Bindu Babu

Founder & CEO


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2020-03-08 14:22

She is a dedicated and passionate women to help heal society

James Fallon

2020-03-08 15:34

She is a great person!!!

Henry Chen

2020-03-08 16:01

One of the greatest women on the planet, she is caring, loving, and fascinating in everything she does.

Pragya Balan

2020-03-08 23:40

Bindu has lead by example in empowering her frie ds and family to strive for their goals and aelf betterment. She continued to instill positivity, clarity, and bravery in women who seek her support, be it as a friend, a mother, daughter or doctor. Bindu is pure love.


2020-03-08 23:43

Dr. Babu is the most caring, kind, and brilliant practitioner. Anyone blessed to be her client or friend is in for an amazing treat!!! :-)


2020-03-09 00:04

she’s a hardworking women who is very passionate about impacting society


2020-03-09 00:05

She has done and continues to do work to help and empower others.

Rashmey Pun

2020-03-09 01:06

Dr Bindi has been an inspiration to so many for the good work she has been doing. She is confident, empowered and a brilliant personality. I wish her success.

Zuleima Ruge

2020-03-09 02:20

It is evident, throughout her work and dedication that she puts forth in society that she truly deserves to win. She inspires and gives us hope to continue to move forward in our life no matter what has occurred.

Waithera Kirugo

2020-03-09 02:58

Dr. Bindu Babu is remarkable, dedicated and faithful in what she does. She holds and supports everyone around her and is always making a difference.

Natalie Wambui

2020-03-09 03:06

Am only 12 but i have known Dr. Bindu is a rare gem. Always going beyond the call of duty to make sure that everyone whom she encounters feels special. She is the best in her field. She is more than deserving. She is also motherly, very loving and caring.

Archana shary

2020-03-09 03:32

She is good .

Vidyadhara D J

2020-03-09 03:42

She inspires many by her endeavors and she is also committed to help other women realize their potential.

Jo Standing

2020-03-09 03:51

Dr. Bindu is poised and powerful. She has an inner tigress that is quiet yet magnificent at getting her point across. She influences in her writing and speaking and definitely deserves the award.

Tammy Osherov

2020-03-09 05:11

Dr. Babu is a remarkable woman that is compassionate and intelligent. She brings inner healing with words of wisdom and guidance.


2020-03-09 05:47

Shes a beautiful person and a kind soul


2020-03-09 06:28

For her dedication and hard work. A roll model to new generation.

Dr Jagbir Nagra, Mrs Veri Nagra

2020-03-09 08:15

Have known Bindu Babu since 1995 when she joined Medical School in Nepal where I was the Dean and my wife was the Students relationship officer. We have kept in touch with Bindu through the years, occasionally meeting up in New York. We know of how she matured into her profession while looking after her young children. Hard work, committment, passion about your dreams and goals are the key elements of an achiever and leader. Dr Bindu Babu has them all.


2020-03-09 09:16

Bindu is a power woman: strong to overcome what’s happened in her life and making it her mission to help other women cope! She is professional, a great Mom and supporter of all women’s issues!


2020-03-09 10:00

I’ve known Dr Babu for many years, she is the most loving and caring person I have known. Well deserved nomination!

Ashvini Persaud

2020-03-09 11:02

Dr. Bindu is transparent and a leader in so many categories and areas of change. She is an advocate for health and wellness and truly cares about the progress she makes in the community

Stevan Lynn

2020-03-09 12:12

Doctor Babu is a pioneer in addressing this critical issue, showing great courage in taking on both the perpetrators and providing counsel to the victims. Her message is needed and welcomed in the Global Responsible Fatherhood movement!


2020-03-09 13:51

She is is a hard worker and really cares about here clients. She is a really nice person to be around.

Ismail Hoosen

2020-03-09 13:52

Dr Bindu Babu is an excellent person with a lovely personality and has the heart to help anyone


2020-03-09 14:03

She has helped me through some tough times and very sincere and kind individual

Nisar Shoddo

2020-03-09 14:12

She is a great human , well manner , kind enough to help others , which She is doing alway. God Bless Her.

Marina Osoba

2020-03-09 14:14

Bindu is an inspirational leader, passionate about doing the right thing all the time, leading with integrity and changing lives with grace and authenticity. She has always been consistent and selfless. I reccommend her highly. She deserves this award.

Luke Malachi

2020-03-09 14:33

Bindu is excellent at understanding the needs of people and cultivating them regardless of their environments, upbringing and experiences. She is not compartmentalized by a niche, as everyone's needs are different, thus requiring someone of her level of discernment to help others take control of their lives.

Ashish Patel

2020-03-09 15:56

In one word it’s sacrifice. Bindu’s drive to support others and make a lasting impact comes with the cost of personal sacrifice. Time is a commodity that is limited. Bindu’s has dedicated a lot of time in support at the expense of her personal life. Sure we all know of her accomplishments and contributions. Thank you Bindu.

Nabaraj KC

2020-03-09 16:11

Dr Bindu is a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated humanitarian and very well known community leader locally, nationally and internationally.


2020-03-09 18:56

She is an inspiration and a person with true intentions. No need more to say .

Meghana Shah

2020-03-09 21:19

she is the best!! She is dedicated to helping women and in all just an amazing human being.

Vanadie Rodriguez

2020-03-09 23:30

I don’t know where to begin! If I had to pick one word to describe this woman it would be “PHENOMENAL”. She has helped me get past my hurt, my confusions, & got me to the path of my own personal growth. No matter how many months past by after our last session she always remembers the last things we spoke upon. She has hundreds of clients & for her to even remember the smallest of things make me feel like I really matter. Sometimes that all we need, to save a life, to mend a soul, to fill a cup half empty & make it feel full. She has made such an impact on my life, she is someone I will never forget!


2020-03-10 00:08

An amazing and loving mother. My mom does so much for me and means the world to me.


2020-03-10 00:09

An amazing and loving women.


2020-03-10 00:10

Her works have impacted the society and she is dedicated to makes the world a better place


2020-03-10 00:11

Passionate and great person


2020-03-10 00:12

Great human being who worked hard to get where she is today


2020-03-10 00:12

Nice and very Caring person


2020-03-10 00:14

Hardworking and dedicated human being

Divya singh

2020-03-10 06:54

She an superb life coach.

Vineesh samrat

2020-03-10 07:09

Her knowledge about our prevailing social and economical awareness,attittude towards the human beings etc.

Hon. Ibrahim Baidoo

2020-03-10 08:12

She's very outstanding personality, she's forward looking and demonstrate transformational leadership.

Pallavi Srivastava

2020-03-10 12:01

She is understanding and very knowledgeable.


2020-03-11 01:26

Hardworking and passionate


2020-03-11 04:55

Good Personality. Hard Working Mind

Akash Baby

2020-03-11 04:56

Good person

Benny mathew

2020-03-11 04:59

She is very capable ambitious and planned for sussess and implementation ensure d thereby success too

Dr Amit Shrestha

2020-03-11 04:59

The most charismatic and diligent friend I ve known

Babu PR

2020-03-11 05:04

she is the correct person nominated for this award becouse she alwayswork for all the world

Cornell Chapman

2020-03-11 05:12

Dr. Babu is a humble, dedicated and a focused person in her field of expertise. She epitomises being a woman and should be considered, as an apt, recipient of this prestigious award. If there's a name that deserves to be embossed on the trophy, it's indeed Dr. Babu! Good luck to my friend!


2020-03-11 05:14


Dr Keshav Agrawal

2020-03-11 05:15

Nothing needs to be said about her. All her achievement has already been stated above. A true inspiration for the coming generations.

Sureshbabu haripad

2020-03-11 05:19

Dr. Bindhubabu

Shanaz Hussain

2020-03-11 05:21

She is very helpful and does alit for her community.

Sudhir Khanal

2020-03-11 05:23

In the current context in this stressful world Bindu has sphere headed the process to help people heal their stress and has shown path to many to relieve stress and help the world be a better place.

Jayaprakash nair

2020-03-11 05:39

One of the greatest women on the planet.she is caring ,loving ,and fascinating in everything she does.

Ealias PS

2020-03-11 05:41

Excellent work.

Virendrasinh Rathod

2020-03-11 05:42

Because more progress in future

Maysar Sarieddine

2020-03-11 06:08

Outstanding woman!

Nithin .K. Perumbada

2020-03-11 07:17

She is hard working and great person

Dr Nirjala

2020-03-11 07:17

She is the right candidate for it as she has done a lot to help the woman of the society


2020-03-11 07:18

She is awesome at what she does and an incredible asset to the community

Fathima Gangat

2020-03-11 07:32

Dr Bindu Babu embodies all that is good and positive in this world.


2020-03-11 07:39

She's doing a wonderful job


2020-03-11 07:40

She is the definition of Passion 👏


2020-03-11 07:41

Very professional and kind.


2020-03-11 07:42

She's passionate about what she's does in life!

Cynthia Obinwanne

2020-03-11 07:46

Dr. Bindu is a true leader and humanitarian with a heart of gold, an expert in the field of narcissism & narcissistic toxic relationships.


2020-03-11 07:46

Bindu is excellent at what she's doing.

Prabin Adhikari

2020-03-11 07:57

She is a wonderful women and fantastic speaker


2020-03-11 09:17

She is a true inspiration to all the women who can face their challenges with enthusiasm and reach their goals. She is passionate about bringing a positive change.

Dr Bishnu Babu thapa

2020-03-11 09:21

She is talent ,active and had many presentation around the world.

Jeffrey Borja

2020-03-11 11:42

Mrs. Dr. Bindu Babu is an amazing woman both as a professional, Mom, and friend. She embodies courage, strength, hope and change. A true trailblazer.


2020-03-11 12:20

She is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met. She actually changes lives.

Mohamed elshendidi

2020-03-11 12:28

Shes a great inspiration and a powerful example . Make a person feel great and provide great examples and make men and women feel more hopeful yes

Annapoornna venugopal

2020-03-11 12:49

She is Humane...

Ross Thomas

2020-03-11 13:07

Dr. Bindu Babu is a dedicated, hardworking and caring individual. Her dedication and care to her clients, as well as, the leadership roles she has within her community and organizations cannot be overlooked. She is an ideal role model for young women to follow!

Sohail Rana

2020-03-11 13:33

She is an outstanding human being and an awesome coach.

Regina Huber

2020-03-11 13:35

Bindu is a heart-centered, driven entrepreneur and practitioner who is following an important mission. She is known as an excellent professional and a beautiful human being.

Dianne Murphy - Cancro

2020-03-11 13:41

Bindu is a hard working women who is dedicated to her clients, friends & family. She has a tremendous gift to heal & comfort. She goes well above and beyond what is expected of her.


2020-03-11 13:48

very insightful and helpful


2020-03-11 13:50

dedicated to making a positive change in everyone

Dianne Madray

2020-03-11 14:10

She displays the ability to embrace everyone which is reflected beyond her work. She is the candidate for 2020.


2020-03-11 15:02

Bindu is passionate in everything that she does, and is an inspiration to many.


2020-03-11 15:02

Bindu is passionate in everything that she does, and is an inspiration to many.

Janet Alden-Rahi

2020-03-11 15:05

Dr. Bindu Babu is an amazing human being. She is 'best in class' at her craft and I've seen her work truly transform people's lives, including mine. If I could bottle her magical presence, I would. Dr. Babu is a phenomenal doctor, loving mother, and wise & caring friend. I am very grateful to have her in my life.

Dr H

2020-03-11 15:10

She is passionate about her job and loves every moment of it.


2020-03-11 15:12

One of the best women in the world,so caring and loving.


2020-03-11 15:13

Most caring woman!

Harkirat Singh Ahluwalia

2020-03-11 16:34

Community power she deserve it


2020-03-11 17:04

Her zeal to give back to the community and by being an example to be an empowered women for others !

Shazia chatha

2020-03-11 17:39

She is a loving, caring and the most passionate person I have met.

Elizabeth Ziro

2020-03-11 18:07

She is a Leader and has a passion for the community

Vinod Karavally

2020-03-11 19:16

She is incredible at what she does and she profoundly impacts the individuals that come to her for help and guidance.


2020-03-11 19:19

She is truly beautiful inside and out. Proud of you Bindu!!

Jai T

2020-03-11 22:41

Dr Bindu is an amazing,caring and skilled practitioner, who has opened my eyes to certain behaviors that I didn't recognize. I am thankful for her efforts.

Hope Wilson

2020-03-12 01:58

I admire her commitment to supporting leadership development of women around the world.


2020-03-12 04:49

She is the most dedicated devoted inspiration for many woman globally. Bindu is an advocate and healer that can change many lives and continues on a daily basis. No one would be a better nominee.


2020-03-12 05:22

An amazing and loving women

Sujata Pudasaini

2020-03-12 07:39

She is awesome. She cares for others which makes her a perfect human being. She is a true healer, dedicated doctor, a good friend for her patients and above all, a very good human being with pure heart. We love u Bindu. Keep rocking and keep making us proud.

Dr.Pooja Priyadarshini

2020-03-12 11:00

She puts her heart and soul into whatever she takes into her hands.

Mathew M K

2020-03-12 11:28

Bindu's empathy and compassion, and her desire to make things better whenever and wherever she can, is just one of the many reasons...!


2020-03-12 14:18

Dr. Bindu will definitely make a difference to this world with her capabilities, efficiency and hard work. I wish her luck in all her endeavours.


2020-03-12 14:58

Dr Bindu is one of the most inspiring and remarkable people I have ever met. She is so deserving of this award. Dr Bindu is a beautiful person who is committed to help people heal.

Hensan Khadka

2020-03-12 15:15

She is doing fabulous job. She is inspirational for youngsters.

Samina Afzal

2020-03-12 20:39

I’m very proud of her accomplishments. She is full of passion and always leaves a positive impact. Her professionalism is absolutely outstanding.

Manny Yosipov

2020-03-12 22:19

She is the epitome of respectable and compassionate. Qualities any leader would be lucky to exhibit. She is the epitome of respectable and compassionate. Qualities any leader would be lucky to exhibit. Not only a doctor, but a mother to 4 beautiful and well-adjusted children. A leader and true force of beauty and grace.

prakash thapaliya

2020-03-13 03:01

she is the best motivational friend I know.

Dr Raj Kumar Karki

2020-03-13 04:39

She is dynamic.


2020-03-13 04:41

She is a compassionate and encouraging person. She helps women recognize the variety of struggle and stress and motivate and encourage them to deal with it.

Pauline Chiripanyanga

2020-03-13 05:26

Dr Bindu is an inspiration, in the health sector as she has impacted positively the lives of people in general but more those in toxic relationships. She is a supporter of wellness programs in a unique way.

Noushad ns

2020-03-13 19:13

She is a great persion shes dedicetiod passionate women to help heal sosiety

Sibi Varghese

2020-03-13 19:31

Dr Bindu is extremely gifted and dedicated ; moreover she always remains along with tons of human qualities.She is simply powerful and compassionate when it comes to sorting out everyone's stressful scenario.

Krishna Badal

2020-03-14 02:02

She is dedicated and helpful lady who wants to make significant contribution to the society!


2020-03-14 06:14

Her commitment to the work of developing women globally is commendable

Ruth Sinkeler

2020-03-14 15:11

Bindu inspires the world in her own unique way with out of the box methods. She radiants positive energy and that is what the world needs right now

Srikanth Veluri

2020-03-16 18:33

Dr Bindu is passionate about her work for the society and she deserves it


2020-03-17 23:45

she is a spectacular personality. she is a role model for the women and the world at large.

Dhanya Manu

2020-03-18 14:35

Dr. Bindu Babu is a hard working, dedicated professional and mom! A wonderful human being all around. She deserves the award for her determination to go forward and not faltering after the curve balls life has thrown her. She motivates so many without a voice to finally speak up!

Diana Lillo

2020-03-18 14:58

Bindu is the most compassionate and insightful wellness professional I have ever met. Her coaching is invaluable and will resonate infinitely.

Wendy fergison

2020-03-18 15:32

She is a amazing person , her kindness compassion , she makes a difference in society , she is a bright light in many lives


2020-03-19 02:15

Very talented brilliant person dr.bindubabu madam

Faizah Ali

2020-03-19 12:11

Dr. Bindu is knowledgeable in her field. She is compassionate & passionate with everything she does especially with her clients.

Raunak Mishra

2020-03-19 12:24

Dr. Bindu is a great personality, kind, dedicated and passionate woman to help heal society.


2020-03-19 12:26

A caring and helpful person!

Mastan Shaik

2020-03-19 12:40

Good job

Vineet Mani

2020-03-19 12:42

Bindu is a humanitarian who is incessantly achieving milestones for the betterment of the society. She wears several hats and has myriad accolades to her credit, but her passion to serve stays intact. She deserves this Award every bit.

Donohue Elliott

2020-03-19 12:48

Dr. Babu definitely deserves this award because she possesses an extraordinary gift to change people’s lives. Most importantly, Dr. Babu empowers one’s self worth during her dealings.

Miki Tung

2020-03-19 12:58

She has a way to wrap you up in warmth and love and guides you gently towards the light. She is an amazing human with a beautiful soul that cares for everyone. I can’t think of anybody else more deserving of this award than her.

Mohan Sukumaran

2020-03-19 13:07

Dr. Bindu , is a doctor by profession but she takes that extra step to solve others problem and gives a solution to their problems. She doesn't treat her patients has customers . She is very dynamic , confident and she is very good mentor..


2020-03-19 13:09

Transformational life coach, Dr Bindu is a value adder to the wellness of life


2020-03-19 13:11


Muhammad Siddiq

2020-03-19 13:14

His work is excellent


2020-03-19 13:17

Congrats bindu

JV Prakash reddy

2020-03-19 13:17

Dr Bindu is very loving and caring person

Joe Yussuff

2020-03-19 13:38

I have known Dr. Bindu Babu both on a professional and a personal level. I can honestly say when I was first introduced to her at a fundraising event she impressed me with her enthusiasm and grace in describing what she did in her professional life. Her commitment and care for people she work with professional was admirable. Her sincerity to the cause of helping others going through or have been through difficult times was and is genuine and is the true example of what I term “Professional Excellence In Providing To Persons In Need”. Beyond her clinical skills she is has superb organizational skills of a true leader. Dr. Babu has my unconditional support and vote at all times. I am honored To have this privileged to give a review for this outstanding professional.

Krishna Shukla

2020-03-19 13:46

She is dedicated and helpful in nature . She is the live example of women empowerment.


2020-03-19 13:49

Dr. Bindu will definitely make a difference to this world with her capabilities, efficiency and hard work. I wish her lots of luck in all her endeavours.


2020-03-19 13:49

Warm and kindhearted

Ali Akbar

2020-03-19 14:01

She is a great personality, she always works for women empowerment, rights and progress.

Peter Ayim

2020-03-19 14:06

Sacrifice for humanity

Jafar Shah

2020-03-19 14:08

She is a role model who has proved that women can be good leaders in any profession. She has got feelings for love and services to the human being.

Assem moussa

2020-03-19 14:23

she is the Best and she is doing a lot of Great work.


2020-03-19 14:25

a great lady with humane heart She is real karm yogi


2020-03-19 14:27

a great lady with humane heart She is real karm yogi

Anil H. Vaidya

2020-03-19 14:29

Bindu is a passionate community leader dedicated to humanitarian causes, inspiring, guiding, and empowering others to trek a similar path for the betterment of society.

Parthiban Rajendran

2020-03-19 14:54

She uses quantum methodologies of healing with her clients to overcome personal obstacles & difficulties that can be life debilitating. Dr. Babu is a renowned expert in the field of narcissism & narcissistic toxic relationships.

Gary Vaught

2020-03-19 15:10

She is professional, dedicated and passionate about the work that she does.

Ibrahim Muazzam shehu

2020-03-19 15:18

Base on her track record of competence , professionalism and team work as a seasoned academician with a title of Doctoral degree qualifies her to emerge as the overall winner. She is friends and business oriented with expertise required to serve humanity. The award will be another call to do more to society .

Francisco Saldana

2020-03-19 16:04

Dr Badu is an empowering figure and a tremendous role model to aspire to. She has committed her career to helping people overcome obstacles and to achieve their full potential as human beings.

Andrew Ramjohn

2020-03-19 16:07

Dr. Bindu Babu is a loving, caring, passionate and humble soul who is passionate about humanity! She is an exceptional orator and gets the facts accross to all ears with the smoothest ease! She is esteemed, respected and celebrated!

Samuel Oniyide

2020-03-19 16:21

As per the category and as much as i know her for business, she worths it

Richard David

2020-03-19 18:41

She’s an inspiration locally and does a tremendous amount of community service.

Naga deep

2020-03-19 20:20

She is a dedicated and passionate women to help heal society

Norris Wise

2020-03-19 22:01

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Bindu Babu at several conferences in Southern California and New York. She was a part of the Organization Committee as well as presented on the topic: Narcissism and Toxic Relationships. Clearly a leader—but, moreover, she is intelligent, kind, and passionate. Her work is self-evident as she addresses salient topics to promote global change and hope. Simply put, I think Dr. Babu is exceptional and has my highest recommendation for the WinTrade Global Week Award. A true inspiration!

Horace E. Walcott

2020-03-20 02:11

The health sciences paradigm has been shifting to one in which genomics, mind sciences, and quantum biophysics are becoming vital for personalized health. The approach with the germ-model needs to be replaced with one in which human health is an essential part of the health of the total eco-systems. Dr. Babu practice such an approach as a life coach.

Sohail Rana

2020-03-20 02:23

I know Dr. Bindu Babu for more than 8 months. Her passion for helping people, specially women is unmatchable.

Pauline Juma

2020-03-20 08:40

She is an adorable soul who mentors and cares about everyone around her

Vipul Patel

2020-03-20 21:37



2020-03-21 01:13

She is so excellent .,hardworking dedicated

Susie Staton

2020-03-21 09:17

Dr Bindu Babu is one of the Circle of Wise Women in our Female Wave of Change organisation along with the other many and varied roles she undertakes to spread the love in the world. She's an advocate and example of the change we want to see in the world.

Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

2020-03-21 12:27

I support Bindu as she is an outstanding personality, a versatile speaker and demonstrates good transformational leadership. I am fortunate to know her as a trainer & Ambassador for Female wave of Change! All the best sister 🎯

Dr. Ameena Ali

2020-03-21 20:00

Bindu has a charm and charisma that makes the effort of being a woman look easy! Stricken with trials as we all are, she makes the day-ro-day just look... beautiful!

Aberefa Anthony Adedeji

2020-03-22 00:00

She is one of the most remarkable Global Goodwill Ambassadors globally She simply deserves it

Ghida Anani

2020-03-22 03:16

she’s a hardworking dedicated women who is very passionate about impacting society And lead by example!

Clinta Puthussery Varghese

2020-03-22 23:32

She is a great inspiration, energy and enthusiasm for younger immigrant women. Her vibrant, down to earth personality inspires me to be the best I can be and continually work hard to be my own person.


2020-04-02 19:12

She is a gifted person for humans..God bless uuu


2020-09-16 11:22

She is a person of wonderful resilience and her personality is magnetic.

Magdalena Seguí Cerdà

2020-09-16 11:23

She is doing a very good job improving true wellness and healing.


2020-09-16 11:29

Hardworking and dedicated human being.

Yogita Ridgley

2020-09-16 11:31

Dr Bindus passion and knowledge for health and wellbeing is refreshing and this world needs a inspiring woman to leader people in the healthy lifestyle


2020-09-16 11:48

The work that Bindu does has transformed many lives in unbelievable ways. People have moved from hopelessness to forging ahead to building meaningful happy lives. The world needs more of those lovers for life, and all that is humane and worthwhile.

Adriana Aviles

2020-09-16 11:57

An incredible female leader in a world where representation lacks for women. Her work is undoubtedly an an asset to the workplace.

Prof. Ona C. Miller

2020-09-16 11:57

She is a humanitarian and cares about the well being of all people. She is a committed, dedicated and consistent leader. She is hardworking and exudes excellence. She operates in integrity and has a stellar character.

Maria Salem

2020-09-16 12:09

She has the capacity to change people life only by talking to them.


2020-09-16 12:12

Dr.Bindu has very good knowledge in the field of Mental Health which is one of the most important factor of life. And she has been into Humanitarian activities and also genuine caring and sincere person. She definitely deserves this.

Mutiah Ipaye-Macaulay

2020-09-16 12:25

She is resilient, hardworking, knowledgeable, a leader and very passionate.


2020-09-16 12:30

Dr. Bindu Babu is the epitome of a Health and Wellness “Guru”. She is compassionate, kind, and truly works with her patients to heal - not just treat symptoms.


2020-09-16 12:39

A brilliant, innovative woman who is doing marvelous work.

Greeshma Rajan

2020-09-16 12:45

She is an amazing woman who has worked so hard at her craft and has helped countless people throughout her life.

Shyam Karki

2020-09-16 12:50

Dr. Bindu Babu is the most popular woman, and brilliant practitioner. She is a dedicated and passionate women to help heal society.

Deborah Williams- Berman

2020-09-16 12:53

She studies teaches and lives wellness.

Rokeya Akhter

2020-09-16 13:02

She is passionate about her job, her patient and she is well educated, well experience


2020-09-16 13:02

Yes, passionate about what she presents and energetic.

Dr. Faith Brown

2020-09-16 13:02

Dr. Babu has overcome her own challenges to bring life to others. Her lived experience informs her effectiveness to teach, train, heal, & inspire others to live the best version of themselves!


2020-09-16 13:25

Why does Dr. Bindu BabuI impresses and inspires through her knowledge, her global humanitarian effort, and her authenticity. She is a well deserved recipient for this award.

Samina Afzal

2020-09-16 13:47

Bindu is an inspiration and a hard worker. She is very dedicated and passionate to bring a positive change in the world.

Craig Geist

2020-09-16 13:51

Passionate in what she does

Shari Lando

2020-09-16 14:08

She is a wonderful and empowering woman, who deserves all of the accolades possible.

Mathew Francis

2020-09-16 14:28


Jeany Persaud

2020-09-16 14:37

She demonstrate professionalism, kindness, she is an amazing person I love her because she's all about Humanity and she deserves this award.

Javed Rahi

2020-09-16 14:42

Bindu Babu is very passionate about whatever she does for her family, friends and clients. She has changed many people's lives, empowering them with her positive energy and advice. She is gifted with extraordinary ability to find your positive energy.


2020-09-16 15:04

Such a hard worker. Great mom. Truly an inspiration to all women.

Elizabeth Paduman

2020-09-16 16:08

She is a great doctor, counselor and she inspired people to live better lives. Very motivational writer also.


2020-09-16 16:19

she deserves


2020-09-16 17:12

One of the powerful motivative lady from kerala, India

Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich

2020-09-16 17:29

She's an accomplished personality and has been contributing to the social causes immensely. She actually an inspiration for many and I believe her work nerds to be rewarded appropriately. Best wishes Dr Bindu.


2020-09-16 18:44

Determined and steadfast in her passion to help others lead a healed and resilient life, Dr.Babu leads by example and that has made all the difference in her approach and methods.

Mariam Hameed

2020-09-16 19:00

Dr Bindu Babu is one of those rare people who can empathise and truly connect with her patients . She not only helps improve their lives, she takes time out of her busy schedule to inspire & improve her community. The world will be a better place with more wonderful, inspirational women like her.

Varoon Deo-Singh

2020-09-16 19:43

Dr. Bindu is insightful, motivational, and inspirational!


2020-09-16 19:53

I know Dr. Babu personally. She has been and continues to be recognized as a leader in her field.

Rozina Ahmef

2020-09-16 23:16

She is Amazing lady, As beautiful inside and outsid.

Dr. Carla Russo

2020-09-17 00:25

Dr. Babu is a phenomenal clinician — whose intentions are pure and precise — always placing the cares and concerns of her patients and clients in top priority.

Dilip Nath

2020-09-17 00:48

She is an well rounded person with high degree of energy and enthusiasm of this subject matter

Anne Logue

2020-09-17 01:19

A woman of passion and purpose who is dedicated to making transformation and positive change for the global community. Dr. Babu contributes so much to the dynamic of the holistic community with her training in multiple modalities, her teaching and speaking to educate and by combining her dedication to her community with her leadership and commitment to her own family of four children.

Celina Pina Shemo

2020-09-17 01:42

Dr. Babu is a women of immense knowledge, tenacity and compassion. She tirelessly and effortlessly gives of her gifts to inspire and motivate indivipduals into accessing their greater self. She is a women whose heart is open to everyone and a leader whose intentions are genuine

Dr. Sofie Nubani

2020-09-17 01:47

Dr. Bindu is such a respected authority in her field and contours to educate and coach in the field of health and wellness. Inspiring and transforming many peoples lives. Much deserved Nomination 💫

Mayur mody

2020-09-17 02:09

Bindu has lead by example in empowering her frie ds and family to strive for their goals and aelf betterment. She continued to instill positivity, clarity, and bravery in women who seek her support, be it as a friend, a mother, daughter or doctor. Bindu is pure love.


2020-09-17 02:57

Leads by example!


2020-09-17 03:13

She cares for the welfare of society..

Mirenda Shakya

2020-09-17 03:35

It has been wonderful to see her journey. Her hard work and commitment to helping her clients and community , her advocacy for health and wellness is very evident in the work she does. I wish her the very best in her journey ahead.

Shiny Burcu Unsal

2020-09-17 04:00

She is passionate, committed, motivated, caring, resiliant, powerful, influential, positive, intelligent, from the heart and real. She deserves all the awards. 💖

Sanu Raja amatya

2020-09-17 04:01

She is dynamic and intelligent

Harinder Jeet Singh

2020-09-17 05:01

Dr. Bindu has been a mentor to many people in India and has succeeded in motivating them and made them recognize the potential within to overcome the hurdles in their lives.

Anil Soman

2020-09-17 05:07

She is a hard working, multi tasking, no nonsense single mother of 4 who manages to raise above all odds and rub shoulders with the prominent and best in the business and political field. When she set her mind into getting something, I've seen her achieve it in whatever way it suits her! Besides, all of her unaccountable number of awards, recognition and's almost incomprehensible how she does it all. Whatever she goes into..she gets it done. So thats why I feel she is best fit for any position she applies for or any tasks she takes on. 1000%

Eva Arissani Nkoulou Ella

2020-09-17 07:38

She is extraordinary with a big heart and very committed

Abraham Paul Vatakencherry

2020-09-17 07:45

She has been outstanding in her given field . Very articulate and succinct in her presentation giving utmost clarity by giving vivid examples which always leaves the audience very much convinced . Thereby having a thorough mastery over her defined territory which is really admirable . An asset for anyone who uses her assistance .

Vikas Ryan

2020-09-17 09:42

Dr. Bindu Babu is remarkable, dedicated and faithful in social and economical awareness, attittude towards the human beings etc.

CC Moscati

2020-09-17 12:03

Dr. Babu is an inspiring leader, healer, and mother who is passionate about empowering others and having a positive impact on the world.


2020-09-17 13:09

She is a beautiful person inside and out. She always tries to make the world a better place

Imran Ahmad

2020-09-17 15:10

She is very dedicated very compassionate indeed. Shes someone who cares and understands the struggles of people; she wants them to know that they are not alone.

Alexander Nduati

2020-09-17 18:34

Bindu is a servant leader full of compassion. Her touch on lives cuts across race and gender. She has no boundaries for seeing another life changed. Love is her language.


2020-09-17 19:08

She is grate a wonderful woman so helpful to public A kind hearted role model. Good luck to her

Kathleen Stuck

2020-09-17 19:19

Bind is a loving caring person to all. With all her hardships now her caring ways to help others she does deserve this award.


2020-09-18 01:30

She is an amazing person with a big heart that always puts others first and wants to help.others heal and be their best selves

Dr. Shatdal Chaudhary

2020-09-18 02:21

Simply because she is the best.

OLGa perez

2020-09-18 05:43

She is a true role model helping others to become the best versions of themselves! She is an inspiration and a role model for others

Avinash Ghimire

2020-09-18 07:08

She has a solid medical foundation AND is a great communicator. She is able to use these great skills to help people solidify and then work to achieve their goals for better health.

Kiran Mehta

2020-09-18 10:54

She is knowledgeable and caring both.

Anas Dauda

2020-09-18 17:02

She my best woman passionate ambition of Helping Others

Asmau Benzies Leo

2020-09-19 16:45

She is an author, a women's right activist and a social entrepreneur per Excellence. She deserves to win this award.

Pamela Thompson

2020-09-19 18:43

She is inspiring, committed and dedicated to empowering women locally, nationally and internationally. Her Bio and her impacts say it all!

Deloris Ibe, MD/MHA

2020-09-20 04:52

She is an inspirational/motivational person.


2020-09-20 18:02

Powerful and inspirational professional.


2020-09-22 09:17

She iş very clever

Md Rakibul Haaan

2020-09-23 16:33

She is hard Worker & a Great person

Chikas Kumle

2020-09-23 20:27

She is an exceptional woman.Honouring her with this award will be well deserved.


2020-09-23 23:45

Dr Bindu Babu, You are the Celebrity.

Santhi Priya Goda

2020-09-25 05:47

Bindu is passionate with what she believes and capable to create an impact.


2020-09-26 11:05

She is beautiful and talent

Mbagwu Chukwuka

2020-09-26 20:16

He is a visionary leader per excellence. Very devoted to making pronounced impact to the society. Very dedicated and hard-working.

Adolf Fransina

2020-09-29 14:38

She is a great woman and she has been a very inspiration to us

Dianne Murphy-Cancro

2020-09-29 16:47

I've known Bindu since 3rd grade... she is a truly Phenomenal Woman, Mother, Daughter, Friend & Confidant. She is always there doing what she can to help whoever needs it. She goes above & beyond in all she does. She is marvelous and soo deserving of this award.

Tsitsi Florence Nauruma

2020-09-30 09:28

She's is a selfless leader with a genuine desire to connect with people and help them grow

Lumka Maneli

2020-09-30 13:40

She's passionate about empowering others. Inspire others with her dedication and a true advocate for holistic wellness.