Neima Ferreira

Senior Investor Relations Officer


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Atchutchi B Ferreira

2020-02-14 22:57

because she is dynamic, highly professional, intelligent, likes new challenges and teamwork, and is a role model

Aissatu Djalo

2020-02-14 23:08

Neima’s work ethic is undoubtably she’s a great representative of a leader and an important example of essence of team work. Having Neima on her field and at the dimensions that she’s and what she represents for us all is what makes her worthy of this award and more.


2020-02-14 23:08

Ela é muito bom.

Luia Ferreira

2020-02-14 23:13

She is an example that an African woman, combine being a mother and having a successful professional career

Ondungha Ferreira

2020-02-14 23:19

She’s a brilliant professional

Agnelo Lima Gomes

2020-02-15 06:45

Shes brillant professional

Respicio Silva

2020-02-15 07:50

Because she is an excellent professional in his area

Luana Pereira

2020-02-15 08:07

She is a strong willed person with an honest character. Her achievements inspire and motivate others to move forward in the same path.

Isa Bergh Lopes da Costa

2020-02-15 09:19

Neima has an unrivalled work ethic, she is an excellent leader with a strong sense of team work and never stop believing that anything is possible.


2020-02-15 09:29

She has an extremely healthy perspective, and her work respecting ethic is out of this world.

Monsarate Ferreira

2020-02-15 09:55

She plays a crucial role in Africa development project sush as: - Energy and transport project! - Implementation of the lusophone compact!

Camila franco

2020-02-15 10:44

Girls from Guinea Bissau should know that there is a strong, capable woman working for the development of their country.

Andreia Santos

2020-02-15 11:59

She is an excellent professional

Patrícia Mendes

2020-02-15 12:16

Tem um excelente coração e pessoas assim são raras.

Lucille Gomes

2020-02-16 19:16

Because she is a professional, pragmatic and wonderful intelligent woman

Amelissa Duarte

2020-02-18 19:51

because she is a strong warrior woman who fights for what she dreams


2020-02-22 09:28

She's a trailblazer


2020-02-28 16:28

Neima is an outstanding professional. Hard worker and an amazing women. She is passionate about her work, her family and her community. I have known her since high school and her journey has been inspiring. She is a go getter, a great leader and an inspiration.

Sidney Cerqueira

2020-03-03 00:10

A Neima é uma competente profissional.

Fernanda Tavares

2020-03-03 00:15

She's responsible, committed and hard worker!

Inussa Mane

2020-03-03 00:16

Young and extremely talented, I believe that she deserves it, african banking system needs her energy. Promoting the young africans, and specially females, will help not only our baking industry, but also will contribute tremendously to inspire young women's across the Continent. She’s been working hard in all aspects to show the world that we Africa does matter and we can! Her multiple languages skills it’s a plus. Thank you Mrs. Neima.

Adelaide Ferreira

2020-03-03 00:27

A Neima é uma pessoa responsável , dedicada e profissional


2020-03-03 00:38

a determined, hardworking woman

Sheila Dionisio

2020-03-03 00:40

Because She os intelligent, leader, and ethic professional


2020-03-03 00:46

Neima knows what she wants and how to get it. She is not afraid of trying different areas of doing business.

Maria Felix

2020-03-03 00:56

She’s is very smart .

Romeu Veloso

2020-03-03 00:56

Neima is one of the most complete talents working in the demanding world of banking, mixing an amazing vision and outstanding technical knowledge with her brilliant capacity to engage people.

Florinda Pina

2020-03-03 00:59

Ela é uma mulher inteligente,batalhadora e gosta de abraçar novos projectos


2020-03-03 01:06

Neyma is a excellent professional.

Helena Neves Abrahamsson

2020-03-03 02:41

She is intelligent, professional an strong exemple as a woman and young leader for the young girls.

Neima Ferreira

2020-03-03 02:53

Neima Ferreira is an exemplary professional with outstanding work ethic and presence, a true woman in leadership role model. She deserves the recognition as one of Africa’s leading female leaders in business!


2020-03-03 03:17

Brillant woman, great colleague, professional, hard worker, positive energy and loving mother.


2020-03-03 03:33

Watching her behind the scenes, Neima is a hard worker, TRUE WOMEN in leadership, an inspiration to mirror. She deserves the recognition as one of Africa’s leading female leaders in business.

Djamila Silva

2020-03-03 04:13

She’s a brilliant professional with an unrivalled work ethic, and an inspiring woman.

Maria Helena Semedo

2020-03-03 05:10

Her vision,leadership,team work and competence.

Shaimaa Barry

2020-03-03 05:11

Neima is a committed professional and knowledgeable team player who is deeply passionate about the transformation of the continent.

Isabel Caravana

2020-03-03 06:32

She is a brilliant professional. Like challenges and the unknown do not scares her. African women with recognized work.

Patrícia Ribeiro Ferro

2020-03-03 06:36

Neima is a very talented professional!

Maria José Gomes

2020-03-03 06:44

She is intelligent, dynamic, strong and un exemple to the africain woman. So proudly of her.


2020-03-03 06:58

Hard working woman

Yolanda N. Correia

2020-03-03 07:03

Neima Ferreira is a hardworking professional who has been successfully climbing the ladder without neglecting her personal life as a mother and spouse.

Natasha P Basheer

2020-03-03 07:24

She is an amazing leader.

Rita Nakyeyune

2020-03-03 07:37

Highly experienced with a good attitude towards work and quite a team player she is.

Helga Furtado

2020-03-03 07:47

She's an excellente profissional

Fátima Simões

2020-03-03 07:50

Is a great woman ❤️

weidy zaidan

2020-03-03 08:05

No one is more deserving of this award than Neima, for the work ethic and all and every efforts she puts into it. And as a professional, wife and mother, i personally know that it's not easy manage,but she is always pushing herself to do better and better and showing that us, women,can be great leaders. Way to go Neima!

Luís Ramos

2020-03-03 08:09

Neima hás all ir tales to be the chosen one. Both her professional and personal skills have reached a top level and her ability to harmonise very busy family life and demanding leading work positions is outstanding

Teodorico Enes

2020-03-03 08:20

Professional, cultured, easy-to-treat, gives the best of her and inspires the best of others.

Angelina Gomes

2020-03-03 08:55

She is the best

Isabel Santos

2020-03-03 08:58

Inteligente, proactiva e empenhada.

Rute Girão

2020-03-03 08:59

She is very dinamic


2020-03-03 09:01

Porque tive o prazer de conhecer os trabalhos que ela está a desenvolver no BAD e sei que ela é um quadro altamente qualificada e muito inteligente na área dela Voto nela porque mulher inteligente e profissional merece ser reconhecida e incentivada ela merece esse título

Michel Henri Kokra De Pina

2020-03-03 09:16

because she is dynamic, highly professional, intelligent, likes new challenges and teamwork, and is a role model

Nilza Laurence Gomes

2020-03-03 09:30

She is very professional!

Melissa Vera Cruz

2020-03-03 09:44

Very dynamic! Cares about social causes.


2020-03-03 09:46

She deserve an award because she is fantastic,very professional, smart etc etc

Aleydita Pires

2020-03-03 10:03

Porque ela batalhou para chegar à onde chegou. Uma excelente profissional

Arinandje Ferreira

2020-03-03 10:22

Elle est très dévouée et une brilhante professionnelle

Tita Sulai só

2020-03-03 10:27

She's a strong woman

Marisa Lopes

2020-03-03 10:45

She is a role model, determin and focus individual. Business orientated as well as pacionate in everything she does.

Carla Morgado

2020-03-03 11:02

For her dynamic, for being highly commitmed to projects that she's involved in.

Anastacio King

2020-03-03 11:30

Very hard worker, smart and she well deserved

Marie Louise Varela

2020-03-03 11:31

Neima is a great professional with an ambitious project for Africa.

Maria Fátima Lopes

2020-03-03 11:37

humana, profissional


2020-03-03 11:55

Neima is extremely passionate about this field. She has stayed true to her passion and has led many and is still leading gound breaking pan-African initiatives in Banking and Finance through her work in the African Development Bank. One of such is the revolutionary Africa Investment Forumn which till date has raised over USD 2 Billion financing for .African based projects

Joao Vaz

2020-03-03 12:29

She is an excellent anf extremely competent professional.

Manuel Loureiro

2020-03-03 12:43

Neima tem um objetivo claro e uma grande força de vontade de o concretizar, que é o desenvolvimento da educação, economia e bem estar em geral das populações dos diversos países africanos.

Remna Schwarz

2020-03-03 12:44

I have witnessed many time her professionalism and dedication to projects. She is full of resources and very strong willed. She is an inspiration to all that aspire to be great

Sandra Costa

2020-03-03 12:58

Because She os great person, highly professional, the neste for this job

Carlos Furtado

2020-03-03 12:59

Her commitment, leadership and the capacity to make difference. Able to deliver and contribute for Africa development

Herica Simara Robalo Gomes

2020-03-03 13:01

she is proud of Africa.

Raquel Duarte

2020-03-03 13:06

She is the best.

Swati Malik

2020-03-03 13:15

In professional settings, Neima is remarkably articulate—an attribute that women can’t have enough of—and does not shy away from helping her colleagues. The fact that she works at the African Development Bank places her in the front line where her work has the potential to have most impact, and she has been and continues to be an asset to her organization.

Eulália Monteiro

2020-03-03 13:17

Determinada e assertiva

Ludmila Ferreira

2020-03-03 13:20

She do great job and inspire other Yong women in there country..

Leonelmo Santos Sá

2020-03-03 13:23

Neima is an excellent professional, with a solid experience. She has the most virtues both human and professional


2020-03-03 13:52

Neimar os a Beth preserverant and intelligent womam.

ANDREA Direito

2020-03-03 14:57

Neima has a great ability to deal with the world of Finance. She conveys confidence and credibility. She has an excellent capacity to manage and implement projects, as well to identify business opportunities. Among many other qualities, she is a great leader.


2020-03-03 15:22

She's an excellent professional and a role model for young women ( in Finance and Entrepreneurship)

Benedicte Mendy

2020-03-03 15:32

Her work and engagement in and outside AfDB has been nothing less than outstanding. She deserves this recognition

Laura Sennett

2020-03-03 15:44

She's a rockstar! She always gives it her all, even in difficult and stressful times.

Mariana Neves

2020-03-03 18:19

Neima is a role model to all, females and males alike! Her unquestionable work ethic reconciled with an outstanding engagement to the projects she's involved makes her unique in her field. It should also be stated that she has much more to contribute and I'm sure we'll be all rewarded with news of further success in the upcoming years.

Graça Sanches

2020-03-03 19:38

She has shown a lot of professionalism and dedication. A motivation for young Africans

Artur Cima

2020-03-03 20:11

Excellent professional, a fighter and brilliant economist.

Rui Chikande

2020-03-03 21:20

Excellent professional!!!

Jessica De Melo

2020-03-03 21:48

Neima is one of the most driven women I know, she’s not only passionate about what she does but she also thrives for excellence in everything she does. She also inspires a lot of girls including me to just do their best and know that they can do anything through hard work.

Haua Embaló

2020-03-03 21:51

A strong woman, who built her career from boton.

Catarina Correia

2020-03-03 21:52

She's an excellent professional, very dynamic and always looking for new challenges.

Fernando Rodrigues

2020-03-03 22:08

Neima is a strong professionnal, hardworking and always ready to take on new challenges !

Joel Muzima

2020-03-03 23:19

Neima is a very competent and dynamic person with multidisciplinary skills and great team work spirit.

Noel Katz

2020-03-03 23:43

Neima is conscientious, hard working, creative and optimistic. She is a team player who goes the extra mile. She has my vote without any reservation.


2020-03-04 08:46

Neima’s work ethic is undoubtably she’s a great representative of a leader and an important example of essence of team work. Having Neima on her field and at the dimensions that she’s and what she represents for us all is what makes her worthy of this award and more.

Vanessa Silva

2020-03-04 09:05

She's a young intelligent woman who has been working for the development of the banking system in Africa , with work ethic and highly skilled


2020-03-04 10:20

She's the best

Liliana Mota

2020-03-04 11:40

She is one of the most dynamic colleague I ever met and her motivation behind her work on financing development is remarkable. She deserves this prize more than anyone.

Celina Djalo

2020-03-04 15:05

She inspire and motivate others to move on/forward and believe in themselves that we can if we work hard for our goal/dream especially for famale also male from our country GB. Such a role model for our girls 🙌🏾Ps. i dont know you personally but i feel your positive energie and i admire this kind of person love it... keep it up and keep inspiring for our community! Thank u and good luck 🤗


2020-03-04 20:15

Because she is a committed and dynamic professional and a strong team player!

Carla Florin

2020-03-06 18:02

Just because she deserves, amazing person and professional

Carla Florin

2020-03-06 18:04

She's the best professional I know

Carla Khadijah Florin

2020-03-06 18:05

Just she deserves it


2020-03-07 09:58

Sucessos. Bjs

Sandra Moreira

2020-03-08 17:45

Neima Ferreira is an example of strength. She didn't have an easy life, but that didn't stop her from continuing to fight, following her dreams and being the woman, mother, wife, friend of the family, friends and an exemplary worker and leader of whom I am very proud. Congratulations Neima, you deserve it, you are unique.

Vasconcelos, José

2020-03-10 20:12

You deserve to win for being the most qualified nomination at the moment!

Pietro toigo

2020-03-13 19:09

Excellent client orientation and eclectic ability to appraise projects and lead them to banlability. Professionality and great presentation skills.

Robert Davis

2020-03-13 21:44

Neima skillset and attributes makes her one of the most energetic and dynamic female professionals operating in the banking sector in Africa.

Marie Olafsdottir

2020-03-13 22:08

Because above all she is a kind person, and excellent company

Herculano António Lopes da Silva

2020-03-14 02:00

Porque ela é uma pessoa honesta, enérgica, dedicada, muito profissional no trabalho e com forte cariz de líder.

José Tavares

2020-03-14 03:14

She Is highly professional and all ways available to help, which Is a nice example of everyone.

Norberto Larriba Blay

2020-03-14 10:06

Clear and focused professional.

funy gomes cadina

2020-03-14 14:26

She came from one of the poorest country in the world and still manage to thrive and find her own way to success. She's a a exemple a role model for girls in Africa

João Gomes

2020-03-14 16:07

Because she is a struggling woman who strives for equality, and women's emancipation in Guinea-Bissau.

José Paulo Oliveira

2020-03-14 18:32

Neima is an awesome professional with vision and fully committed to support economic development and positive impact from projects funding.


2020-03-15 11:50

Neima is a great professional and has showed huge committment with Africa development. She is an extraordinay human being.


2020-03-15 17:54

She is a team player and visionary

Anja Jefferson

2020-03-20 12:42

She is great great in her work

Diop Belamine

2020-03-20 21:36

Neima is a strong, determined and passionate woman. She could be a model for all young women who aim to have a positive impact in Africa's development.

Fanceni Balde

2020-03-22 07:28

Very devoted and dedicated to improve other's people lives by providing fair economic opportunities and thriving to create and maintain jobs.

Yuri Santy

2020-03-22 14:55

becouse she is very dedidated and she helps and encorage young women in Guiné-Bissau

Claudio Boccasile

2020-04-01 13:21

She is a professional, pragmatic and wonderful intelligent woman