Kim Genkinger

Founder | CCO (Chief Calm Officer)

DROPin Meditation

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Kristof Vlaeminck

2020-02-28 13:35

Because she has built an amazing space, a place of calm in the middle of the historical city center, with an inspiring group of teachers, herself included. More people need to discover this gem and learn the practices to help deal with the increasing pressure of everyday modern life.


2020-02-29 07:50


Ellen Goetstouwers

2020-02-29 14:21

because she provides a place to escape to when juggling all the balls of life becomes a little bit too much. Not only has she created a space of calm, she also gives you the tools to recreate that calmness at home through breathing and meditating.

Jef Janssen

2020-02-29 15:14

Because she has built beautiful space, a place of silence in the middle of the busy city center. Place full with natural elements... . Here you can go to yourself, iff you like. Thank you Kim

laura sweet

2020-02-29 20:46

Kim deserves this award for the bravery it took her to leave a high paying, stressful career to start a new, more beneficial business that centers on self-care and well being. By investing in a healthier future for herself, she provided a much needed service and space for others as well.

Viktor Vlaeminck

2020-03-01 09:09

Kim is a great host and her breathing techniques really help me in my stressful job!

Katrien Vander Straeten

2020-03-01 09:27

Kim weet waar ze mee bezig is. Topmadam!

Senne kiekens

2020-03-01 10:43

She is the best

Manon Valcke

2020-03-01 12:25

She deserves it


2020-03-01 15:08

She's just such a great woman!


2020-03-04 10:56

Kim knows how to bring people to their own place of pace within themselves. She has lived an incredibly stressful life and found a home in her heart that she now shares with everyone she meets. That is the greatest gift anyone can offer, and Kim does it with grace and love.

Rhett Roberson

2020-03-04 10:56

Kim is a continuous supporter of my practice and a source of inspiration when my own energy stores are low. A champion accountability partner and wonderful human.

Yannick Daems

2020-03-04 10:57

She does an amazing job helping the people in antwerp finding their selves. At least that’s the case for me.

sabine van heghe

2020-03-04 11:08

Because she's a beautiful soul. She created such a calm, inspiring, powerful space. I wish i could live next door to this 'for me' sacred space.

Hans Verstuyft

2020-03-04 11:19

She’s the best’

Hilde Vervoort

2020-03-04 11:32

Kim is a very peaceful person who can give both relaxation En afterwards energy. She is always friendly and concerned and knows her job well. She gives you a home feeling.

Gaëtane Coopmans

2020-03-04 11:43

Finally! A contemporary studio that brings people together to breathe and find calm in our crazy lives. Right in Antwerp’s city centre, yet so peaceful and serene. The owner Kim and the other teachers warm your heart every time. They’re so considerate and compassionate. I am currently experiencing a difficult time physically as well as mentally and I couldn't be more grateful to have the studio to go to and for the 'Drop in'-team to give me so much support & comfort. Finally, I find it attracts the loveliest of people. Only positive words for this highly appreciated studio!!!!

Henry Teitelbaum

2020-03-04 11:53

It's not easy, as an American living abroad, to decide to open your own studio. First, finding the right location, the right building, in the right neighborhood. Then, transforming the whole place, located in the middle of the historic center of the city, into an oasis of tranquility, lightness & space. Staying true to her original intention, i.e. to offer a space where people can simply drop in and meditate. What an amazing gift to Antwerp this space is, and what an amazing gift Kim is!

Lieven Plets

2020-03-04 12:04

I admire Kim for the journey she took and how she reached to the point she is at today. Kim's search for a greater goal in her life became a kind of catharsis in itself. That same emotional catharsis is what the DROPin community can experience in her relaxing and intimate studio in Antwerp. A truly inspiring story!


2020-03-04 12:20

She offers a place where I can feel me; as I am, as I want to be. To just be. Me.

Chitra Sukhu

2020-03-04 13:13

Yoga should be available to everyone, yet not everyone should be teaching it, Kim is one of those teacher's that has the knowledge and selfless desire to reach others and give them the gifts that yoga provides. This is worthy of an award.

David Angelo

2020-03-04 13:20

I’ve had the amazing pleasure of being Kim’s creative boss here in America. I’ve watched her evolve and come into her own. She is beyond amazing. So proud that she is helping people tap into their true voice and potential. The world needs meditation more than ever before. The world needs more giving souls like Kim.

Robert Fulton

2020-03-04 13:38

Taking a big chance in life to promote a healthy and intelligent method of self-inquiry and discovery for others.

Lluvia Arras

2020-03-04 14:22

Because it takes guts and heart to do something like this. It’s her true passion and I’m rooting for her.

Michael Guilbert

2020-03-04 14:44

Kim deserves this award because she cares. She cares about friends’ and strangers’ well-being and has built place of serenity to assuage people’s stress and anxiety. DROPin Meditation is a place anyone could, and everyone should, use on a regular schedule.

Brad Colerick

2020-03-04 14:46

Kim is a bright, shining light and always a joy to be around!

Ali Blankley

2020-03-04 15:04

Kim shows up 100% for every thing she does, no task is too big or too small, she always applies tenacity and natural talent to all of her endeavors , however Drop In , she went went the extra mile.


2020-03-04 15:08

Kim has demonstrated such courage and kindness in her inspiring life “pivot”. While I have not (yet!) visited her studio, I love the very idea that it exists and can imagine the positive impact of this space - and her presence on those in need of finding self, peace and compassion (isn’t that all of us?).

wayne hanson

2020-03-04 15:26

Because Kim has invested in putting other peoples metal health and well being front and centre in her practice. Saying good bye to a high paying career and building a place that benefits the community.

Nancy Temkin

2020-03-04 15:33

Kim deserves this award because drop in mediation is a great idea. And Kim left the career she’d done for years, took a risk and followed her passion to create a space that contributes to the well being of all who have the good fortune to experience it.


2020-03-04 16:03

She s an amazing woman. Her place is stunning. Her mission is heartwarming. Her energy is welcoming. Her communication skills are so pleasant. She is an inspiring woman! With a so needed mission in this hectic fast world. She created a beautiful sanctuary where one can slow down, reconnect and recharge again.

Melissa Blaser

2020-03-04 16:18

Professionals need a space where they could explore practices that support physical, mental and emotional well-being and human connection.

stephen ratliff

2020-03-04 16:38

She is a warrior in the business of meditation. She is smart and funny and an all around nice person. I miss her here in Los Angeles but I feel her spirit in my own meditations.

Ilse Demarbaix

2020-03-04 16:44

Ik leerde haar studio vorig jaar kennen via een uitgebreide, intensieve , leerrijke workshop van Max Strom. Drie dagen achter elkaar werd ik overweldigd door de rust, de schoonheid, de energie die het centrum uitstraalde. Je verblijft midden in het centrum van de stad 'Antwerpen. Ondanks de drukte van de stad, kom je bij het binnenstappen in een oase van rust. Die rust wordt extra bekrachtigd in de fijne aanwezigheid van eigenares Kim. Zij verdient deze award als motivatie om in de drukke tijd waarin we leven zo bewust te durven kiezen voor het opstarten van een meditatiecentrum. Dit vraagt controle en macht over jezelf. Dit maakt haar uniek. Top.

Svetlana Petrovic

2020-03-04 16:58

It's so well deserved. Kim changed her life completely few years ago, and not too many people have the courage to do something like that. Having a deep desire and a vision for change is a rare quality. Wanting to help people to find their peace and calm, and creating a gem for the city of Antwerp is definitely well worth of being recognized and awarded. Can't wait to come and visit.

brianna honkawa D'ESTRIES

2020-03-04 17:14

Kim is a bright light in this incredibly gloomy world! We all need her to win this award so she can continue to spread her light!

Michael Drescher

2020-03-04 17:39

Kim has been an inspiring agent of change throughout her life. She continues year after year to compound her aspirational experiences into true life betterment for the masses. She deserves this high honor as it will just enable more good. She teaches how to fish. Thank you. Michael Drescher Vibrant Body Company


2020-03-04 17:57

Because it takes guts what she did and she needs to be supported continuing in what she started. When friends run a marathon, we cheer along the way. What Kim did is much more than running a marathon. She gave her breath to learn others to breathe to heal. Give her some air!

Betty Van Hoecke

2020-03-04 18:54

Deze plek in hartje Antwerpen is een echte parel, het was een super idee dit te realiseren. Kim geeft zich ten volle voor dit project op haar eigen unieke manier.

Amy Reece

2020-03-04 21:30

Kim is an inspiration and an example of the highest integrity one can have professionally and personally. She has worked on developing this creative practice for Herself and now wants to share this with professionals to give back and add to her community. I would jump at the chance to learn from Kim.

Tom Genkinger

2020-03-04 21:32

She's my sister!

Jasmine Hodari

2020-03-05 01:03

Kim is truly passionate about her mission. It's not just about business to her, but connecting with people and truly helping them. I knew her when we both worked in a corporate setting, and we both knew how stressful that environment could be. She took a true problem with working professionals - stress - and went after a beautiful solution. She is amazing and deserves this award!

Laura Arnold

2020-03-05 02:53

Because of the wonderful experience and environment she provides

Valerie Guthknecht

2020-03-05 06:25

Kim is a believer, inspiring loving beautiful woman. She support people’s and have created a space where people can be and become closer to them self. She is wonderful.


2020-03-05 07:16

Kim deserves this award because of her dedication to make the lives of people around her lighter, happier and fuller. She shares her passion for healing breathing techniques and yoga with such authenticity and conviction. She created and holds the space for people to feel grounded again, to relax, to learn how to manage anxiety and stress. All that is needed is more people knowing about Kim and DROPin Meditation.


2020-03-05 08:54

Kim should win this award because if Kim wins we all win. She will use this award and platform to reach and connect more of us and serve us by offering a safe space to practice a more healthy, calmer and happy life.


2020-03-05 09:56

Because both Drop-In Meditation and Kim are one of a kind and one in a million. I have had the pleasure of taking breathe classes, and it is fantastic. More people should drop-in, they will feel so much better. Winning this award will make these people more aware of the existence of Drop-In -they will really benefit from the calmness to escape the every-day ratrace.

Marcela Vallejo-Montoya

2020-03-05 09:58

Because thanks to Kim, I have been able to find a place where I can relax and take care of my mental and emotional well-being. For the first time in years, I'm learning to deal with my stress. She deserves this award one billion times over

Philippe D'Hoore

2020-03-05 13:49

Anxiety, stress, burnout, insomnnia, ... are well known current issues that aren't accepted easily by our society. Preventing and healing these issues in the professional way Kim does - infrastructure, knowledge, care, perfection, sense for detail...- deserves recognition and encouragement.


2020-03-05 14:47

Porque es un gran ser humano es proactiva capaz y vale la pena que su conocimiento se expanda a mas personas.

Lyra Rider

2020-03-05 19:34

For creating a place that inclusively welcomes all people and provides tools to take better care of their own health & wellbeing.


2020-03-05 22:17

Because she channeled her own struggle into a way to help others. For her smarts, courage, ingenuity and willingness to take a big risk. I’ve worked with Kim- she’s got brains, endless creativity and a big heart. We need more of all of that

Anne Kurtzman

2020-03-05 23:15

She abandoned a very successful Advertising career to bring wellness and peace to an overburdened world. A positive force for good.

Martine Van de Velde

2020-03-06 07:38

When work and life get too stressed and hectic, Kim's drop-in meditation centre is the place to find calm, silence and take back control. Kim is an inspiring teacher and the exercises she shares help you to increase your energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety. I have looked for a long time for a place like this. Kim through her personality and caring attitude has been able to create a calm and inspiring place. Thank you Kim!

Jeremy Adams

2020-03-06 07:40

Kim cares so much about her practice and making an impact on the lives of others. This recognition would help her to touch the lives of more people!

van Kan

2020-03-06 16:38

Courageous career change and very good concept/execution

Maria Briceno

2020-03-06 20:11

Because she is inspiring to people who needs her or who even don't know, she opens the door 🙏🏾


2020-03-07 00:25

As Belgium's first drop-in meditation studio, Kim is helping bring a much needed calm and centering to many people's lives.


2020-03-07 03:46

Passionate, Simply the best!

Courtney Mchugh

2020-03-07 05:38

She took a chance that many of us wish we could/would. She’s an inspiration to women in careers who feel the constant need to prove ourselves...and Kim just went and did it. She’s courageous. She’s strong. And I wish her studio was back in SoCal!

Roya Partovi

2020-03-07 12:56

Kim is the most passionate and caring person I’ve met. The fact that she has followed her dream to provide such a mentally and physically rewarding service to people is truly worth your attention. The advertising industry, we were both in, can be so draining and soul sucking. Creating a zen place where people discover mindfulness is a gem. She deserves all the credit given for that.

Vincent Buchet

2020-03-08 10:06

... she give us the energy recharging boost we need in a beautiful and peaceful spot that we don't expect right in the midden of the business of the city, business of our life...

Joey Brown

2020-03-08 19:54

Because ... DropInMeditation is a living and breathing extraordinary CREATION of Kim Genkinger. It is creation in the proper sense of the word: it LIVES already, and it will grow and flourish, if we nourish it with the right energy and love. This is what this award could bring: a giant wave of appreciation and love (look at all the vibrant words that people already wrote!). Kim is a Woman with a Mission, DropInMeditation is a place with a Heart, and that is already a Winning Game.

Heather White

2020-03-09 16:49

Kim's goal of providing space and support, especially in these times, for people to slow down, calm down and find equanimity, is crucial, and her passion and determination for this project inspires others.

Jeanine Genkinger

2020-03-09 21:06

Kim brings to the space a breath of fresh air and want to help those who need to breath. Her studio provides a space for health and wellness and just a chance to breath!


2020-03-09 21:19

She is brave.Calm and beautiful place💫

Nawal fernane

2020-03-10 02:35

For bringing self awareness in a city like Antwerp, for connecting sensitive people with each other and for helping people who are in great pain dealing with life by finding peace and stilness. Kim is a blessing to our city.

Gino Maes

2020-03-10 10:23

kim en haar dropinmeditation laten mij even ontvluchten van het drukke dagelijks leven, ze staat altijd met een glimlach klaar

Deborah Scherz

2020-03-10 10:42

I love Kim and her studio. She is sweet, kind, generous, open, authentic and very professional. Her place feels sacred: warm, clean, spacious, light, open and has obviously been created with lot's of love, passion and devotion. I deeply respect Kim and her studio, and wish many, many, many people can benefit from being there and meeting her!

Baudine brigitte

2020-03-10 14:55

It takes a lot of guts to change career and even so a career that keeps you busy 7 days a week . that’s what Kim did by setting up a meditation centre to help us clear our mind and de-stress. Beautiful and refined location . Thanks Kim !

Dr Judith Segal

2020-03-10 16:05

A lot of people talk and do nothing; Kim dared to dream and did something! Not only did she step out of her comfort zone, she blew it up! She is talented and brave. Give her the award!

Wayne Litwin

2020-03-10 16:21

Not many people leave their successful world to explore a new world. This shows strength of character and drive. Kim did it! Kim is committed to helping others to gain self awareness and inner peace. She is giving others the opportunity to change their lives as she did her life.


2020-03-10 18:20

I fully support Kim. The world needs stuff like this!!! If the world’s leaders were using life tools similar to what DropIn provides we might even start shifting towards a more peaceful planet, people might start caring more for each other, happier people might become the new normal etc etc need I go on! As someone who’s lived both sides Kim’s story is invaluable... I quote the Dalai Lama “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds”. Kim is providing such an incredible resource to the world!!

Dave Hill

2020-03-10 20:57

Kim is the most inspirational person I know. I have learned so much from her regarding life, love, diligence and getting to the top of the mountain. When I have a challenging day, I think of Kim. My day gets better right away.

Karen Sumner

2020-03-11 15:07

One of the best minds in advertising has transcended to a higher place. Kim has worked tirelessly to great a beautiful space in which others can relax, expand their minds, and be at peace. No detail was left to chance, which is apparent when you DROPin. She had discovered the incredible benefits of mediation and is taking the citizens of Antwerp on her journey. What a gift! And, a true mission of selflessness.

Jolanda de lange

2020-03-11 21:52

She makes people in Belgiun more aware with her meditation classes.

Baudon Lucie

2020-03-11 21:55

I see Kim as this generous women who really opened this center for people. She didn’t do it as others can do to show their success or to make money but really to create a home for people. As I had one of those really bad day, Kim pass by and saw my distress. She came to give me a big hug and invited me to come in the center. Not to sale me anything but for me to feel home. Such a touching intention I will never forget. To me she and what she created deserve an award

marleen beevers

2020-03-11 22:06

a courageous and beautifully talented entrepreneurial woman

Marijana Vukicevic

2020-03-11 22:41

Whatever she touches she makes it flourish!

Steven Nasi

2020-03-11 23:21

Because the founder is smart as a whip and radiates pleasant calm. As far as I know. :)

Laura Turchick

2020-03-12 00:20

Kim is simply amazing

Heidi Stevenson

2020-03-12 02:41

I’ve known Kim for 25 years. Everything she does, she does well - with grace. She is a talented risk taker. She is a truly beautiful person, inside and out. She has taken her self journey and the insight she gained and is now offering it to others. What a gift she has created!


2020-03-12 07:34

she's a top woman!

José Rog

2020-03-12 08:21

Because she has created a beautiful and peaceful place where people can find inner peace and connect with themselves and other people. She builds community which is very much needed in our current society! She puts all her heart into this project! And that is also what the world needs right now, more heart!!❤️ Thank you Kim!

Cecile Gruwier

2020-03-12 08:39

She worked so hard to make this happen.

Francesca cohn

2020-03-12 15:07

Consistency is strategic work over a wide range of client challenges

Peggy-Marie Bracke

2020-03-12 18:29

Kim has created a wonderful zen spot in the middle of the old town in Antwerp. She is a warm and generous person who makes a difference in many lives. She really makes a difference in this hectic world of consumption. And she is curagious to move and start all over!

Lois Isenberg

2020-03-12 23:01

Kim is providing a much needed space for people who are dealing with the stress and anxiety of their daily life. She can do this because she has successfully done this for herself and now she can provide it for others.

Shira Boardman

2020-03-12 23:47

Kim left a cushy job, home and friends in LA to see what else she was capable of. She brought her dreams, her writing talents & big heart to a foreign country to make a difference and inspire a new community to see what they are capable of. She deserves this.

Regina Fernicola

2020-03-13 23:30

She saw a need and brought it to life instead of just dreaming or letting obstacles defeat her. We all win!

Colette Sartor

2020-03-13 23:36

Because she’s a brilliant woman who has made it her priority to form and join organizations that puts the needs of others first.

Erin diChiara

2020-03-13 23:38

Kim deserves this award because she is reaching a group of people who need Peace in their lives

Lisanne Sartor

2020-03-14 00:15

Kim deserves this award because she has done what many dream of but few do - rebuilt her life to live it in the most present, mindful way possible and make it her goal that others can do that too. Go, Kim.

Debbie Vallario

2020-03-14 01:13

Kim took her own personal battle and created a space for many to be calm and be at peace. It is incredibly inspiring.

Jessica Walsh

2020-03-14 06:03

Kim has always been a leader and a kind soul. I’m glad she has found a way to use all of her God given talents. So excited for all she has accomplished.

tracy ferrara

2020-03-14 15:25

what a gift to be able to create a safe a space for those struggling. giving them the space and tools to heal with the inner struggles of life.

Meg Edgett

2020-03-14 17:46

Kim is a beautiful mind, a creative spirit, and a great example of human spirit. She is taking a risk, building something with heart & purpose that helps others. Amen to that! Good on you Kim!

Deirdre Hatfield

2020-03-14 23:05

The story is impressive and necessary. So much unnecessary stress, anxiety etc and what’s better than an exercise related studio to deal w it and help ppl. A brave endeavor!!

Ulrike Stolze

2020-03-15 01:06

She always strives for the perfect and you can see and feel it.


2020-03-15 01:38

Kim exemplifies bravery and pushing boundaries. She is a model woman of courage and integrity.

Kate VanDevender

2020-03-18 18:31

I look at Kim and I see one word: COURAGE. Not only because she left a successful career to answer her soul's calling and move to a country where she didn't even know the language. But because Kim has always been mentally, physically and spiritually extra sensitive to the intense fear and anxiety many of us feel underneath but don't acknowledge. Instead of collapsing from the overwhelm, however, she has done the opposite: accepted herself for who she is, acquired tools to access to the places in the nervous system where fear is rooted and transformed herself into a bright, centered beacon of hope. Now she is sharing what she has learned in the form of DROPin Meditation. This was not an easy journey. There was doubt and breakdowns and long periods of time where she felt lost. But here she is: victorious, healthy and all set up to provide exceptional services for the world... exactly when we need them the most.

Isabelle Crs

2020-03-25 15:25

Kim, like her meditation studio, is warm-hearted, open, light, bright.