Sue Curr

Mental Wellbeing Mindset Strategist

Fear Less - Live More

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Paul Curr

2020-03-08 12:32

Sue is both selfless & passionate about the work she does, following her own battles she made a vow to change the way that people related to themselves & help them to become the best that they can be ... and I can see that because of the things she does & says to empower others, she us not only changing lives but the world, one positive thought at a time


2020-03-08 12:35

Sue’s willingness to share her journey and transformation of her health and well-being to help others deserves regonition.

Roger Cheetham

2020-03-08 13:54

Sue is one of the most kind, giving and genuine people I know. She has turned her own life round and now uses her second chance to help and inspire others, around the world. Sue helps people, who have often fallen on dark times themselves, to regain their confidence, positivity and self-belief. Sue helps so many people to "fear less and live more", to quote her own mantra. In summary, Sue is inspiration personified, and the world is a better place, for having Sue Curr in it!

Hazel Taylor

2020-03-08 14:14

Sue is genuinely fearless. She has shared her story with honesty and compassion. An inspiration to others who need to make changes in their lives.

Meenal Jaisswal

2020-03-08 14:26

Sue has lot of clarity and wisdom which offers to her clients, her journey is an inspiration in itself. Highly recommend her for the award.

Laura Crosby

2020-03-08 16:56

Because she wants to help as many people live free from fear after overcoming her own problems

Marie Mason

2020-03-08 18:51

Sue is living proof that with the right mindset you can overcome some of life's greatest challenges which relate to addiction, dependancy and low self esteem. Sue's tireless efforts should be recognised as she brings hope to many who struggle in the very lonely world of hopelessness and despair.

Gill Middletonn

2020-03-08 21:53

Sue has not only survived many years of mental Ill health, which contributed to her dependency on alcohol, she is now supporting others with their struggles. She is able to inspire through her speaking at local, national & international events and equally in her one to one support. It takes a very special person to make this transition.

Fran whitham

2020-03-08 22:14

Sue is an inspiration to everyone she meets Because of what she has been through she understands completely where you are coming from I can be having the worst day ever I click onto sues page and there will be a post that will be just what I need that day or a live video that will lift me up . Sue is a lovely funny lady and is totally amazing . She posts things the

Olivia cressey

2020-03-09 15:24

She’s a beautiful hearted woman who has shared her heart wrenching story and inspired everyone she has ever met, she is my role model

Elaine Mitchell

2020-03-09 15:26

Sue is a mental wellbeing strategist and has a system that looks at the person in an holistic manner with empathy, compassion and common sense.

Tabitha Pascoe

2020-03-09 15:37

Sue is committed and passionate about her work and has incredible results with lots of people and I’d love to see her recognised for her contributions

Nicole Telfer

2020-03-09 15:39

Sue is passionate , authentic and transformational. Her commitment to support others to live their best lives can be seen in all that she does.

Janet law

2020-03-09 16:00

No one deserves this award more that sue, having fought for many years with her own health issues as well as her mental health , this lady has shown true grit and determination to over come, what in my opinion must be one of the most difficult roads to walk , so for sue to be out there sharing her journey, her difficulties, helping others in a world, thanks to people like sue is no longer the tabu subject it once was ..... good luck sue , you deserve the very best in life ...

Jon Covey

2020-03-09 16:18

Sue is a true champion and inspiration, I wish you the best of luck Sue. You're an incredible human. Much love

Linda Anne Archer

2020-03-09 18:59

Sue is on a mission to help women all over the world. She has so much to give and she gives it. Her energy is amazing and the way she brings people together is the key to who she is. Her connectiveness with everyone on every level. She is one in a million.

Gillian Opie

2020-03-09 19:06

No one could be more deserving than Sue, she is so wise. She gives so much of herself. She is loved so much.

Danielle ely

2020-03-09 19:24

I believe sue inspires everyone she encounters to be the best version of themselves. Her strength and passion that she emplifies in everyday life truly make her an inspirational role model and well deserving of this award.

Nadia Dubiel

2020-03-09 21:41

Sue is a wonderful and compassionate expert. She's the most wonderful and happy person and always put smile on my face. If everyone will become like Sue we will finally have long wanted peace in the world. Her compassion and empathy makes all the difference in many people's lives.

Jayne Hardy

2020-03-10 07:15

What can I say about this lady that others before me haven't already said? Sue is truly inspirational with motivation, patience, fairness and energy in abundance.

Diane Barnett

2020-03-10 09:50

Sue💜 Inspirational and inspiring lady She’s over come so much in her life and now she’s there to help other people, a very caring & passionate lady

Lisa King

2020-03-10 18:28

Sue is an inspiration to me and her commitment to helping others is fantastic

Carlston Medford

2020-03-10 21:20

Brilliant at what she does.

Jeff Craig

2020-03-10 21:31

Thanks to Sue I have learned to overcome many of lifes challenges. Her entrepreneurial approach to her work resonates with me keeping it real...mixing it up. Go Sue...!

Jeni Ferguson

2020-03-11 06:59

Sue has faced her fears and broken through them, such an inspiring woman who is now using her experience to empower children’s adults to believe in themselves, realise they have a choice and that anything is achievable.

Kul Mahay

2020-03-11 07:17

Sue is an incredible woman who deserves recognition. She has used her painful past to breathe life in to others. Her simple, friendly style of connecting builds powerful rapport with others very quickly and get commitment to the betterment of others is second to none. She deserves this award for sure.

Simon Adams

2020-03-11 20:03

Sue, Works very hard to spread the message about mental health & how we can all look after our mental health. She is very passionate about mental health & well being.

Chris Holt

2020-03-11 22:23

Sue's success is about life, not about making money. She uses the lessons she's learned to empower other to be successful. She's done the hard work, both personally and professionally and shares her skills with others so that they don't have the same hard knocks. Living up to her Fearless brand every day!

Michelle Mras

2020-03-12 03:14

Sue is a walking example of health and wellness at it's core. She dragged herself through many dark years of her life to the point of destroying herself through her self-inflicted abuse. Sue pulled herself out of this state... she made a choice. She is proof that it is never too late to make a choice to create a mental shift, make a choice to live with a healthier body and mind. She is an inspiration.

Thomas Hall

2020-03-12 11:55

Sue is representing a true cause that directly (and in-directly) affects a large amount of people around us, and people all over the world. I find this very inspirational. Also, knowing Sue on a personal level, I know first hand and have an insight to the kind and helpful person she really is. She has tackled problems within our own family and those of many other people. This is why she has my vote!

Faye heap

2020-03-12 23:27

Sue has shown pure strength in overcoming her battles daily and is a true inspiration. She not only does this for herself she does this for many others too, her constant work for others is outstanding. I know this because she has helped me on many occassions with my mental health and some of these times of help are without Sue even knowing she has done so with her regular video uploads of encouragement and honesty. Her care and understanding for others regardless of if she knows them are not are second to none. Sue is also very impressive with the way she can easily explain stuff to do with mental health and well being which is very often complex and hard to describe. Sue should win this award as a little recognition for her constant hard work and determination. I speak for me and many others when I say Thank You Sue. You are amazing.

Valerie Muzelenga

2020-03-14 14:32

Her work helps to change lives she is helping community to break stigmas and stereo type mental health clients.

Dillon Dhanecha

2020-03-16 05:33

It’s rare to meet someone who has lived to survive the peaks, troffs and corkscrews of life’s health and wellness rollercoaster. Sue is one of those rare individuals. The first hand experience she brings to her client work, paired with a heart-led intention to serve others and a true sense of what it means to “lead by inspiration” make Sue the ideal coach; and in so being, an ideal candidate for this award.

Sally Arbouin

2020-03-17 21:43

Sue is one of the most genuine and caring of people who is passionate about her work and the people she works with. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and deeply emotional personal life experiences Sue has an innate understanding of the complexities of mental health and emotional wellbeing. She is dedicated in supporting others through their own life challenges, mental health issues and personal battles to become the best and happiest version of themselves, to reach their true potential and to believe in their own true worth. Sue is an open book, generous with her time and a true inspiration to others.


2020-03-17 23:49

You ca always access Sue's enthusiasm, either in person or on your chosen social media platform. She's energy personified. She's someone who you aspire to be and love all in one.

Favour Onabanjo

2020-03-18 08:05

Sue is selfless. She is always eager to listen anf offer help in many ways.

Ben Totty

2020-03-26 17:07

I wish you every success with this... you’re so deserving of these accolades and I look forward to seeing the outcome. With so much love and respect to you.