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2020-02-28 18:00

She’s in business for more than 25 years and still putting the clients prior

Anne-Marie Boonen

2020-02-29 09:59

Omdat ze het verdient

Jurgen Blockx

2020-03-02 09:20

Because she's a great person with an enormous financial knowledge.

Anaïs Vandenholen

2020-03-02 09:21

She is just the best... Always good advice!


2020-03-02 09:26

She deserves the award because of het commitment, passion, empathie and personality

Hendrickx margot

2020-03-02 09:31

Omdat ze het verdient !!

Davy timmers

2020-03-02 09:40

She is great in her job

Jenny van gimst

2020-03-02 09:40

Because she is a truly professional, very driven and a fantastic woman

Nicole Everaerts

2020-03-02 09:56

She deserves it. Great work.


2020-03-02 11:07

Tinne is a very professional and straight forward business woman with a golden heart!

Ann verhaert

2020-03-02 11:13

Passion unique

kristof Sterckx

2020-03-02 11:29

Because she’s not only a great business woman but a great mom at the same time.

Wuyts marleen

2020-03-02 11:42

Een vrouw in een mannenwereld verdient zoiets

Nuria Munoz

2020-03-02 11:52

Great entrepreneur

Leen Goethals

2020-03-02 12:22

She is top

Dirk van Look

2020-03-02 12:24

She is a passionated artist who gives added value to the society. Het paintings are off an outstanding Quality and hyper realistic creating new environment for thé observers. She is able to give a very good image to Belgium and continues thé tradition of classical painters with An original interpretation.b


2020-03-02 12:25

Great women and entrepreneur

Jeroen Dutoy

2020-03-02 12:59

Because Tinne is a passionate entrepreneur. A great teacher at Syntra-AB as well!

Marleen Renders

2020-03-02 13:41

Grote kennis van zaken , weet waar ze over spreekt. Toptalent.

Maes Dominique

2020-03-02 13:43

Strong... in a man's world!

Thierry Vanschoenwinkel

2020-03-02 15:08

Reliable. Trustworthy. Ambitious. Experienced. Top Quality. Eye for detail. Inner beauty. Smart. Sensitive. Loyal. And a great friend. What can you wish for more than all of that? She deserves an award!

Walter Smeets

2020-03-02 15:15

Clients first, no nonsense approach,

Lidwina Thys

2020-03-02 15:55

Intelligent, creatieve, out of the box denkende, energieke zakenvrouw!

Karine Cools

2020-03-02 15:59

Top vrouw die door hatd werken zo ver geraakt is.


2020-03-02 16:05

Always passioned and focused, an example for many women who wants to achieve something

Verstricht Patrick

2020-03-02 16:21

Whatever she does, it's always with 200 percent. Amazing where she gets the energy from.

Linda Van Gestel

2020-03-02 16:44

Omdat ze het verdient. Top vrouw!!!

Charlotte Pittoors

2020-03-02 16:44

Our best finance and investment adviser teacher.

Marijke cools

2020-03-02 16:59

She is fregat in her work!!

Anne Smit

2020-03-02 17:00

One of the best teachers we have at Syntra! She is cool, inspiring and completely devoted!

Inne Wagemans

2020-03-02 17:34

Best teacher of our finance classes.

Doreen Spoelders

2020-03-02 17:42

She always puts hier clients first!

David Reyntjens

2020-03-02 17:59

Financiele expertise van het hoogste niveau en een persoonlijke passie hierover, gecombineerd met het doel om haar kennis ook te delen met anderen. Mooier kan toch niet.

Jurgen De Commer

2020-03-02 18:11

Tinne Gers things done with a no-nonsense approach and a smile for everyone.

Eef Goyvaerts

2020-03-02 18:23

Our best finance and investment adviser teacher.


2020-03-02 18:36

She is very passionated about her job en skills.

cools ria

2020-03-02 18:36

topvrouw, en ook omdat ze het verdiend


2020-03-02 18:42


Keersmaekers Claudia

2020-03-02 18:46

Ze verdient het, op en naast het werk een top vrouw

Kemps Linda

2020-03-02 18:52

omdat ik het haar gun


2020-03-02 19:11

For her passion, knowledge, drive during the past 25 years.


2020-03-02 19:16

Always full commitment for her clients.

Leen Van De Moere

2020-03-02 19:28

Top business woman and a warm person

Gijs Eline

2020-03-02 20:33

Door haar gedrevenheid en passie is ze steengoed in haar job

De Souter Martha

2020-03-02 20:45

because she is e super woman


2020-03-02 20:47

A great sales en business person and also family person! Xx

Marleen Segers

2020-03-02 20:54

Top woman with a passion for her job! ❤️

Bauwens Angela

2020-03-02 20:56

she is the best and also e great siss

Roy Geerts

2020-03-02 21:16

Strong... in a man's world!

Marina Geudens

2020-03-02 21:26

Because of her engagement towards her clients

Ann van gompel

2020-03-02 21:28

Ze verdient het.

Els loos

2020-03-02 21:32

Super women

charlotte norris

2020-03-02 22:06

Tinnie deserves the award for her many years service to the financial sector. Her standards are exceptional and she has a genuine desire for people to succeed. She is an example for all.

Kristel Van Beylen

2020-03-02 22:07

She is the best


2020-03-02 22:34

Tinne is a woman Who stands with her feet on the ground not afraid of reaching high levels

Noah Van Puyenbroeck

2020-03-03 06:22

Because of all the passion she puts in her work. She also takes enough time to explain everything to clients and in giving them the best possible return.

Hans Verloy

2020-03-03 07:01

She really deserves it

Mieke balcaen

2020-03-03 07:07

Inspirator for woman with a plan She combines work and family in balance

Greet Cuypers

2020-03-03 07:29


2020-03-03 07:57

Dedicated and passionate in what she does and this for more than 24 years.

Jan Van Loo

2020-03-03 08:10

She deserves it!!!!!!!!!

Eddy van Doninck

2020-03-03 08:13

She's the best

Ann Snauwaert

2020-03-03 13:08

Great teacher with a profound knowledge of business and financials.

Verhulst Dirk

2020-03-03 14:06

because she's the best

pepermans ida

2020-03-03 14:35

de beste is een toptalent

Anja Aertgeerts

2020-03-03 15:59

Super sympathieke en gedreven vrouw. Ze heeft kennis van zaken en kan dit ook overbrengen op anderen. Haar enthousiasme is aanstekelijk. Niets dan lof voor deze dame!


2020-03-03 18:34

She is the best!


2020-03-03 19:19

An inspiring personality

steven goris

2020-03-03 20:46

She is a hard worker

Ivo goris

2020-03-04 10:29

She is the best in class


2020-03-04 11:59

She's the best!

Joachim Thijs

2020-03-04 16:31

Om dak ze ken

Stef andriessen

2020-03-04 17:30

Great mom and great entrepreneur

De Herdt Bruno

2020-03-08 10:09

Because it is Tinne with the wunderfull spirit putting her clients on the first place!


2020-03-08 17:57

A lady with knowledge. She definitely deserves a nomination

Nike maekelberg

2020-03-08 18:35

Strong, powerfull women!!

Vanhoof Bart

2020-03-09 09:12

Tinne heeft een geweldige kennis en kan dit goed overbrengen.

cathy camertijn

2020-03-09 10:03

She has strong ethics and does business from a pure heart.

Danny Van Broeck

2020-03-09 13:47

Tinne has the right skills about investment advice and can also transfer this knowledge to her students and customers

Thomas Leeters

2020-03-09 16:12

The amount of knowledge and experience Tinne brings to the table is unprecedented.

Ingrid boel

2020-03-10 06:33

Fantastische zakenvrouw


2020-03-10 14:40

Tine is great in defending her customers priorities!

Anne Tellier

2020-03-10 20:46

She is a very authentic and very intelligent woman!


2020-03-10 21:04

Yes we can!

Marc G

2020-03-11 10:25

enormous financial knowledge

Sabine Proost

2020-03-12 15:24

Tinne is a fighter and always driven by knowledge

Elena Tuleva

2020-03-15 23:44

Tinne is the 100% professional with a lot of experience.

Tom B

2020-03-16 08:36

In 100 woorden zijn haar talenten onmogelijk samen te vatten.

Vervoort L

2020-03-22 10:33

She is a smart, great person. Both business and private. She deserves the award.

Wim Kegels

2020-04-12 14:48

I have the chance being one of Tinne’s pupils in her evening course about asset management (2019-2020). Tinne is a really passionate teacher with a very practical and human approach in addressing this topic. She finds it very important to share her knowledge and experience, despite her busy professional schedule. We all feel inspired by her attitude.

Veerle Van den Putte

2020-06-09 15:24

Tinne is a hard working mother that never gives up and is always available in times of need!


2020-06-09 15:41

I do know mrs Tinne Cools for many, many years as an excellent colleaugue and a driven professional lady as well in her banking as in her life-insurance services. As a client you can count on her. She's straight forward and excecutes what she promise with precision. As a colleaugue you can always call upon her for advice or exchanging ideas. Go Tinne ! Go for gold !

Triest Gilles

2020-06-09 15:46

Tinne is a great person, fully engaged with her job and do the upmost to fulfill the needs of her clients.


2020-06-09 16:32

She deserves it

Matthijs Goris

2020-06-09 16:39

She genuinelly cares about het customers and helpd thema understand the complex programs

Sofie Van Gestel

2020-06-09 16:43

Great passion, great work and a lots of power!!!!

Jempi Laevaert

2020-06-09 17:03

She's awesome

Van Houtven Jef

2020-06-09 17:37

She is the best in her job. She always gives the best service

Myriam Beeckman

2020-06-09 17:55

Tinne is an inspiring, strong minded entrepreneur who simply deserves it.

Harald Van Driessche

2020-06-09 18:01

A lot of experience. Very helpful and always answering in a professional way. Interested in you as a person. Very Inspiring and motivating.

Yves Vandezande

2020-06-09 18:49

What a woman! She absolutely deserves it.

Coenen Jan

2020-06-09 19:35

A vote for her passion, her honesty ! What a drive !

Linda Van Oeckel

2020-06-09 19:37

Tinne goes for it !

Devooght Dirk

2020-06-09 20:52


Hoedemakers Renier

2020-06-09 20:52

Her job is her passion, she is well respected by all her clients , honest , no nonsense but is offering just the best for her clients. Beside of that she cares for human beings , especially her son who suffers from a rare disease and she invested a lot of time to help other people in the same situation.

Diane Jacobs

2020-06-09 21:28

I have known Tinne for many years. She is indeed passionate about her job and even if she needs to sail tough waters in the financial world, she always does whatever she can to navigate her clients safe ashore. Her convictions are her principles and she stands by them. She will never hide from her clients when times our tough which is to be appreciated as many shy away when the financial markets turn south. Good luck Tinne, you deserve to win.


2020-06-10 04:47

Her passion for the job after al This years

Lieze Geebelen

2020-06-10 06:55

Omdat haar enthousiasme aanstekelijk werkt en ze respect verdient voor alles wat ze doet en onderneemt.

Kalinka Verstricht

2020-06-10 07:09

If anyone deserves this, it's her.

Kris Gilis

2020-06-10 09:12

Very professional lady with a warm heart.

Sneyers Dirk

2020-06-10 10:08

Tinne is een fantastische vrouw die geen enkele uitdaging uit de weg gaat. Ze doet dit steeds voor 100%. Minder is niet goed genoeg voor Tinne!

Danny Peeters

2020-06-10 13:45

Because she is a pro in her job and above she takes her responsability in our society.

De Maesschalck Michel

2020-06-10 15:52

Because everything she does is with passion.

werner peinen

2020-06-10 17:01


Sylvain van Gorp

2020-06-10 17:38

Ze is geweldig in haar job

Marleen Renders

2020-06-10 18:43

Tinne is the best.

Yoleen Van Camp

2020-06-10 21:52

Because she is combines beauty, brains, and kindness. She is so engaged, driven and motivated, in her personal life, as well as in business

Marc Anthonissen

2020-06-11 09:26

Is very experienced, and give s good advice regarding stocks and stock markets

Stessens Marc

2020-06-11 14:21

Topvrouw. Zo zouden er meer moeten zijn.

Luc Vandeberg

2020-06-11 14:46

Voor haar kennis en haar gedrevenheid. Voor haar focus op resultaat voor haar klanten. Voor haar passie in haar kennisoverdracht.

Lucie cremers

2020-06-12 13:20

Fine lady with lots of skills x

rik de proost

2020-06-13 05:00

strong woman who is stays herself she never gives up and reaches her goals superwoman is here


2020-06-14 19:41

Omdat zij een harde werkster is.

Nicole Van Gestel

2020-06-16 08:18

I know her as a very dedicated woman with integrety. She is commited and very passionate about her work. She really deserves the recognition.


2020-06-25 10:04

Tinne werkt met passie en overtuiging. Perfecte beheersing in haar vakgebied.

Geert Tanghe

2020-06-26 09:31

Dear Tinne Cools is one of the most passioned women I know. She is very inspiring and her knowledge of Finance in all its forms is fenomenal. Very glad to know her. Gr Geert Tanghe