi

2020-03-10 18:06

Because she truly makes a positive impact wherever she goes just by being herself :)

Jahnavi Katti

2020-03-10 18:29

Dr.Ruby is empowering Students and Women in Leadership and building Emotional Intelligence in them along with a strong value based education.

Jean Metz

2020-03-10 18:33

She really empowers people to be the best they can, promotes positive and kind support for all and upholds the family as the school of love. She dedicates her time for others and makes a difference in this world !

Vishal Arora

2020-03-10 18:37

Ruby is a great motivational speaker, she is an excellent teacher, coach & guide.

Assem moussa

2020-03-10 18:49

she is the best and doing a lot of successful activities


2020-03-10 19:05

Ms. Khurdi for me is a mentor, teacher, she was like a mother, and inspirational woman. On my studies abroad she was the biggest support I ever had. She shares her knowledge and love to all people and to all students. I am so thankful and grateful for meeting her!

KOUL WATT Francoise

2020-03-10 19:16

She is the only orator in front of whom I never fell asleep. When her speech is over, I long for the next one ! She also remains simple though she's quite famous.

Sudhakar Naram

2020-03-10 19:19

She is doing commendable job in Education and Empowering women n Girls. she is Professor, Global Goodwill Ambassador and a Great contributor. God Bless her.

Sunil Khurdi

2020-03-10 19:25

Ruby is a brilliant star woman, she has tons of positivity and shines bright! She deserves this award award 🥇

Shruti Rewari

2020-03-10 19:36

She is an excellent trainer and leader who has been a mentor to many women groups. Ruby is versatile in imparting knowledge session through gaming and other innovative techniques. She also work for welfare of the society through her social awareness sessions. A renowned valuable trainer who has made her presence felt in this area by showing her expertise.

Ruckey Peniel

2020-03-10 19:38

She is versatile and highly skilled in delivering quality education in whatever platform she is given. She deserves this award of excellence

Nancy Tikou

2020-03-10 19:44

Dr Ruby Bakshi is a very good personality, generous and clever. She deserve since a long time an award for her best ideas of education.

Allan Silberstein

2020-03-10 19:46

Her ability to teach and mentor in a manner that brings the best out of each individual’s. She is a compassionate, caring person that exudes excellence always.

Rania Zervalaki

2020-03-10 19:47

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is an excellent professional with a rare personality. Always there to support whoever is in needs. She deserves only the very best. Good luck my dear friend. I'm honored to be a part of your network and soul sisters. You definitely deserve this amazing award! With high respect, Rania Zervalaki

Dawid Półrolniczak

2020-03-10 19:47

Dr Ruby work for cooperation, dialogue and humanitarianism is sensational and brings very good results.

Ana Manduley Atarodian

2020-03-10 19:56

Dr. Khurdi is first and foremost, a delight as an individual. Her mission in life is truly education and her students are above everything. She truly represents this category of education excellence as she lives and breathes this each and every moment. Further, she finds the time to empower others and make sure that their light is shining forth. It is my esteemed honor to recommend Dr. Khurdi with the highest recommendations that I can bestow.

Edoardo Magnotta

2020-03-10 19:57

Because of her focus on gamification and the learning experience delivered

Vasconcelos, José

2020-03-10 20:02

You deserve to win for being the most qualified nomination at the moment!

Bijal shah dullu

2020-03-10 20:08

Ruby is an influential teacher and an impressive speaker. I wish her good luck in the coming endeavors.

Krishna Pujara

2020-03-10 20:14

Ruby is an amazing soul . She has worked really hard within the field to make a difference to the community especially migrating from a third world country facing lots of challenges like cultural, language & social barriers I believe she is the right candidate to be considered!

Columbus chukwuebuka Icheku

2020-03-10 20:20

Her teaching is not only limited in classroom education. but she has impacted many lives on LinkedIn with her great posting.


2020-03-10 20:32

She is so inspiring and motivational for other women.


2020-03-10 20:34

She is making an impact in the world and around her community, in particular with regards to the young generation of the future! Caring and highly engaged person.

Mark Al Giachsousi

2020-03-10 20:34

In my opinion, Dr. Khurdi deserves this certificate because of all her skills,abilities, and achievements in the education field. All the best to the star!


2020-03-10 20:37

Inspirational Speaker

Derek Tower

2020-03-10 20:52

Exceptional academician with amazing people skills. She is humble and approachable. A leader per excellence.

Trinh Mingard

2020-03-10 20:52

Dr Ruby is the best woman I know. One woman for all of my life. I love her so much. I love also everything she do. She is the best of the best... 💖

Sue Curr

2020-03-10 20:54

Ruby, is intensely passionate about the work she does, a truly authentic soul who empathically leads the way in womens empowerment, consistently & persistently across the world

Maggie Webber

2020-03-10 20:55

Ruby is a huge inspiration to many women, especially with her Social media presence and positive articles in Sovereign Magazine.


2020-03-10 20:57

Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi definitely deserves this award as she has been working tirelessly to make this world a better place to live in. She is an epitome of beauty with brains who is always there to help anyone whenever and whichever way she can. She is a brilliant professor whose constant mission is to educate and empower her pupils.

Rahila Khan

2020-03-10 21:00

Ruby is a wonderful leader and great source of inspiration for women.

Trupti waghmare

2020-03-10 21:09

The work she is doing is phenomenal

James Moffat

2020-03-10 21:20

An outstanding contribution to Women Entrepreneurialism.

Deen Dayal Yadav

2020-03-10 21:22

Dr. Ruby is a true leader and she is working hard to help everyone in society. She is a try mentor and trying her level best to help the need that the most. She surely deserves this award.

Mireille Toulekima

2020-03-10 21:29

She is a expert in education. Her innovative work create a positive impact in the world. She is also a strong advocate for using eduction as a tool for women and youth empowerment


2020-03-10 21:32

She’s a deserving nominee because she is a good teacher, cultural ambassador and a social activist.

Thameemansari samsudeen

2020-03-10 21:34

Engaging team spirit, Emotional Intelligence and quality management, I am monitoring regularly Ruby bakshi khurdi engaging peoples around the world successfully done more classes through online & Offline mode. Everyone want to Appreciate to Ruby bakshi khurdi.


2020-03-10 21:36

Fully committed to her profession and service to community around her. Highly energetic and always approachable. Large heart!

Jasmina Siderovski

2020-03-10 21:44

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is a wonderful influencer who shoots from the heart. Her courage and willpower to provide support and education globally speaks volumes about her characteristics as a global woman.

Huma Kirmani

2020-03-10 21:50

She’s fantastic in all aspects and dedicated to education

Marina Osoba

2020-03-10 21:56

Dr. Ruby Bakshi is just the person who should have an award for excellence. She is intelligent, she is informed and diligent. She is also generous with her wisdom, passing this on selflessly. I strongly reccommend her.

Monique Custers

2020-03-10 22:04

Her people excellence. To direct people towards new grounds on futher roads is an transformational expedition that only good captions with a people2people approach can guide them on. Ruby is this captain, asking to adres both business and human capacities toward personal Leadership Excellence

Keith Gregory

2020-03-10 22:06

In life you meet people who have not only the passion but the will and determination to make a difference to humanity in this world. Ruby is one of those people. They say that you judge a person by the fruits of their labor. Look at the fruit of Ruby's labor and you will see that she should be chosen.

Sanja Fabrio

2020-03-10 22:17

Through her hands-on educational approach Ruby gives confidence to students and helps prepare them for the challenging professional future they face.

Светлана Цеца Урошевић

2020-03-10 22:19

She is an exceptional woman, she is dedicated to her work and responsible, and it is great to work with her


2020-03-10 22:40

She deserves this award because she is an amazing woman who is willing to share her knowledge, help everyone in need. She is an epitome of beauty inside out.


2020-03-10 22:51

Ruby is the pride of our Bakshi family! She is a shining star of our Indian community flying the tirangaa high globally. God bless you.. For us You are already a winner!

Dr Rubee Singh

2020-03-10 22:57

She is a good academician and excellent in research. She is inspirational for many girls and women in worldwide. She is also my role model. All The Best !! With Ward Regards Dr. Rubee Singh India

Md Shamsul Alam Siddique

2020-03-10 23:13

She is super qualified a teacher who can bring out the best from the students by her extra ordinary effort.

Ananda Nepali

2020-03-10 23:58

Ruby is one the kind, supportive inspiration and influence lady. She always supports and guides for social change. She is doing great globally. She deserves it.


2020-03-11 00:38

Professor Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is very passionate about making positive changes in many fields including Women Empowerment and Education Scenario. She works hard to have a great impact globally. She should win this award as it will confirm that sincere and dedicated people are appreciated worldwide. She is a great humanitarian who is doing phenomenal works.I wish her all the best. Well done Professor Ruby Bakshi Khurdi!!!

Dr Vimal Rathi

2020-03-11 00:49

Because she has been a part of One of our Awareness campaign & we are aware of her Dedication. We wish her good luck & More power to Ruby.

Rekha Vohra

2020-03-11 00:54

She is a champion for women’s causes... compassionate , responsible and a self starter. Accepts a challenge and is ever ready to people . She deserves this award.


2020-03-11 00:58

Her journey is inspiring and she represents truly the face of women empowerment. She deserves this award.

Sonam Dorji

2020-03-11 01:21

She is just a brilliant women and who deserve to win the awards! Best of luck!

Sunil Raina Rajanaka

2020-03-11 01:48

She is a best cultural ambassador of India

Bharat Dikshit

2020-03-11 01:48

Ruby is committed,sincere,Honest towards her hard working attitude.Excelent Speaker.She deserves this award considering her calibre explained sir.Thanks.

Sumitra Raina Kaul

2020-03-11 02:12

She’s been excellent by far she has exceeded our expectations and has been a fantastic educator and as a person is a very humble and simple person. 👏👏👍


2020-03-11 02:16

She is best motivation speaker and doing lot of thinks to develop knowledge program for people


2020-03-11 02:19

She is doing great service to the people and getting her knowledge to do some thing

Rajshri Jain

2020-03-11 02:21

Ruby is perfect blend of positivity and compassion.Her dedication towards the women empowerment is commendable.Ruby’s motivational words and work made a remarkable impact on the society. I wish her success .She deserves this award truly .

Josh Daniel

2020-03-11 02:40

She is a real educator, a motivational and inspirational speaker. She a true humanitarian who has touched lives of the less privileged around the world.


2020-03-11 02:51

Dynamic, Everready to learn n help others. Very friendly, approachable and a great speaker

Balraj R D

2020-03-11 02:57

She is one of the most sincere hardworking person who ensures that good things happen to people across the world. She definitely deserves this award

Anshu Gupta

2020-03-11 02:58

Ruby is a very passionate educationist.She is also a very inspirational and motivational speaker. She is spearheading various inititatives and is working tirelessly towards women empowerment and community development. She is spreading peace , happiness and inspiring many people not only in Switzerland but across various countries thru her work. She truly deserves this award.


2020-03-11 03:11

Her expertise and knowledge is an outcome of her efforts, hard work and sincerity towards her defining and reaching her goals.

Ruby Bakshi khurdi

2020-03-11 03:24

Dr ruby deserves this award of excellence because she is very confident and a brilliant academic and great lady

Yogesh Dimri

2020-03-11 03:24

She is inspiring and draws examples from day today life which one can easily relate to for motivating her students.


2020-03-11 03:30

Ruby has worked her way up tirelessly working in the field of education. From being a good academician to a teacher and then to a public speaker her journey has been phenomenal and inspirational. Apart from all of this she has managed to do a lot of work for the community. She completely deserves this award


2020-03-11 03:32

Because she is the best !!!

Surjeet Kaur

2020-03-11 03:33

Because she is the best !!!

Shikha Sinha

2020-03-11 03:38

She is the most versatile person.I hv known her personally since our school days...She has been actively involved in social upliftment programs especially concerning women around the world...Shez such a beautiful person inside out💕

Ruby bakshi pandita

2020-03-11 03:42

She is always support to students. She believes education is a continuous mission of her life. She is intelligent and successful academician .

Gamal El fakih

2020-03-11 03:49

Excellent role model in the fields of education, motivational speaker and entrepreneurship

Mamta Godiyal

2020-03-11 04:07

Dr. Ruby is very passionate for her work. She adds creativity in her learning style.

Jolyne Jelimo

2020-03-11 04:26

She is a very talented, kind and hardworking woman who not only helps her community but the world at large. I have benefitted from her classroom teachings online and it has had tremendous impact to my work and to my community at large.

Amit Arora

2020-03-11 04:36

I know she is very hardworking and shinning professor

Autar Krishen Durani

2020-03-11 04:59

For years she has been educating students with dedication and sincerety. She is hard working with a smiling face and has in built motivational skills. Wish her Luck.

Dr. IRA Bapna

2020-03-11 05:05

She has dedicated herself to serve humanity and spread education beyond boundaries.

Ragniya Prashad Mattoo

2020-03-11 05:14

She's A Talented Girl, Appropriately Qualified And Fulfills The True Credentials, As A Dependable Magagement Expert and Empowering Women At The International Level. She's A True Child Of God Almighty To Display His Qualities. Her Name In The WinTrade Awards This Year Will Add To The Importance Of Award Itself. We Wish Her Best Of Luck For Her Sincerest Endevours, And A Goal Towards Which She Has Been Working For All These Year's...

Maureen Brindle

2020-03-11 05:31

I saw her speaking passionately about children’s education and welfare at the United Nations in Geneva and was impressed by her ideals and the volume of her work for Humanity.

Jindal Dikshit

2020-03-11 05:42

She is extremely talented and well deserves this award.

Fawad Ali Langah

2020-03-11 07:36

She is an amazing and great inspirational lady, especially for the youth.

Andrea Stadthalter

2020-03-11 07:38

She is simply the best!

Sat Pal Bakshi

2020-03-11 07:38

Keeping in view her academic pursuits dedication and contribution to society is at par excellence.

Saif Mehdi

2020-03-11 07:41

Because no one is more deserving than her


2020-03-11 07:46

Dr Ruby is a very well deserving nominee for this award due to her excellence in everything she does. My best wishes to her on emerging as a winner for this award.

Cynthia Obinwanne

2020-03-11 07:50

Dr. Ruby is a professional in all ramifications. A true humanitarian and a great teacher who is passionate about impacting the lives of people around her positively.

Natalia Ugalde Semionova

2020-03-11 08:05

An incredible, empowered, empathetic woman. She’s an example to follow as a person, friend, leader and always committed to helping and teaching others.


2020-03-11 08:08

Ruby Bakshi is an amazing teacher, she is patient and helpful. She has all the attributes a good teacher has, she helped me a lot during my master thesis. Everyday I learned something new from her although masters was difficult to pass she was always there to ensure me that it was easy and that I can do it. Thanks to her my English is way better now. I believe Ruby Bakshi has more to give as a teacher than any person I know


2020-03-11 08:10

She is definitely a better person for the award

Sunita Kour

2020-03-11 08:17

Ruby is an enthusiastic and supportive women with leadership and excellence in whatever role she performs. Her knowledge sharing and Get Together attitude wins hearts of many and is an inspiration to all. As a professor, Ruby delivers the best she can to enlighten the future generations and they acknowledge the same loud and clear.

Elaine PS

2020-03-11 08:23

Ruby is a selfless individual who thrives on helping people and the younger generation. She's a natural educator, full of ideas, makes learning fun and her whole mission is about empowering people in particular vulnerable girls. Well done so far Ruby, you have been inspirational.

Neeraj Kumar Srivastava

2020-03-11 08:31

Leading the world with progressive and informed learnings to the society. She has been able to meticulously present her ideas and proliferates the same with her audiance and associates. A charismatic and voracious speaker , putting people, society and community first. God bless her!!

Yewande Olusore

2020-03-11 08:42

She is a phenomenal woman

Goran Ristic

2020-03-11 09:11

Dr Ruby deserves win for many reasons.

Brankica Ilic

2020-03-11 09:14

Dr Ruby is deserving of this award not only because she is a fantastic teacher and wonderful person but also because she continues to inspire the people around her to be and do better and fulfill their full potential.


2020-03-11 09:22

Great role model!

Garima Shukla

2020-03-11 09:57

She is a diligent professional.

Priyanka Wadhwani

2020-03-11 10:04

Dr Ruby is a professional who always shows kindness and compassion and highly dedicated towards her duties/work.

Margaret Campbell

2020-03-11 11:28

Dr Ruby certainly deserves this Award as she cares ,not only for children in a classroom situation ,but beyond this into the wider world which may include Anxiety as Depression.

S Rajan

2020-03-11 12:12

She is phenomenol

Valeria Harlay

2020-03-11 13:19

Because she’s the most open hearted teacher I know


2020-03-11 13:26

Dr Ruby is a passionate person who works whole heartedly for various causes, She certainly deserves award for excellence!!

Priyadarshini Chandrasekaran

2020-03-11 13:32

Mam, A great role model in both personal and career life. She is rendezvous training,coaching and teaching are benmark and truly for holistic development. She is born for teaching professional and make others life so meaningful in persistent. Adorable greetings to her par excellence in academian..

Madonna Aoun

2020-03-11 13:51

She is an exceptional person, very helpful and a very powerful woman. A very active member in the global Goodwill Ambassador family

Nonso odimgbe

2020-03-11 13:53

she deserve the award because of her numerous contribution to educational sector.


2020-03-11 14:07

She is all about educating others through her speaking and her programs

Oyshee Barua

2020-03-11 14:09

She's such a person who spread happines. She is professor and she wants to spread the importance of education all over the world. In this Stage of our world, education is the thing to uplift one's own country and then the world. She's so much passionate about her work. She's such a sweet and lovely person too. She's doing so much for this world and j think that's why she deserves the award. ☺

Williams kofoworola

2020-03-11 14:12

She deserves to win because of her relentless contributions towards empowering the girl child.

Dauda muhammed

2020-03-11 14:14

Dr. Ruby deserves this award in so many reasons for me shi is humble and intelligent and also been her a humanitarian is key.


2020-03-11 14:18

Humanitarian sharing great values and most of all standing strong beside continuous learning and self development.

Neelam kaul

2020-03-11 14:38

She is an emmensely talented woman. Her untirering efforts in the field of business management, empowering women and overall development of her students is commendable. I have voted for her cause she deserves to win this AWARD!! Love Neelam Kaul.

Widad shami

2020-03-11 14:55

As one of the old student of Dr.Ruby Bakshi, i know how creative she is and how supportive she can be and especially all what she can do to help the other to express themselves

Robina Tower

2020-03-11 15:02

She is deserving of the award because she has spent many years perfecting ideas and implementing them. And bringing them to her students.

Grace B.

2020-03-11 15:58

Dr. Ruby is a very passionate intellectual who seeks to bring out the very best in others. She definitely deserves the top prize!!!

Vinay Rai

2020-03-11 16:04

She is one of the nicest human being I have met with a heart of gold and a soul that reaches out to all those in need. That’s what humanity is all about. He live, care and service to society is among the very best


2020-03-11 16:09

She is a wonderful human being..She knows how to explore things around us..She is a rockstar I must say.She is the only one to deserve this award.


2020-03-11 16:50

Be course she is excellent education advocate. And also work towards educating youths.


2020-03-11 17:55

Dedicated teacher & a volunteer.

Ruggiero Dario

2020-03-11 18:03

Ruby is a social and strong woman

Pankaj Maheshwari

2020-03-11 18:40

Ruby is an excellent academician who is making positive difference in society with her constant pursuit of education. She is an academician par excellence

Stéphanie Rottet

2020-03-11 19:00

Commited. Real. Devoted.

Razia khan

2020-03-11 19:19

True leader

Parul Saxena

2020-03-11 19:29

She is a dynamic personality and a great mentor. She has the power of words to convince.

Virginia Lio

2020-03-11 19:30

Dr Ruby is a kindness , Positive compassions and enthusiasm to helping other!

Keerthana Balajee Nagarajan

2020-03-11 20:19

International public speaker, global goodwill ambassador, ‘Competent Communicator’ awardee, educationist, social entrepreneur, and leadership & cultural trainer are some of the hats Ruby Khurdi Bakshi from dons. Ruby's story inspires me!


2020-03-11 21:08

She has to win because she a very courageous and confident women entrepreneur she empowering women and girl . Inspiring very. mindfulness . She share with us love and abundance wit hautentique women and powerful leaders.

Konrad ariri

2020-03-11 22:13

She is empowering women

Shilpa Rao

2020-03-12 02:13

She has helped humanity and education causes

zalina Wälchli

2020-03-12 03:46

She is brilliant, diligent, energetic, well poised, professional and excels in every area of her profession. Ruby is an inspiration to all women across the globe and certainly deserves to win in her category!

Tanya Rastogi

2020-03-12 05:56

She is a very positive and inspirational personality. She is the best


2020-03-12 06:00

Dr Ruby deserves this award because she is tirelessly working for women empowerment and in the field of education. She is simply the best.


2020-03-12 07:46

Ruby is the best. She made me aware of importance of emotional intelligence in the work place as well as in my daily life. She's also kind and generous and makes time for people as she inspires me.


2020-03-12 07:50

She's an inspiration and powerful force making a difference with her day to day service and with this helps changing the world to a better place.

Rufer Giselle

2020-03-12 09:28

Ruby is a great teacher sincerely engaged for young people and especially supportive for women. Apart her teaching she is an inspirational speaker who empower the audience.


2020-03-12 10:39

This is one of the person I know who always care about her students to give them the best value in the way that helps people to understand better complicated topics with interesting way of teaching, using all the technology that the world is benefiting! When you know how to teach that way, you can teach everything! I'm grateful that I met Dr. Ruby in my life. Thank you! That's why she deserves to win!


2020-03-12 14:35

She`s a very deep and professional person, that also develops the female community.

Mukta Bajaj

2020-03-12 16:54

Dr Ruby is doing a lot of work in d field of education .She is an inspirational speaker.She is very supportive.

Chrissy Sykes

2020-03-12 20:48

Ruby is a great speaker and mentor - she is driven, positive and a great example.

Virendra Qazi

2020-03-13 03:36

Dr Ruby has earned a unique position for herself. She presents best of oriental and western wisdom. She manifests a great talent and leadership.

Dipti Bhadoriya

2020-03-13 11:33

Her skills do not end with her office work. She also projects a warm, cheerful attitude . I have seen her and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. In the community she goes out of her way to help people in need by organizing charity drives each December and singing with the city choir. She loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her.

Renu khurdi

2020-03-13 16:11

As she's the one who can inspire the world with her innovative skills and experience of life

Chinmaye Jain

2020-03-13 17:40

I have always seen her encouraging others! This attitude is what is needed by the world. She deserves the best! Loads of love :)

Praveen Pandey

2020-03-13 17:42

Ruby is quite renowned for unconditional social cause for the society plus spreading vibes through her posts.. She is very humble..deserves ir

Nonthapat Brave P.

2020-03-13 17:45

Dr.Ruby is a talented and and innovative academician. Her works have a high quality and can inspire many people. She is also promising to contribute values in space community.

Abaasi Walugembe

2020-03-13 18:17

She is an excellent Woman at the universe!


2020-03-13 18:30

Dr Ruby is the most deserving woman for this award as she is always helping people. She is a dynamic professor and a great mentor to her students.


2020-03-13 18:32

Dr Ruby is a great example of beauty with brains and emotions to connect with people and make an impact! She is a winner. She is the Queen of people - always spreading message of love, happiness and peace.

Gopal Sharma

2020-03-13 19:40

She is working for the growth of education across the globe. A good person and a good human being. She is accepts the challenges and doesn't stop until their completion. She is a deserving candidate to take the generation long way. She has got so much of ideas as far as I know.


2020-03-13 20:54

Shes innovative, dynamic and a game changer.

Saravanan Narayanan

2020-03-14 01:26

She deserve for everything what she get. Her excellence and service mind is awesome. Everyone is working for growth and money in that she developed the people's and next generation to the next level.

N Saravanan

2020-03-14 01:28

Dr.Ruby is a talented and and innovative academician. Her works have a high quality and can inspire many people. She is also promising to contribute values in space community.

Sudhir Tiku

2020-03-14 02:48

Dr Ruby has a body of work which has helped to drive excellence and motivated people through out the globe by her writing , talks and academics ,


2020-03-14 10:13

She is a woman of substance who not only inspires others but also work for uplifting others by motivating and constant support to the best of her capacity.She tries to bring out the best in her students.Infact,she is a leader in true sense.I ,wish her all the very best for all her future endeavours.

Tehseen Mannan

2020-03-14 13:20

She's making a difference by empowering the whole community & upcoming generations

Mark Stephen Pooler

2020-03-14 15:50

A person of service

Priscilla Otazo

2020-03-14 16:11

Ruby is a treasure to the world community and builds important bridges with her knowledge and wisdom that she takes to her heart.


2020-03-14 18:08

Dr Ruby is a Woman Empowerment advocate and Leader who promotes the Right of the Girl Child. She is a Leader who gives hope to the community.

Jennifer Pickhan

2020-03-14 19:25

Dr. Ruby is an outstanding personality, proofs her authority and is authentic. She is the best one for this award 🥇


2020-03-14 21:43

Ruby is an exceptional professional and human being. Her knowledge that is ever evolving is improving the lives of many in her community. She deserves to win! :)

Suprabhat Das

2020-03-15 08:43

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is one of the best individuals, I have come across to date. She is not only compassionate but also possess excellent managerial and organizational skills. Some of her superpowers include the ability to work against the odds & deliver good results, an expert in providing training and coaching, and possesses tremendous ability to take new ideas, initiatives from the beginning to successful fruition which is really unique. In simple words, she is a true servant leader.

Caroline Makaka

2020-03-15 09:43

Very hard working & dedicated women who is on a mission to influence change in her community.


2020-03-16 04:01

She is very inspiring public speaker She also is a motivational mentor

Saeeda Saeed

2020-03-16 06:45

Ruby Bakshi Khurdi deserves this award because she has changed the lives and thoughts of various people in a positive way. Her efforts are appreciatable and this award is her appreciation.

Bijayashree Samal

2020-03-17 00:07

Because she makes a difference as a woman and follows the path of her passion.

Mélanie Müller

2020-03-17 21:58

Dr Ruby is very inspirational and has such wonderful ideas, she shines wherever she goes. She deserves this award entirely !


2020-03-18 13:57

why not

Ameen Alfei

2020-03-19 09:41

I believe @Ruby Bakshi

Minnku Buttar

2020-03-20 11:21

Dr.Ruby is as authentic as can be. Dedicating her life to educating with an un-wavering dedication to her life's purpose, she should be acknowledged to give her the empowerment that will give her bigger platforms to influence whoever she comes across with her cheer and value system.


2020-03-20 11:28

She is inspiring, talented and hardworking woman who has always given her best in the field of education. She truly deserves the award.

Magda Zenon

2020-03-20 13:56

She is an inspirational speaker; she is focused, empathetic and smart

Bhavdeep Kohli

2020-03-20 14:16

Ruby is an excellent human. She is a wonderful social activist and a brilliant educator. She works for the betterment of society. I appreciate her generosity and kindness . She deserves the award .

Mariia Kamal

2020-03-20 18:16

Ruby is amazing teacher!

Nang Kong Kham

2020-03-20 23:18

She always gives her all for people to develop their life.?


2020-03-21 05:28

She is incredible fighter for educational rights. According to that she empowers women all around the World with special emphasis on her home land India. She didn't forget her roots which gives heaviness to her position.

Jaya Singh

2020-03-21 07:15

बेहद संवेदनशील ,समाजसेवी , मृदु भाषी , देशप्रेमी , नारी शक्ति की खूबसूरत पहचान हैं !

Richard DiPilla

2020-03-21 17:56

Ruby, is an exceptional educator, leader, and humanitarian. Her work in Women’s Empowerment, the Swiss-Indo community, Education, and as a Country Chair of Switzerland as a Global Goodwill Ambassador, continues to inspire others to see what can be accomplished with a strong human spirit and passion.

Sinke Osong

2020-03-21 19:35

Dr. Ruby to my humble opinion deserves this award as she’s dedicated and committed to delivering quality education. You can clearly see from her attached CV her passion for education and her presentation is quite innovative.

Dr. Ameena Ali

2020-03-21 19:52

Ruby is a pioneer and a DisruptHER in her own right and stands strong with the same energy of women that has shaped and CHANGED history! I can only appreciate her in her regal ness and look forward to her success!

Dr. Bindu Babu

2020-03-22 14:59

Dr. Ruby is a passionate, dedicated and a true humanitarian in her work in education and empowerment. A true leader in her field and is beyond well deserving of this award!

Nusrat Zahan

2020-03-22 16:29

Dr. Ruby Bakshii Khurdi is a multi-award winner international inspirational speaker, Vice President Women Empowerment for global Chair board, Chairperson for all ladies league, Women Economic Forum, Ambassador Female Wave of Change and Emotional Intelligence trainer. She is invited to various international platforms as a keynote speaker. Conduct workshops and podcasts on topics related to Communication, Human Values, Leadership and Women Empowerment. She is a deep-rooted woman in her intellectual understanding with her speaking and writing expressions. She is a well-articulated woman in her deep thoughts and vision on social media. So, I think she is the deserving candidate for this honor.

Kasthuri Gunasegaran

2020-03-28 03:14

Dr.Ruby Baksh Khurdi is an amazing humanitarian who is a passionate educator. The teaching strategies she shares shows how learning can happen everywhere and not just confined to the classroom. Her dedication through her works in the Education Field has definitely demonstrated her contributions towards moulding the future leaders of the world. As a leader in many other areas too, she models great humanity in spreading positivity to her followers. Her consistency in sharing great insights in diverse topics proves her wisdom from the knowledge and experiences she has. Dr. Ruby Baksh Khurdi deserves this award as this will add extra value to hiw she will be able to reach out to people around the world.


2020-03-28 05:42

Ruby has done a lot of work in the field of education. She is a smart academician, professional, Her teaching leveages technology through gamification, engaging team spirit, emotional intelligence . She breathes her mission in everyday affairs- Education is a continuous mission of my life, never stop learning – learn something new every day She completely deserves this award. Ankit Sinha 2020-03-10 17:41 She is smart talented girl who deserve to win.

Renée van der Burg

2020-09-16 13:07

Ruby is a great teacher, with a strong heart for her students. She supports women empowerment in all she does.