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2020-02-18 13:34

Good luck Vanessa! Xxxx


2020-02-18 13:47

Vanessa has an amazing work drive and over time has built her business and a team around her. She is doing great things, an inspiring entrepreneur!


2020-02-18 13:48

100% dedicated!


2020-02-18 13:58

Vanessa is hardworking and dedicated, everything she does she does it with love, care and professionalism. She definitely deserves this award.

Vanessa Nosolini

2020-02-18 17:06

Vanessa is very competent, driven, hardworking and passionate about her job. She puts her heart in everything that she does.

Lucille gomes

2020-02-18 19:33

She deserves it, she's a smart, beating woman who knows how to bring people together. FORCE DE FRANCE

Alicia Emily

2020-02-18 21:29

Vanessa defines and embodies what hard-work, détermination, dedication, focus and passion is. She is constantly looking to bring women together in order to empower each other. She is truly deserving of all the recognition that comes her way.

Borzea Ana Maria

2020-02-20 16:55

Vanessa is hardworking, dedicated and passionate! She deserves the award for sure.

Maria Silva

2020-02-20 17:00

Vanessa is a hard working woman, motivated, very professional.

Mariama Barbosa

2020-02-20 17:04

Vanessa is a Hard Working Woman.

Carlitos Seidi

2020-02-20 17:09

For your credibility, competence and determination! Excellent professional. Good luck


2020-02-20 19:16

In the short time that I met vanessa, through conversations I noticed how determined she was about being not only being a role model to her two children but a successful business woman. She gave me one of her hair products as a freebie and I tried it, it was gorgeous for my hair. She is clearly very professional and passionate about what she does.

Ligia gomes

2020-02-20 19:19

BECAUSE she is the best


2020-02-20 19:21

Vanessa is very dedicated , everything she is doing she is doing with love and passion, she loves to share her knowledge

Nicola Damms

2020-02-20 23:24

Vanessa is hard working, driven, encouraging of others and also a fantastic mum and role model.

Mohamed Shire

2020-02-21 13:17

Most deserving person of this award


2020-02-21 21:52

Vanessa is an amazing women, she’s strong willed, hard working and a fantastic role model

Anabela De Barros

2020-02-22 07:21

Young, ambitious and hard working


2020-02-22 09:27

She is showing other women that it's possible.


2020-02-23 16:43

Because of her hard work

Nicole Freeman

2020-02-24 07:26

She's an inspiration and the products are fantastic

Winnie Mbiyu

2020-02-24 18:31

In the world of entrepreneurs, I count Vanessa as a great role model, to alot of people who want to embark in starting their business. She works hard to ensure more people get support,information through various business events she does organise in the community.

Franklim Furtado

2020-02-24 21:31

He been helping me in my personal business to reach my goals, amazing

Karina Ferreira

2020-02-28 16:23

She continues to raise the bar of excellence and hard work. She is an outstanding professional and has a lot to offer. A true role model for women in the enterprise world.


2020-03-03 12:07

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs


2020-03-03 20:55

Consistently achieves and authentically leads! Vanessa is setting a standard for others to follow.


2020-03-10 18:50

Vanessa is an inspirational woman with great passion and hard work. With a mission to support others. She deserves to be awarded.

Scott Browning

2020-04-26 15:29

Truly an inspiration