Olubunmi Olayinka


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Blessing Ezike

2020-03-14 06:17

Because she has made a huge positive impact in many people’s lives through her healthy lifestyle campaign


2020-03-14 06:46

She is an exemplary woman that has been tirelessly dedicated to serving others and promoting well being in her community.

Olubunmi Olayinka

2020-03-14 07:05

She is a major advocate of health and wellbeing who has helped many build a consistent healthy lifestyle through her passion, care and mentorship.

Olayemi J

2020-03-14 07:47

She is good business guru with passion towards healthy life. Doing what she loves to do best, born business oriented person, does this with passion. When it comes to sales, her interactive skill is excellent.


2020-03-14 08:31

She gives herself wholeheartedly to anything she does.She is very inspiring and her ehics is second to none.The award will be very deserving.

Teuta Rexhepi

2020-03-14 08:48

Olibunmi is the most impressive woman I have met in my life. She is trustworthy and whatever she tries to sell you know it is worth, otherwise she would not sell it.


2020-03-14 09:00

She deserved it because she has not been stingy of her wellness to herself rather promoting it through every possible means which has benefitted a lot and most importantly my humble self.

Adeola Ojo

2020-03-14 09:07

She has been very influential in the community in creating awareness in healthy leaving. She also offers free seminars to promote culture of eating and living healthy. All these she does for free


2020-03-14 14:15

She's passionate about making healthy products available to those around her.

Rosemary Hammond-Awuku

2020-03-15 08:11

Olubunmi is a natural leader. She is an effective planner and executioner. Very innovative in her endeavors and astute. She is calm in all situations, a good listener with a good heart.