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Anne Tellier

2020-03-10 20:59

She is a wonderfull, strong and positive minded woman!


2020-03-13 15:28

She is doing her best to promote Psio.

Carl Toppet-Hoegars

2020-03-13 20:41

Because Elena is always herself as a person and simply the best!


2020-03-14 00:18

Probably the best!!!! More info


2020-03-14 06:44

She is very strong woman and she is the best !!!

Sabine De brauwer

2020-03-14 08:07



2020-03-14 08:31

She does this from the bottom of her heart ❤️ I wish you succes 🙏


2020-03-14 09:21

Она актуальна, мне нравиться ее мировозрение, разносторонний человек и талантлива.


2020-03-14 10:14

She is the best!

Nicolas doffay

2020-03-14 11:31

Very persistant !


2020-03-14 12:09

Elena is amazing strong woman with ambition and a mission for a better world.

peggy moulckers

2020-03-14 13:02


Marco Echeverría Bucheli

2020-03-14 15:57

Todo el apoyo para Elena, por su capacidad intelectual y su excelente trayectoria


2020-03-14 18:20

Can be your personal Angel!


2020-03-14 22:06

She is a great leader

Ranjana Hubach

2020-03-14 22:34

Because she has a great mission to bring peace to people worldwide. I want to contributie to that!

Peter Glazunov

2020-03-15 06:18

She is the best choice, you can’t miss

Gabriella de Leeuw

2020-03-15 08:08

Elena is really persistent and motivated in bringing health and wealth to the world

Ton Wasmus

2020-03-15 09:17

Simply the best

Strijckers Sonja

2020-03-15 09:18

Se is The best!


2020-03-15 09:30

Because she is trustworthy and very enthusiastic, strong personality woman


2020-03-15 09:31

Елена, очень оптимистична и позитивна. Прекрасная женщина, чей успех вдохновляет!! С наилучшими пожеланиями!!!


2020-03-15 09:41

Because she does an interesten and useful job

Boris Mamlin

2020-03-15 10:23

Passion to win


2020-03-15 11:59

Elena, a wonderful responsive person. The beautiful mother of two daughters. beauty, clever. very talented poet.

Guy Lippens

2020-03-15 13:22

she comes with a briljant new idea that will help many lives

Piet van Kampen

2020-03-15 13:52

Elena is always committed, devoted, knowledgable and passionate in her professional work. As well intelligent and a big heart


2020-03-15 16:38

Elena is the best!!


2020-03-15 16:57

On my opinion, Elena deserves an award because of her development, energy and effort she puts in everything that she is doing.


2020-03-15 19:58

Elena is a top professional. Psio glasses really can help a lot of women to change mindset, to solve sleeping problems and to overcome the stress.

B. Zaltsman

2020-03-15 21:11

Rare person. Not looking for help, but always ready to help ... I suspect that she is a Fairy ...


2020-03-16 15:05

Elena, an example of a woman of the 21st century. she is a wonderful mother, beauty, smart, talented and strong woman.

Jill Van Eecke

2020-03-16 20:53

She's a very active and professonal women with the right values in life.


2020-03-16 21:08

She is the best!


2020-04-21 09:21

She is doing business with love and care approach


2020-05-21 05:10

She is great!


2020-05-21 06:10

I've met Elena at a business network meeting and it didn’t took me more than 5 minutes to understand the extraordinary woman that she is. That's why I believe she deserve this award. Thank you.


2020-05-21 06:20

She is a very strong woman, always positive and passionate about her work.


2020-05-21 07:00

Elena strives for the new heights, looking for an opportunities to help people up..


2020-05-21 07:21

I believe in this wonderful project


2020-05-21 08:05

Stress is a real issue nowadays. We all need something effective, simple and fast to help us out and release stress. Psio is a great solution.

Assia Ivanova

2020-05-21 08:33

She is very clever.


2020-05-21 09:27

She is the best, good organized

Oksana Veressinina

2020-05-21 10:04

She is a great person. She is the best.

Alexei Ivanov

2020-05-21 10:18

Алёна - это тот человек, который пребывает в гармонии сама с собой и окружающим её миром... Помимо всего прочего, она прилагает усилия, чтобы этот мир стал хоть чуточку лучше...

Natalia Theys

2020-05-21 23:10

She is the best!