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Gayle Hann

2020-03-01 21:34

Alimatu is a powerhouse of an advocate for women, particularly those at risk or having suffered gender based violence such as female genital mutilation. Asa survivor, she uses her personal experience to inform others in the most powerful way and yet with humour and empathy. She personally supports survivors and has been a crucial member of our hospital steering group. I have worked with her for 7 years & she does it all entirely voluntarily & count her a friend.

Hibo wardere

2020-03-01 21:43

She is amazing, hardworking amd a human right woman

Rugiatu Turay

2020-03-01 21:49

She has worked to for the rights of women and girls. Work to protect them from FGM and other gender based violence na d collaborated with other women organizations. She is amazinh, committed and passionate about women and girls

Christine Siffleet

2020-03-01 21:49

She is a strong and courageous individual. She has suffered and endured things that she now fights to prevent others going through. Her umbrella of live spans continents trying to cover women and girls from harm.

Hon Moijue E. kaikai

2020-03-01 21:52

Have been engaged positively as a child and gender activist for over 10years. She has championed ANTI FGM children , gender and sexual and gender based violence related issues both in Africa Europe and other parts of the world

Emma Lightowlers

2020-03-01 21:55

Alimatu does amazing work to help girls and women, to protect them from gender based violence and to empower them and help them achieve their potential. A worthy winner of this award

Alhassan Kargbo

2020-03-01 21:56

Against threats and abuse she has been resolute in fighting for and help less fortunate girls , against gender based violence and female genital mutilation. A great person in deed

Alexandra Rigby

2020-03-01 22:00

Alimatu is an amazing advocate for girls and women in Sierra Leone and around the world. She gives a voice to those who have suffered gender based violence, in particular FGM, and is extremely brave speaking out about her own experience as a FGM survivor. I've worked alongside her and can vouch for her professionalism and extensive knowledge in this area. She is a very worthy winner of such an award!

Elvis Katoto

2020-03-01 22:00

Alimatu has been championing, campaigning and raising awareness about FGM and many others issues that women face every single day here and abroad. She’s a champion

Selda kurtuldu

2020-03-01 22:02

Alimatu is an inspirational woman. She works so hard and is an advocate for women and girls that have suffered FGM. A strong and courageous woman.

Fel Tee

2020-03-01 22:03

For her outstanding work.

louise robertson

2020-03-01 22:03

Alimatu is a tireless campaigner for girls and women. She works with political leaders, development agencies, activists, organisers and local communities to end FGM and all abuses against women and girls. Alima bravely tackles injustice and inspires others.

Cherry Marshall

2020-03-01 22:04

She is all is a good advocate for girls and women

Andrew Mendy

2020-03-01 22:04

Alimatu has been a champion for women and girls rights for many years. She has devoted much of her life to be a voice for millions of girls and women across the world. She is selfless, fearless, peerless in her commitment to seeing women and girls across the world enjoy their rights. She deserves an award to recognise all the great work she has done.

Hawah Conteh

2020-03-01 22:07

She is a hardworking individual that has spent most of her spare time campaigning against FGM She deserves to win

Mariatu Sidique

2020-03-01 22:08

Her true honest real work and passion towards humanity and community work is super amazing.


2020-03-01 22:13

Very active in champagne for FGM and also and activists for children. Very passionate woman with good character

Isatta Sisay

2020-03-01 22:24

Very supportive and a mentor She is very passionate about what she does

Devi Patel

2020-03-01 22:29

Alima is a Hard working activist, working voluntary, very encouraging and inspiring young lady.

Dr Comfort Momoh MBE

2020-03-01 22:35

Alimatu is an experienced thought-leader and international keynote speaker within the field of development, women and girls rights agenda and community engagement and social entrepreneurship. Dedicated her entire professional career to making the voices of women and girls affected by gender based violence including harmful practices. Very experienced guest speaker, lecturer on various topics The founder of A Girl At A Time in Sierra Leone an organisation engaging young people as advocates, peer mentors, activists and campaigners as agents of change in ending gender-based violence including female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). Through advocacy, awareness raising, peer to peer education and mentoring.

Sylvia Kamara

2020-03-01 22:42

She has been doing a lot within communties in London and south London. Interm of women and children, Female genital mutilation, domestic abuse women's right to name the few.


2020-03-01 22:54

Women are her passion and she has been working with them for years now. Therefore she deserves to be motivated for her relentless work.

Brima Abdulai Sheriff

2020-03-01 23:01

Active coordinator, facilitator and passionate campaigner of women and children's rights. Believes in everyone having a stake and say if we are to achieve rights of women and girls

Agnes Pratt

2020-03-01 23:35

She work and continue supporting women and girls in different issues, espicially FGM ,domestic violence,children's protections and human rights for all .she work without pay and she is very passionate about serving humanity by supporting individuals to access the right organisation ,she also do advocating, promoting mental wellbeing by giving women moral support and did is a good listener and does not judge .She bring communities together by resolving conflict

Memunatu Saffa

2020-03-01 23:40

She's dedicated in advocating for The rights of Girls and women alike in making sure FGM ends. May her labor of love for humanity not go in vain.

Elizabeth Conteh

2020-03-01 23:49

Very devoted and stands and believes in human right. Fights against violence on women and FGM

Hannah, Roger Charlton

2020-03-02 00:02

She is well known to be an advocate for the welfare of girls, children and women globally.

Gbassay Edward Sesay

2020-03-02 03:54

Alimatu has worked tirelessly in this area even with difficulties but still persevere.

Humu Cecilia Hassan

2020-03-02 04:10

A strong willed woman, who believes any woman can achieve a set goal. A great big sister, a motivating role model, a dedicated Anti FGM activists, a strong believer of girls right. Constantly working abroad and at home to help women believe in themselves, and fighting for the right of the abused and gender based violence. A single mother of 3 who took great care of her children and set the stage for them to follow. My Shero MS. Alimatu Dimonekene.

Lamin Hassan

2020-03-02 06:25

Because she is an outstanding activist fighting the course of women and the girl child


2020-03-02 07:05

She works relentlessly to transform the lives of girls and women in the UK and in Sierra Leone.

Seylia Thorlu-Bangura

2020-03-02 07:21

She is a fantastic advocate for women & girls who work relentlessly to ensure women’s rights are upheld & young girls receive the education they deserve in the safest environments. She is very passionate about spreading this message & educating others!

France Nkoso

2020-03-02 08:09

Yes she does deserve. I recommend her as I have known her for years and her commitment and passion to FGM need to be recognized... She is the voice of all these girls around the world that I have been suffering for years. It be great to recognize the works she has been doing . She even left her housing career to focus on this noble cause.

Essie Gyampoh

2020-03-02 08:40

Alimatu has a passion for women and girls rights that I see in no other person. Being nominated is a great honour but she deserves to be recognised for her incredible work here and abroad.

leethen bartholomew

2020-03-02 09:34

Dedicated to the cause and has shown great resolve over the years.

Anna Walukanis

2020-03-02 12:21

She definitely deserves it. Beautiful person ❤️❤️❤️

Claire Jackson-Prior

2020-03-02 12:36

Her tireless work to end the practise of FGM which causes so much suffering to girls and women worldwide. She does this despite the attacks on her from people who wish FGM to continue. A brave lady!


2020-03-02 13:11

She is one of the most handworking women I have ever seen. Alimatu deserve more than this.

Maryam Abdikadir

2020-03-02 13:19

She dedicated her time to advocate for women and girls especially those faced with risk of FGM as well as the survivors. She is the advocate! Because FGM is a grave human rights violation

Christina keating

2020-03-02 13:23

I have no hesitation in supporting this nominee. Her passion for her work and for girls is unwavering. She challenges us all to come together and make changes that lead to an end to FGM and all forms of gender based violence. Wish her lots of luck!!!

Celia Bomah

2020-03-02 13:34

Alimatu Dimonekene stands out as an icon dedicated to advocating gender issues relating to Women's rights, empowerment and burning issues that others cannot take on. She is vibrant, consistent and passionate about what she does. I wish her the best of luck with God's richest blessing.

Aminata Bah

2020-03-02 15:30

Passionate about girls and women rights. She goes that extra mile, sometimes against odds, to protect women and girls.

Abimbola Aladejare

2020-03-02 16:15

She is such an inspiration to young women like us who are working to advance the SDG at the grassroot. As an EndFGM advocate, she inspires us and encourage us to contribute our quota

Samantha Wickenden

2020-03-02 16:36

Alimatu is an outstanding woman whom I am admire and hold in the highest regard for her work to combat violence against women and girls. She works tirelessly on her mission and has accompanied me on many overt Police operations to this effect, delivered training and hosts and organises many events and meetings to discuss and raise awareness. She is passionate, sincere and provides incredible and personal insight. Most deserving of an award, indeed.

Adama Barry

2020-03-02 16:38

Because she deserves it she works hard the good work will pay

Balu Hassan

2020-03-02 18:46

When it comes women she stands strong and fight for their roght

Marie Bangura

2020-03-02 19:24

She is very hard working ,articulate individual and she can work under pressure. She is bubbly and easy to get along with. Alima is a selfless and prioritizes the needs of her service users.

Agnes M.Akpan Bendu

2020-03-02 20:45

Alimatu is a strong phenomenal woman, who has fought hard to eradicate FGM and is still fighting for Girls and Women empowerment, and many other things. She surely do deserve this award because of the effort and selflessness she’s shown in connection to the betterment of deprived Girls and women.

Josephine Mahoi

2020-03-02 23:33

Hardworking Individual, with a good heart and passion for what she does..

Gardie Miriam Kargbo

2020-03-02 23:57

She has worked tirelessly to make sure our children are protected. She is the voice of the voiceless. Very trustworthy, ambitious passionate by the work she does. She is a people's person, easy to connect with everyone. I know she deserves this award for all the great work she had done and continue doing to protect our Girls and the women of Sierra Leone.

Brendan Wynne

2020-03-03 10:32

Alimatu is an incredible anti-FGM campaigner who has dedicated her life to the rights of girls and women in Sierra Leone and around the world. Through the many years I've known and worked with her she has always remained calm and classy - even in very challenging circumstances. She has met huge resistance but has used her diplomacy and skill to overcome obstacles and continues to be 100% committed to ending FGM and other girls rights abuses.

David Edwards

2020-03-04 22:14

Alima has been at the forefront of these issues, for a long time, displaying a consistency and a sense of purpose, which should be admired, all of which is very laudable.


2020-03-06 12:42

An amazing advocate for girls and women

rachel firth

2020-03-09 10:11

Alimatu is an incredible, honest, powerful voice for women.

Fatoumata Jallow

2020-03-22 22:15

She is a role model for many she is always there for you when nobody is

Aissa Toure

2020-07-06 22:46

I recently had training class with her and she’s very brave, outspoken and inspiring!