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Gordon Currie

2020-03-09 08:58

Enthusiastic promoter of opportunities for all young people of all ethnic backgrounds to experience the media and culture of our diverse country and contribute directly or indirectly to the successful creation of an attractive and prosperous environment.

Yvonne. Wang

2020-03-10 16:58

Rachel is very enterprising, imaginative, hardworking, innovative, force Right, an Artist, caring a people person she has created this enterprise to help others and of course herself, and to be proud of young people.

barbara currie

2020-03-11 14:58

she is hard working, caring, very intelligent and very kind and considerate

Amenze Igbinedion

2020-04-17 14:21

Rachael is dedicated to her craft and gift . Authentic in nature , dedicated and committed in all that she does . A true woman of character who goes over and beyond.

Veronica Holly

2020-04-17 17:01

Rachel is a hard working and caring role model, an inspiration to other females particularly the younger generation.

Sa'adiyyah Mantu

2020-04-17 23:57

Rachel embodies the true essence of culture, development and progress for all, through her innovative and avant garde endeavours. To see things through her lens offers a unique and refreshing perspective that many would be fortunate to observe. Her dedication and vigor encourages hope and progress for all. By her shattering of glass ceilings she inspires and reminds us we can all do more.

Ivie Igbinedion

2020-04-18 10:50

Rachel is dedicated and passionate. The work she has done and the topics she covers is truly inspirational.

H.E Lady Cherry Igbinedion

2020-04-19 10:32

I nominate Rachael Wang she is : 1.A brilliant academision, creative, humane trailblazer of her generation 2. Graduate in Law Theology and History of Arts . She found her true calling in the arts when she established the Chocolate Film Company in 2002. 3. She blazed the trail with her superlative skills in the production of her documentary " 1000 Londoners " Play writes and teaching young people production. 4. She is an employer of labour. 5. A recipient of the Freeman of the City of London , Trustee of the Portrait gallery, Honourary Dr of Law from Middlesex University , Honourary Dr of Law from the University of Law. She is an exemplifier par excellence.