Marcia Benewaa

Office Manager

Overseas Students House

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Akuffo addo

2020-03-08 13:21

She has done a lot for her society and company, these includes organizing educational programs, charity and show great leadership skills in her company. She therefore deserves this award.


2020-03-08 13:37

Marcia is a very diligent and hardworking individual. She has championed number of charity works on her own and has helped a lot of people. Her love for her work has seen many students go abroad through under her leadership in the office


2020-03-08 13:39

I would like to recommend my friend Marcia Benewaa for the Excellence category . i have known Marcia for 6 years now , and I can attest to her abilities as a person with excellence . She has a keen insight for color and shape, she's very detail oriented and she values the opportunity to collaborate with others. She has years of agency experience, and I know she's interested in finding a new home where she can really showcase her skills and grow with the company. She has a great sense of humor and is one of the most dedicated people I know. I'm confident she would be a great personality for the award.

Daniel Graf-Adjei

2020-03-08 13:41

She is a hard working woman. And an inspiration to the youth

David Opoku-Mensah

2020-03-08 13:41

Marcia is a blessing girl with knowledge, respect, friendly, humble and well educated. I love to work woth her always. Only her smile can change the sad mood of co-workers.

Comfort Kesewa

2020-03-08 14:35

She is simply hardworking and a lovely woman


2020-03-08 14:41

She's so amazing when it comes to the field of serving, mostly her community and country at large


2020-03-08 14:44

She is hardworking and dedicated to giving her best in whatever project handed over to her.

Patrick Gyamfi

2020-03-08 14:53

She’s very intelligent and hardworking

Henrietta Abokomah

2020-03-08 14:54

Marcia deserves this award because she is an inspiration to our generation, hardworking, a transformer, diligent, loving and always putting smiles on everyone's face. She is a positive thinker. She is an excellent worker. Her oral speaking skills is just super.


2020-03-08 14:59

She is committed to her work

Adarkwa Jnr Asare-Bediako

2020-03-08 15:02

Because I have had a personal encounter with her and I have attended a program organized by her. She’s very hard working and dedicated to everything she starts to do. I think her hard work has to pay her and for that and many other reasons, she deserves it.

Nana Yaw Owusu-Ansah

2020-03-08 15:02

I vote Marcia not because she's an excellent Office Manager but her philanthropic programs. Her sympathetic understanding of others is unparalleled. This and many other societal wellbeing programs qualifies her for awards. This should not be an exception. NY.

Mary Dufie Opoku

2020-03-08 15:04

She is very hardworking. I have worked with her before

Abigail Akuamoah

2020-03-08 15:06

Very hardworking and passionate. She deserves this award

Samuel Aidoo

2020-03-08 15:08

She very inspiring and hardworking. I cannot think of anyone who deserves this award more than Marcia Benewaa. She doesn't let the limitations stop her and I believe she's going to do even greater things in the future.

Eric Nyarko

2020-03-08 15:50

She has a great personality and she a hard worker. She has a great leadership skill as well...she really deserve this award

Kwadwo Yeboah

2020-03-08 16:16

Marcia has been my first entering the university of Cape coast. She is a task oriented gem and always wants things to be done now and hates procrastination. She is a lovely lady and has a great smile, she really deserve this award for her selfless attitude and enthusiasm towards work. This is evidenced through outreaches we have organised together.


2020-03-08 16:39

She is very devoted to her work and put in a lot of effort and dedication in what every she does.


2020-03-08 17:17

She has worked hard as a manager of her branch 😁


2020-03-08 17:20

She's competent

Ishmael Gyimah

2020-03-08 17:35

Marcia is a very cool, honest and passionate lady. She loves what she does.


2020-03-08 18:40

She is very much talented in every thing she does. She is creative. She is a leader. She is a motivator. And a very cheerful person.

Henry Aniagyei

2020-03-08 18:42

She’s very hard working and she’s dedicated


2020-03-08 18:47

She is a committed and diligent young graduate where her skills and knowledge is useful in achieving company goals. She is a fast leaner, a team player and can work under little supervision. She believe's in virtue, honesty, integrity and exemplary leadership.


2020-03-08 18:52

Great person

Mr Osei

2020-03-08 18:53

Very friendly

Nana yaa

2020-03-08 18:55

Very kind

Mathew Akidaug

2020-03-08 19:25

She is a hard working young lady trying to help people acquire their educational dreams abroad


2020-03-08 20:42

She is hardworking and dedicated.

Mark Frimpong

2020-03-08 20:50

She's got a positive attitude towards work

John Afriyie Opoku

2020-03-09 00:13

I've known this lady over a very long period and I must say, whatever she does, she puts in immense effort to ensure she achieves her aim and, most often than not, it redounds positively to society.

Adade Boakye

2020-03-09 00:53

Very serious about her Job

William Adu-Kyei

2020-03-09 01:22

Well, judging and inferring from her social life, i feel Marcia has been able and continue to manage herself very well despite the exposure she's gotten. I'm utmost certain that, Marcia manages her office just as she manages herself and as such anyone who observes Marcia's life keenly would recommend her for this Excellence award. In all, i will say if you want to know a good office manager, observe the life style of your candidates and at this point, Marcia Benewaa is the candidate with the afore-mentioned description.


2020-03-09 04:01

She's shown great adaptive and transformational leadership.Enterprising ,Hardworking and a smart social worker.

Setor Agubretu

2020-03-09 07:10

I think Marcia deserves the award because of the positive influence she impresses on people around her and her transformational leadership skills is just exceptional.

Ophelia Kwakye

2020-03-09 09:49

She works with high dedication in all field she finds herself.

Elsie Koranteng

2020-03-09 10:02

She is phenomenal, hardworking, purposeful and deserves every push to support her dreams.


2020-03-09 10:04

She’s an amazing young woman, very hardworking and principled above all she’s very passionate about whatever she does.

Eugenia Hammond

2020-03-09 10:48

Marcia is very intelligent ,very hardworking n eloquent She has a great sense of humor and is one of the most dedicated people .I'm confident she would be a great personality for the award.she is also an inspiration to the youth

Owusu yeboah ama

2020-03-09 14:25

Marcia z hardworking,smart and intelligent,I vote her because she is also a great inspiration to the youth


2020-03-09 14:35

She have been loyal and impact full

Elvis Sarpong

2020-03-09 14:52

She’s a great person, has a great personality. Very determined, effective and efficient.


2020-03-09 14:58

She deserves this award because of her good communication and her working skills proof alot about her. The society needs such person due to her sense of humour .

Emmanuel Acheampong

2020-03-09 15:35

She’s a superwoman with a lot of charisma.She deserves the award because she can help heal the world looking at the things she has been doing ...hey look ...“She is the one”.

Nicholas Lenin Anane Agyei

2020-03-09 15:45

She epitomises the saying that you are never too young to lead


2020-03-09 17:04

Marcia is one girl that reminds me of how best to translate one of the best Oprah Winfrey quotes “ turn your wounds into wisdom”. What she’s doing with the street kids and inspiring them to higher heights with such little resources is simply amazing. She deserves such recognition. She is also doing an amazing job with her company

Doron Antwi

2020-03-09 17:52

Awesome manager. She hardworking lady and very good in communication

Ernestina Boatemaa Effah

2020-03-09 19:21

We were in school together and I can boldly say that apart from her daily efforts to implement positive change. I admire her perseverance.


2020-03-09 19:22

Undoubtedly the best! Very optimistic!

Bright Afranie

2020-03-09 19:39

She’s a Beautiful intelligent lady who is poised on making a difference in this world.

Kwaku Gyimah

2020-03-09 20:13

She is a hardworking woman .She is always looking out for opportunities to impact her society.


2020-03-09 20:19

She’s a very hardworking and determined person

Yaa Asantewaa

2020-03-09 20:22

She is passionate about her job and organizes social programs for the needy and educating her peers


2020-03-09 20:59

She is talented and skillful

kwesi penyah

2020-03-09 21:03

she deserve it

Wahab Abdul Rahim

2020-03-09 21:39

She deserves the award of excellence because her leadership attitude towards work and other educative events are spectacular

Aicon Sarpong

2020-03-09 22:33

Her actions are a reflection of the courage and hard work.


2020-03-10 00:51

Hardworking and faithful to her words

Enock Owusu Afriyie

2020-03-10 02:36

Marcia Benewaa deserves an a ward because, she is a generous lady i have ever met in life. When she was at the University, she used to organized an educative programme with some great artists just to educative her fellow students on "BLEACHING" . Marcia Benewaa is a serious lady and very humble person. On every Valentine day, she goes to street by streets to share Chocolates to the needy just to put smile on their sad face. am proud of her.

Daniel Osei

2020-03-10 03:39

Marcia is a hardworking fellow with the skills in organising charitable programs and educational activities to support her society and her company. When given a chance to lead, this award will boost her morale and will encourage her to do more for the benefit of others.


2020-03-10 04:46

She is a hardworking young lady who have passion for impacting on society and championing educational programs. She deserve this award to do more.

Rachel Eyi-Mensah

2020-03-10 09:47

She is very determined, hard-working and smart.

Isaac Asare

2020-03-10 09:58

Marcia is respectful, ambitious, down to earth and hardworking.

Shamapat Adu Poku

2020-03-10 13:00

She has worked very hard and she deserves it

king Joeli

2020-03-10 13:07

She is very serious and committed to whatever she does and she always gets results

Eugene Prempeh

2020-03-10 14:04

She’s so Elian’s hard working


2020-03-10 14:40

Macia has a heart of gold, very loving young m Lady. Her love for others always shows, i think she will go a long way in changing the world in the near future

Kwabena Agyei

2020-03-10 15:00

She is hardworking .Marcia has done a lot for the society

Owusu Kwarteng Emmanuel

2020-03-10 15:15

Marcia is very confident and she believes in herself. I’ve known her since her childhood, nothing discourages her and she’s very focused in every project she has been involved. These leadership qualities of Marcia has helped her achieve the championing of “ SAY NO TO BLEACHING “ and the “CHOCOLATE GOT THE NEEDY” project. Marcia deserved this award

Opoku Baafi Emmanuel

2020-03-10 16:16

Marcia is very hardworking and courageous

Derrick Asamoah Tannor

2020-03-10 17:17

She is industrious, virtuous and builds good customer relationships.

Mavis Afriyie Appiagyei

2020-03-10 17:19

She deserves everything better in the world. She has been impactful to the society and a lot of people looks up to her.

Adu Busby Kofi

2020-03-10 17:40

Because she deserves it


2020-03-10 18:22

She is passionate about her job and very result oriented.


2020-03-10 18:34

Marcia is an ambitious, hardworking and diligent lady who more than deserves this award.


2020-03-10 19:16

She has done a lot of work for her society and company and she has show good leadership in her company so she deserves the award.

Ivy Konadu

2020-03-10 19:25

She is polite

Anumbia Jennifer

2020-03-10 21:27

She's a hardworking woman who respects everyone regardless of your status, she's humble, friendly and well educated too. Marcia is an inspiration to the upcoming youth.

Saki Sosi

2020-03-10 23:22

Marcia is an excellent manager. She is result oriented and committed to task. She has my highest recommendation.

Nana yaw

2020-03-10 23:54

She is hard working

Mavis Owusu

2020-03-11 02:42

I have known Marcia for more than three years she’s a very influential person and has a great leadership skills very hardworking person

Nhana Quarmie Saturdae

2020-03-11 05:05

Marcia Benewaa is a hard-working and a competent personality. She is also a good role model to the young ones.


2020-03-11 08:40

She's hardworking and committed...


2020-03-11 10:32

She’s the best there could ever be.

Afia English

2020-03-11 12:01

She is hardworking

Alvin Boakye

2020-03-11 12:12

Marcia is a hard working to everyone in her society she really takes her job seriously and she never disappoint when it comes to her job. She is much educative and show her great leadership skills. She has done much for her company, these include Caren for the needy, say no to bleaching and also work hard as a manger for her branch company, so she deserves all....


2020-03-11 16:25

Marcia is one wonderful person i will recommend for any body to work with. I have known her not too long ago but she really is such a wonderful person with a very good heart. She is dedicated to her work and tries to encourage even when you want to give up. Above all her dedication to work,she respects everyone that comes her way and you can also trust her for a good work to be done for you.


2020-03-11 21:55

She’s hardworking and forceful


2020-03-12 10:54

Helping the needy and the society is not an easy work As a young manger she’s improved life’s of some people and that’s a plus she can do more if we support her

Osei kwame Akoto

2020-03-12 10:58


Asamoah Kuffour

2020-03-12 10:58

She is hardworking, persistence and Outstanding personality


2020-03-12 11:19

Marcia is a hardworking lady and a great team player or leader. I've known her since childhood and I believe she has to top this category. She has a heart towards Service. Thanks


2020-03-12 11:22

Industrious and very visionary. Marcia is lady made to be at the frontline and she deserves every support and push


2020-03-13 10:15

Marcia, a humble and respectful noble lady who has gotten the highest recognition and better improvement towards the positive building of the nation Ghana. Henced, with this recommendations, i strongly believe the award goes yo her favour. All the best, MARCIA!!!

Henry Ofori

2020-03-13 12:14

I can attest to the fact that Marcia is the best Manager I have met so far, her leadership skills are beyond average, above all she is friendly and always want to make sure everyone is comfortable. She deserves this award for serving her company and society from 2015 till date.

Kwadwo Darko

2020-03-13 12:35

She is dynamic, innovative, dedicated, and hard working.


2020-03-13 12:36

Marcia is an industrious and disciplined woman who puts her best in all endeavours. She is eloquent and down to earth which makes her stand out in her work.

Kwadwo Ababio Darko

2020-03-13 12:37

She is dynamic, dedicated, innovative, and hardworking.


2020-03-13 12:39

She assumes responsibility, assiduous in work, diligent in attitude, classic in style, humane and a visionary.

Edith Opoku-Gyau

2020-03-13 12:43

She's hardworking and an advocate against skin bleaching which has helped many young ladies to accept their natural skin tone.

William Asiedu

2020-03-13 12:52

In 2016 Marcia organized an Agriculture project in the University(UCC) in collaboration with Messiah Entertainment, that program has impacted me till now, my love for Agriculture Business started from the moment I participated in that program on campus, she has impacted my life and she deserves this award because she is the best nominee here.

Nana Kofi

2020-03-13 13:07

Because she has done a lot for her company so far by encouraging students who want to study abroad to achieve their dreams. She’s simply a Great person.

Abigail Awortwe sowah

2020-03-13 17:08

Marcia is an inspiration to the youth, when it comes to her leadership skills, she has the best attitude, and when it comes to her work, she puts in one hundred percent dedication. Over the years, she hasn't only proved to be excellent at what she does but she also has a big heart which can accommodate everybody. This award must go to her, Thank you.

Dogbe Emmanuel

2020-03-13 18:15

Marcia benewaa deserve my vote because is dedicated to her work, she is very intelligent , hard-working, have patients with her clients , she makes sure everyone is happy . She I engaging ,she tells you the gospel truth whether it hurt you or not . She makes everyone around her feels love .. I know she deserved it . thanks


2020-03-13 18:27

Dedicated, hardworking.

Fabiola anokye

2020-03-13 19:16

She is humble respectful intelligent she is inspiring and God fearing

Papa Kwaw Krah

2020-03-13 20:03

She is just good.. that’s all 😂

Kwabena Addo

2020-03-13 20:20

I have known her to be very hard-working and someone who gives her best in any task assigned to her. Not forgetting she is a good team player also.


2020-03-13 20:27

Her positive influence is great and mighty. The impacts she has created is worth rewarding through this nomination.

Gloria Charles

2020-03-13 20:43

She is very hard-working and this will be a great opportunity for her

Roland Nkrumah

2020-03-13 21:31

She is diligent, discipline and hardworking

Collins Afriyie Baffoe

2020-03-13 22:29

She is very hardworking and excellent when it comes to her jop

Emmanuel Owusu Obeng

2020-03-14 04:21

Marcia over the years have impacted the society greatly

Benedicta Akua

2020-03-14 06:37

Marcia is a positive influence to the society, she's a young lady with so much ambition to create a change in her society and the world at large...she is a great team player and her leadership qualities are incredibly. Above all her work is neat and very professional and she's always open to corrections. She must win this award.

Samuel Otu Aidoo

2020-03-14 10:58

Marcia is an unbelievably diligent person who believes that desire plus determination and discipline equals success. She strives for the best always and is the best.


2020-03-14 11:42

She is kind, smart, caring, and ambitious so she deserves something like this.

Regan Bonsu

2020-03-14 14:50

I went to University in 2013 with Marcia and I can confirm she's one of the most hard-working individuals I have met, her love to saving the world in the best way she can by organizing educative programs is recommending, after school she started her own small business of helping people who can't read and write fill their passport forms online, she did this for a whole year before she was promoted to be a manager of the branch of her company. She's very determined and deserves this award.

Edmond Appiah

2020-03-15 10:14

She is intelligent and has a great attitude towards word. She always achieve results as a manager, her leadership skills is very positive as well. This award must go to Marcia.

Gifty Yayra

2020-03-15 10:50

Because she deserves it.

Sarfo kantanka alias emmanuel sarfo

2020-03-15 17:39

She's deserve

Doreen kontoh

2020-03-15 19:01

She is diligent and an inspiration to many

Abigail owusu

2020-03-15 19:31

She is hardworking nd brilliant,and deserve the award

David Kwame Addo

2020-03-15 21:43

I think she has been dedicated and worked hard the most to be worth this award.

Kontoh Doreen

2020-03-15 21:46

Well derseve


2020-03-15 21:50

She works hard, aleays wants the best and has great aspirations in life


2020-03-15 22:02

She's the best candidate to win this award, Marcia will be very impactful to the WinTrade team with her intelligence and dedication and great leadership skills. This award will also help her to serve her society better.

Clement Nti

2020-03-15 22:10

When it comes to passion to serve her community, she is the best, she is very keen on women empowerment and Marcia believes that the business sector is also a place for women to excel. She deserves this award and more.

Seth Nsiah

2020-03-15 22:27

Because as Manager she has shown tremendous and outstanding leadership qualities, she always right on time and she always achieve results... she's the best lady for this award.

Emmanuel Asare

2020-03-15 23:24

Life is not about just living for yourself but rather impacting lives positively and that's what Marcia has been living for . Her life has been a blessing to our community and her generation. I therefore believe Marcia wins this award. #MARCIA THE YOUNG WOMAN WHO LIVES TO BE A BLESSING TO HER COMMUNITY THROUGH HELPING HER GENERATION #


2020-03-15 23:25

Because she's the best candidate here


2020-03-15 23:56

Because she deserves it


2020-03-16 00:12

She deserves the award of excellence because she is hard working and open to people

Bright Asante

2020-03-16 08:34

Over the years Marcia has proven to be an inspiration to both the business and corporate fields, her ability to run charitable, educational and business organisations and yet excel in all areas is what makes her unique.

Rita owusuwaa

2020-03-17 21:29

Marcia deserves this award because to me she very hard-working, respectful, friendly and above all intelligent. When it comes to her job she attachs all seriousness. She has great ideas and a good Team spirit when it comes to business, she's has endless list of abilities and her ability to multitask is something she needs to be recommended for.

Mary Benewaa Owusu

2020-03-18 09:41

Marcia is very amazing and hardworking, she gives her best in whatever project handed to her. She is a lovely woman too

Jagdish Vinchhi

2020-03-19 09:33

I voted for miss marcia

Oluwabanke Awe

2020-03-26 16:39

Good on you stay shinning


2020-03-30 09:35

Marcia Benewaa is a great Personality who has inspired many in her community. Her outstanding leadership and motivation has shaped a lot of young girls in her area to become better versions of themselves. Some friends of mine are beneficiaries of her Chocolate for the needy project. I believe my Country would have achieved more development if we had many of her kind, therefore I endorse Marcia Benewaa enthusiastically.

Owura okyere

2020-04-05 20:08

She deserves this award because, she's the best candidate here and the reasons are: she has served both her company and her society diligently, positive working attitude to achieve results, her love for changing lives for the better through her charitable and educational programs are tremendous.

Laura Essel

2020-04-14 17:34

If there’s anyone more deserving of this award, I think it is Marcia Benewaa. She’s such a great personality, intelligent, and has humanity at heart. I highly recommend her for this award.


2020-04-27 07:47

Marcia is hardworking and dedicated to her work

Nana Adu Boahen

2020-04-27 14:50

She is productive and innovative and has a lot skills to work hard


2020-04-27 20:43

She is the best. She is hard working and goes about her duties diligently.


2020-04-27 22:08

She is well talented