Sacha Corcoran MBE

College Principal

Big Creative Academy Walthamstow

Social Media: http://http:big creative academy

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May Dare

2020-03-05 15:14

Sacha is more of an inspiration in person. The Success of the Academy is a testimony to her tenacity and committment. Great Leader!!

Cyrus Armstrong-James

2020-03-05 15:14

She's an amazing woman who consistently provides opportunities for others. Not just students but the wider community. She is very focused on enabling talent from young people with disadvantaged backgrounds and gets extraordinary results.

Jyoti Farmah

2020-03-05 15:15

She is a fantastic role model to young people and a very courageous business woman. Sacha is a leader but walks with her staff side by side and is extremely supportive. I have never heard of or seen a principal like her.

John Stone

2020-03-05 15:15

Sacha is an inspirational and successful leader of the Academy she leads dedicated to ensuring that young people facing challenges she understands so we’ll get the best possible start.


2020-03-05 15:34

There are people that talk and people that do, Sacha does both. She tells you everything she is going to achieve and no matter how much you believe in her or not, doesn’t matter to her. She will do it.

Catherine Muddle

2020-03-05 15:41

My Nominee is the most amazing strong and selfless person I know. Working to help young people achieve their goals . For a better life at the same time bering up to children on her own She worked hard to make sure they become strong successful people And helps so many more at the same time . When most people would have just given up . She’s changes life’s Not just her life other peoples to She’s An amazing role model

Linda Field

2020-03-05 16:03

Sacha is one truly inspirational woman. A very hard worker, with a great depth of commitment to every thing she does. She always leads by example, and cares so much for all of her students and staff, and is one of the best role models I have seen.

Lee chalkley

2020-03-05 16:13

Sacha is an inspiration to all both staff and students. She is an amazing leader, kind caring and always willing to lend an ear.

Alastair Smyth

2020-03-05 16:21

Sacha, is an inspiring leader and school principal, she works with some of the toughest students on one day and the heads of government education organisations the next. She is hard working and uncompromising in her vision for better education for all.

charles marment

2020-03-05 16:23

Sacha continues to lead as always putting herself at the back of the queue for praise and giving vital strength to those around her,

Hollie Maree

2020-03-05 16:27

An inspirational, hard working woman. She has so much dedication to helping others. Well deserved!

Alice Maughan

2020-03-05 16:31

Sacha is an extremely worthy winner of this award because she has built herself up from a series of difficult situations and not just for herself. She is driven by building something for students that wouldn’t normally have had anyone sticking up for them and giving them the opportunities. She pushes them further towards whatever they want to achieve for themselves and away from the bad decisions that could lead them towards a negative place. She is an inspiration to so many people and so down to earth and approachable, instead of getting success and become further and further away from the cause.

Ben Jolly

2020-03-05 16:32

I have known Sacha for 6 years and I have found her to be inspirational for the young people and colleagues she works with. Loads of energy and time for everyone, and a brilliant sense of humour! Sacha would be a deserving winner of this award.

Sharon morris

2020-03-05 16:37

Fot sheer determination hard work and a desire to make a difference to the lives of young people,Sacha deserves to be recognised as a figure that others aspire to.

Dev Daworaz

2020-03-05 16:50

As the governor of the Big Creative Academy, I interact with Sacha regularly, in her capacity as the accounting officer/ Principal of the Academy. Sacha is a well-informed, talented individual and has demonstrated consistent integrity and progressive thinking in ensuring young people of the Academy receive the best and equal opportunity for them to excel in life. Her humble beginning in life has made her an exceptional leader nurturing diversity and positivity in the Academy and wider community.

Sam vasanth

2020-03-05 16:54

She is what she says - all of East London knows and all of us have upmost respect for her. She is a role model and has re-scripted the definition of possibilities.

Janene Parkinson

2020-03-05 16:58

An inspirational woman whose drive, determination, strength and passion can be seen in everything she does. She would undoubtedly be a worthy winner.

Ricky Wesley Harriott

2020-03-05 17:14

I think it’s really important to highlight and praise and award women who showcase the ability to be strong and pave the way for a better life when faced with situations that are difficult and hard to overcome, she’s a solid accomplished success!

Androulla Lazarou

2020-03-05 17:24

Sacha is inspiration and a success of the academy. Sacha is a great leader!!

Maria Cicoria

2020-03-05 17:27

She's a great leader to the academy sasha

Annie Hawkins

2020-03-05 17:40

Sacha is a true inspiration to everyone who comes from humble beginnings. Just showing you can achieve anything you set your mind too!


2020-03-05 17:41

My mum is the most phenomenal example of a woman out there. She has inspired me to keep persevering at my goals in life and to always be strong no matter what obstacles come my way. She deserves everything and more.

Carla Corcoran

2020-03-05 17:42

Sacha is an amazing woman and member of society, always hard working and never fails to smile x

Tanya Mcgaw

2020-03-05 18:05

She is an exceptional woman that cares and dedicates herself to her work, teaching others, caring about what really matters in the world to make a better place.


2020-03-05 18:27

Great role model for young students


2020-03-05 18:54

This lady is a wonderful individual, always there for her friends and families and the students and staff members, she came from Humble, simple up bringing, she had to start from the bottom and built her way up to where she is today, with determination, strength ambition, and is still growing I am proud to know this lady and she is a special person

Clive Tshabalala

2020-03-05 20:10

Sacha has outstanding business acumen, excellent leadership skills and has achieved remarkable growth from the time I've known her since 2014. Never one to refuse a challenge, she took on the task of establishing The Big Creative Academy, which has grown expotentially because of her enthusiasm and talent, ability to lead, innovate and inspire and ultimately make things happen. From navigating an Ofsted inspection to leading the school into a new state of the art £20m property this summer, her vision for young people especially from poor backgrounds and her championing of wellbeing for staff and students whilst balancing the books at a time when most colleges are struggling with deficits makes her a pioneer in the higher education sector.

Joe Bartley

2020-03-05 20:42

As a single mother who started with nothing, Sacha has gone against all odds to create an organisation that champions creativity within a hard to reach demographic in an engaging, exciting and truly inspirational way.

Jill faulkner

2020-03-05 22:41

Sasha’s passion for her job is clearly visible when you chat with her, she is clearly committed to making a difference to young people.


2020-03-05 23:04

Sacha is an amazing and caring woman who puts others before themselves she is truly inspiring in everything she does.

Pamela Rogers

2020-03-06 03:15

This lady has overcome much in her life and has used her experiences to build a positive and very supportive upbringing for her children and furthermore has achieved much in her academic capacity, she provides support and champions positive opportunities for young people and uses her past experiences to help and encourage others.

Natalie Bailey

2020-03-06 07:30

Sacha gets my vote any day because she truly is an inspiration to many. Her passion for the young people is evident as her focus is mainly to help give them a chance and a start in life when the odds are not in their favour. She motivates her staff to do the same. The young people know this and her staff know this.

Jeremiah Johnson

2020-03-06 09:33

Sacha is a natural born leader. Who has an amazing gift to be influential, supportive and inspiring. Her desire to get the best out of everyone around her is admiral and her focus to achieve her goals is more than worthy to win this well deserve award.

Lawrence Lartey

2020-03-06 10:29

Sacha is a visionary and pioneer. Her approach to education, inclusion, diversity and well- being, is helping shape the future of young adults. Sacha is an example of someone who has proved you can achieve despite obstacles. Her leadership and intrinsic understanding of the needs of her staff and pupils is very rare. The results Sacha elicits from her staff and students are excellent.

Tyronne Alexander-Jarrett

2020-03-06 11:38

Sacha always leaves an impression whether she goes. A role model for the younger community by sharing her experiences, treating with respect and also her peers. I couldn't think of anyone more suitable to celebrate women in business, natural born leader.

Janet Shearer

2020-03-06 15:16

I have worked for Sacha for over 2 years as HR Manager at Big Creative Academy, she is committed and truly passionate about working with young people. As an employer, she is fair, pragmatic and really cares about individual staff and their wellbeing. She really is inspiring.She is approachable and has a good rapport with students, parents and staff at the Academy.

Victoria Spence

2020-03-09 07:42

Sacha not only makes sure that students achieve their potential but also pushes her staff team to achieve their best. As one of her directors I know I have her backing to be ambitious for our students.

Thomas Darwall-Smith

2020-03-09 08:01

I work with Sacha professionally from within the property sector. It is clear to me how her influence and genuine passion affects others in her sphere with immense positivity. The Big Creative Academy ethos captures her spirit and drive for education of children from difficult backgrounds. It is a pleasure working with her.

Hazel Ann Simon

2020-03-09 12:36

Sacha is so passionate about all the work she does with the younger community, she is a natural-born leader and she'd just an all-around amazing woman to work with. She truly deserves this!

Kayleigh Hall

2020-03-09 12:47

Sacha is a focused passionate woman who strives to help the children

Tony McKernan

2020-03-09 17:03

Sacha has energy and enthusiasm to burn and is a 'down to earth' education leader who inspires young people who are involved in creative arts


2020-03-09 18:42

Phenomenal women

Ian Morton

2020-03-10 15:29

Sacha is a hugely capable person who believes deeply in community and social mobility. Her values are manifest in the environment she has created as principal of BCA for her learners and those in the wider partnerships she fosters. The academy is both aspirational and challenging whilst being underpinned by a deep level of care and support. This purposeful mix allows the many hundreds of young people in her care to flourish year on year and achieve amazing outcomes, academically and personally.

Nick Iszakovits

2020-03-10 16:33

Sacha is a unique leader within the educational sector: she is bold, up-front, intelligent and honest. She speaks with a frankness and sincerity that is refreshing and has an incredible sense of humour that she isn't afraid of displaying. The world needs more leaders like her.

Joanna V

2020-03-14 12:17

Sascha is a force to be reckoned with. The way she supports staff, students and the community is inspiring. We need more role models like her. She is an example of integrity, inner strength, vision and purpose.

Dan Rajpurkar

2020-03-25 22:43

Yes. Sacha deserves an award.

Sherine George

2020-04-08 11:18

Sacha believes in education for all. She is a role model and knows exactly what it takes to succeed! She leads a team with great enthusiasm and energy like no other and believes in wellbeing for her staff and students.