Jumana Saleheen

Chief Economist


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Toby Hassall

2020-04-04 17:35

Consistently delivers the highest quality output, and demonstrates the rare quality of integrity.

Ashlyn Jane Lobo

2020-04-04 19:37

Jumana Saleheen's insights on economy, banking and finance are always well researched, well presented, and objective.

Abi Subendranathan

2020-04-04 20:28

Jumana is a very impressive and dynamic professional who has made significant contributions in the fields of finance, banking and economics.

John Ball

2020-04-05 03:27

As the chief economist, Jumana is critical to the company. But her leadership and role modelling of professionalism is the most impressive!

Drashti Shah

2020-04-05 07:13

A very knowledgeable person and having a great insight on happenings around the world.

Alina Bobasu

2020-04-05 09:18

She is profesional, dedicated and knowledgeable!


2020-04-05 15:59

Amazing grip on the subject and bold to to put her thoughts ahead

Ratidzo Starkey

2020-04-05 16:33

A real role model that all female and BAME economists can aspire to.

Hashmat Khan

2020-04-05 19:30

Nearly two decades of experience in policy and economic analysis covering a variety of wide-ranging issues in both domestic and global economy.

Atul Kulkarni

2020-04-06 05:35

Well know name in economics field, attended her seminar in Mumbai on Indian economy, Very well received by participants.

Tom Willatt

2020-04-06 09:03

For her commitment to quality analysis and passion for knowledge exchange


2020-04-06 13:15

Penetrating analysis of the Chinese economy, in particular on the importance of house construction. Timely and interesting analysis of the impact of COVID19 on the world economy

Xuxin Mao

2020-04-06 14:12

Equipped with years of professional experiences, Jumana is an outstanding economist constantly shedding light on global economic dynamics and trends.

James Campbell

2020-04-07 20:07

Not just a great economist but someone colleagues and customers trust and listen to again and again. Enthusiasm and dedication is inspirational


2020-04-08 04:35

Outstanding knowledge of the economy, specially in this turbulent waters.

Ross Cunningham

2020-04-08 15:05

Excellent economist and a great work ethic, both very much needed in today’s difficult climate


2020-04-08 15:31

She is a great economist, passionate and always have good ideas!

Yizhe Xie

2020-04-08 16:26

Yes, definitely

Ippolito Tarabini

2020-04-08 19:19

She is not only a great economist, but also an inspiring leader!

Jonathan Thomas

2020-04-13 18:14

Great column is City AM. Punchy, powerful and timely.

K Turnley

2020-04-16 14:17

Jumana has been at the forefront of identifying and analyzing key economic themes, focusing on the critical commodities markets. Her insights have been picked up across local and global news and media outlets - ambitious, well respected.

Joanne Thompson-Clarke

2020-04-16 23:37

She is not only an inspiration to women in the workplace but is highly respected by all within her field of expertise.