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2019-03-06 02:25

Excellent to work with


2019-03-22 12:18

Nancy is an awesome woman. She helps other women with their careers and bring them to the top. She really is a professional. She rocks!

Helen Poleon

2019-03-22 12:41

She come along way. Hardworking, independent and strong, helping other women to the top.

Michiel Toebes

2019-03-22 12:41

I've never met anyone more devoted and passionate about what she does.


2019-03-22 12:44

She rocks

Carina Poleon

2019-03-22 12:47

Nancy timmert al heel wat jaartjes met hart en ziel, met zoveel talent aan de weg. Ze heeft enorm veel ervaringen vanwege haar loopbaan verleden. Alle ins & outs tijdens deze loopbaan, het werken met grote artiesten, verschillende karakters etc etc hebben haar mede gevormd tot wie ze is geworden. Met een grote dosis energie en winnersmentaliteit denk ik dat als ze deze prijs wint er nog meer mensen zullen worden getriggert om in haar voetsporen te treden. Coaching, managen op hoog niveau en vooral met liefde! Go Nancy! Als zij dit wint zal het weer mooi gevolg gaan hebben.

Vanessa Wijnaldum

2019-03-22 12:51

Because she stands for what she say and does. She is an inspirator for a lot off people.


2019-03-22 12:55

She is an inspiration to all women and she will rock your world with her positive attitude and grace

Lyddia Roy

2019-03-22 12:55

Nancy is a hardworking professional devoted to her mission to push women further in their career paths by educating them to see, position and present themselves as a brand.


2019-03-22 13:00

Nancy is a beautiful hard working woman. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. ♥️


2019-03-22 13:02

Because she moves people!

Fanny Morrien

2019-03-22 13:03

Nancy is a true inspiration! She helps woman, and gives them the confidence to get more visible and make an impact. She knows the world needs more woman at the top, and made that her life-goal. Thank you for building a sisterhood!


2019-03-22 13:07

Exceptional and great target audience.


2019-03-22 13:10

She is an amazing inspiration to many women.. always helping women focus and lead with their strengths. Her energy and commitment is great to see.. for me the her focus on others, giveback and sisterhood is her no1 gift to others

Fiona Ramsay

2019-03-22 13:13

She has been creating change for women globally she is committed, smart and on a mission to see all women have equality in all areas and sectors of business she rocks!!!

Yvonne Nassar

2019-03-22 13:15

She makes women from all backgrounds and industries visible and rock! With her authentic role model approach and sharing personal stories, she creates a community that makes impact.


2019-03-22 13:26

Nancy rocks and helps othet wonen to rock too


2019-03-22 13:27

Cause she's a boss and a inspiration to other women!

Yaela Raber

2019-03-22 13:45

She is singlehandedly changing the way female leadership is perceived and executed!

Andrew Pinas

2019-03-22 13:49

She rocks!


2019-03-22 14:04

If there’s anyone who can empower woman ,it’s Nancy. She’s a rockstar

Karlijn Visser

2019-03-22 14:46

Nancy is a power woman on stage and motivated and inspired many women to stand up and live their dream.


2019-03-22 15:09

She works hard and stops for nothing.

Mervyn A Lyn

2019-03-22 15:20

She has been 100% focused on empowering women to not only take control of their destiny's but also help other women business owners along the way


2019-03-22 16:13

She is greattt

Evelyn van Hasselt

2019-03-22 16:14

Because Nancy is our Dutch Michelle Obama. Driven, dedicated, a real powerhouse.


2019-03-22 16:41

She is an inspirator and motivator. No time for bullsh*t, Nancy actually makes it happen.

Anneloes van Gaalen

2019-03-22 18:18

Nancy is a rock star whose helped so many women in business find their voice. She works incredibly hard, is a great supporter of female entrepreneurs and believes in sharing knowledge, knowhow and contacts.

Anouk de Lima

2019-03-22 22:13

Nancy is a inspirator, a business woman with no nonses, a motivator and gives you a kick in the but to send you in the right direction. She empower women and that kind of woman is what we need in our lives

Anika de Groot

2019-03-22 23:03

She's a rockstar

Annelies Sitvast

2019-03-22 23:15

Because she creates awarness and support for women in a world where thats still very much needed.


2019-03-22 23:30

She is a real motivator and strong women. And that is what we need !

Poleon, Orlando

2019-03-23 00:37

Kennis, Kunde en Gedrevenheid

Marle Thomson

2019-03-23 05:03

Nancy knows how to connect people and is a big inspiration to other women. She’s passionate about her work and knows what she is talking about!


2019-03-23 08:41

She inspires women to believe in themselves.


2019-03-23 10:47

She helps other women to get the best out of themselves. Woman who support other women rock!


2019-03-23 16:40

Because she is great in connecting The right people and a great inspiration for others in business


2019-03-24 07:28

The best!

Mariska Nunes

2019-03-24 17:55

Nancy has been amazing in helping not only me, but other women through her development programs, generously sharing her time, knowledge and experience. She works fulltime, but still finds the time and energy to mentor me. She has really helped me grow in confidence which, in turn, has made me realize my own potential. She has invented an outstanding Personal Branding program whose unique style and enthusiasm make every lesson in this program enjoyable, engaging and fun – while still challenging the students. Nancy mixes informality with a real professionalism, encouraging women to aim high. her tireless energy, commitment and support have inspired and motivated many other women, allowing us to strengthen our skills and overcome any personal barriers that we are faced with and she always approaches this with trust, flexibility, humor and a twist with music. Mariska Nunes Operations Director Corendon Hotels & Resorts


2019-03-24 21:29

Nancy is natural leader and motivator, telling you how is and how it could be, making you believe and achieve!


2019-03-25 10:13

How she helps other woman!


2019-03-25 21:47

she is very devoted, smart and just a lovely person in general😃 I would love for her to win this!


2019-03-27 14:27

Because she gives 110% to achieve her goal and delivers a great service. I felt energized every time I left a BrandedU event.


2019-03-27 17:12

Because she is the best on the market. With all her experience she can break and build bridges. She brings all powerful women together and Learns them how improve themselves

Cyanne Toebes Moe-Tjon

2019-03-27 17:37

She is the best!

Eefke Hendrix

2019-03-28 15:58

Nancy is very driven and enthusiastic in getting female leadership on the agenda. Also topics like diversity and inclusion are always top of mind. Nancy is the best in inspire women for the next steps in their career. Nancy rocks!

malou hoes

2019-03-28 16:11

Her drive and energy helps enormous in building our joint Netwerk Academy. In the beginning of March we had our annually International Women's Day Summit which was a major succes because of Nancy's drive and experience.


2019-03-28 23:33

Because she helps other (business) women to believe in themselves and to work from their potential.


2019-03-29 22:56

Nancy rocks, inspires and gives strenght. Rolemodel XL.

P. Dragomirova

2019-03-29 22:59

She has been a great inspiration for women and their leading "femme self"!


2019-03-30 08:58

The best!


2019-03-30 11:12

She is so good at what she does, getting women to believe in their own power and encouraging them to go after what they want in life.


2019-03-30 20:28

Because she is inspiring personality and she empowers woman!

Kate Davies

2019-03-30 20:41

She is incredible!

Nathalie Lam

2019-03-30 20:46

She has the power to connect, empower, energize bringing women to the next level. She is my role model. In The Netherlands we miss women like her. She makes the change and deserves this award.

Soraya van Loon

2019-03-30 20:47

Nancy is such an inspiration for woman to become the best person of yourself.


2019-03-30 21:19

She empowered women to empower each other. Thats Beautiful

Justyna van Barneveld

2019-03-30 21:36

An amzing woman! Brings so much energy en empowerment to other women!


2019-03-30 21:38

Nancy is very humble. And she knows how to get her message across. Something that definitely stays with me, after I followed a trajectory for starting entrepreneurs, in Amsterdam which she coordinated some years ago. She inspired me!

Vanity Dionne

2019-03-30 21:39

She inspired me. She’s a bosslady


2019-03-30 21:57

Nancy created the strongest Sisterhood possible.


2019-03-30 22:14

Because Nancy is lifting other women to be the best in everything they want to be. That’s her superpower and we love that.


2019-03-30 22:26

Strong woman

Santusha Kana

2019-03-30 22:48

She defines sisterhood and is 100% sincere and determined in achieving her goals!


2019-03-30 22:50

Great program and work


2019-03-30 23:41

Strong powerful woman Honest Pure Straight Rol model for succesful business woman She Rocks!!!!

Liz Bostock

2019-03-30 23:44

Nancy has created a safe space for female entrepreneurs and c-level female Executives to exchange, lean in, empower, learn and do business at her events. I have personally benefited from her Branded U event when I started my App for business women to network globally. She is a force to be reckoned with!

Dominique Verbesselt

2019-03-31 00:32

She is the best! She is focused on her goal and doesn’t stop until she gets the job done. A true inspiration to a lot of women.


2019-03-31 02:57

She is a sample for young woman to work and rock


2019-03-31 03:18

Every chance she gets, she tries to inspire women not to lose sight of themselves and their goals in life. She’s a very strong-willed, passionate person and certainly not one to back down from a challenge.

Ernestine Comvalius

2019-03-31 04:02

Nancy is at the cutting edge of all things women in business.

Jamilah Blom

2019-03-31 06:53

She's so inspiring


2019-03-31 07:35

She is awesone


2019-03-31 07:38

She just Rocks the world of many women

Roxane van Engelen

2019-03-31 08:07

She is a fantastic woman. Who cares.

Eloah Udenhout

2019-03-31 08:21

She is powerfull She is real and She inspires black and white all Over the World ❤️


2019-03-31 08:22

She is the best!


2019-03-31 08:29

An hard working woman and an inspiration for many people!


2019-03-31 08:39

She is the best


2019-03-31 09:54

Because she is working hard and is always optimistic

Tim Delaney

2019-03-31 12:01

She is force for good.

Ine Stultjens

2019-03-31 13:26

Because she keeps on rocking it all the time. She has a new, personal and creative way of branding based on her experiences in the entertainment industry. She is a go-getter and passionate speaker when it comes to personal branding and female empowerment. She is an exemple to many.


2019-03-31 14:08

Nancy rocks! She is helping other women and knows how to bring out the best in women what gives them more confidence.

Karina van den Berg

2019-03-31 15:31

Nancy has a talent to keep going to support women in their learning journey to become succesfull in life.


2019-03-31 15:47

Because Nancy empowers women and encourages them to reach for the top.

Astrid Grootfaam

2019-03-31 15:52

She is the best at What she does. Dedicated and motiverend to push forward other women!

Paula Hartley

2019-03-31 16:02

She is a sparkling, inspirational, forward thinking woman.

Marlon kammeron

2019-03-31 17:07

that she is a strong woman and do not give up what she represents ..a mother with a lot of love to share

Tina Roennberg

2019-03-31 18:12

She inspired me several times over the last decade! She is one of a kind! Chapeau, Nancy!!!


2019-03-31 18:41

Awesome inspirator, coach, connector, enabling and empowering women. Kicks ass!

Melanie Bosveld

2019-03-31 18:42

I am Melanie from Kult&Ace Millennial Consultancy. I have worked with Nancy and took part in several events she organises. Nancy is a super enthusiastic, connecting force that opens up her network and heart to females in business. She has a strong passion to let women progress and she inspires them with professional advice, insights, knowledge and hands-on tips to be the best they can be.

Gemma Broekhuis

2019-03-31 18:42

For empowering women in an all round way. Not just by focussing on power, appearence or presetation skills but by helping them connect to their own unique strenghts.

Regillio Nunes

2019-03-31 19:41

She is the best


2019-03-31 21:39

She’s a great motivational speaker. She brings people together, no matter what background they have.


2019-03-31 23:16

She is the best


2019-03-31 23:43

Because of her incredible energy

Willa Stoutenbeek

2019-04-01 08:23

She deserves to win this because the Women in the UK deserve Branded U! :)

Petter Nilsson

2019-04-01 08:57

She's simply the best

Sarah Haïlé-Fida

2019-04-01 10:31

Because she's the best at empowering women

Carola Hoekstra

2019-04-01 11:05

Inspiring women with great potential. Love her vibe.


2019-04-01 16:54

Nancy inspires women to get the best out of it.

Sanguita Akkrum

2019-04-01 20:42

Ms. Poleon is pro women and goes above and beyond to help women achieve their highest goals. She is a true inspiration and key factor in changing the course of careers and lifes of many women.


2019-04-02 20:27

Because she helps others to get the best out of themselves it’s time to give something back to her!

Tilly Kesting

2019-04-03 06:21

She changed my world!

Ursula van Dijk

2019-04-04 08:35

Profound rolmodel for independent business women! By sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge and insights she rocks female entrepreneurship!!!


2019-04-05 16:45

Nancy shared her inspirational vision regarding personal branding so of course I will support her in her journey


2019-04-06 11:51

She has it all!


2019-04-07 00:37

Nancy simply helps women rock!

Chantal Coolsma

2019-04-07 05:41


2019-04-08 08:50

She is hard working, ambitious and wholehearted human networking machine :-) No matter what is going on, Nancy will get up and step up if necessary to fight for what she truly believes in, day in day out! Nancy rocks!

Annemieke Vermeulen

2019-04-09 15:17

Nancy is really a professional. She helps other women and bring them to the top. She rocks!


2019-04-09 17:59

I have known Nancy for many years. Never giving up on letting young female enterpreneurs show their great qualities and wonderful strengths. By doing so, Nancy shows her unique qualities and strengths all the time. I'd love to see her win this award!

Danielle Schmidt

2019-04-10 08:31

she is a great inspiration for driving the change in an fantastic way! you go girl!

Gerlinde van der struijk

2019-04-11 19:13

Best motivator and challenge seeker for woman


2019-04-17 10:13

Independent but not on her own. The power of Nancy is that she has an incredible drive and never stops or gives up, is the livelihood of independence and at the same time a queen in building a network and taking her girls with her on her way to the top.